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 ARCHIVE May 2012


Tweet/pics Sasha & The Bellini Ponti.

Updated Q&A w/Sasha.


Interviews: Angie and Sasha on each other & Season 3


Tweet/pic of Angie and her Vanity Squad, plus Jane's desk.




Angie and Lorraine at the Gracie Awards


Tweet pics of Angie and Sasha


Interview with Angie on Parenting.com




TNT Upfronts Pictures - Still adding more! Finally have more of Sasha, plus added about five more of Angie.


Please check out this organization that Sasha is supporting
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TNT Upfronts Pictures - Angie and Sasha (Constantly updated)


Sasha Alexander brings out her inner lesbian on AfterEllen

Dorothy Snarker interviewed Sasha Alexander for After Ellen and Sasha spoke about the show's subtext and her own inner lesbian. It's a fantastic interview. Sasha was open, funny and insightful. There's also some spoilers for season three.


Sasha Alexander will be starring in the 24 HOUR PLAYS in Los Angeles on Saturday June 16, 2012. 




Updated Q&A w/Sasha.


Tweet Pic - Sasha ADR Session


Tweet Pics - Angie: Hulk & Mask


Angie at a private party on May 2nd




I wrote a blog entry on Comments & Reviews: Jane & Maura vs. Xena & Gabrielle comparing the subtext in both shows.



22 SCREEN CAPS - Season 3 promos through #18

9 SCREEN CAPS - Season 3 Promos 12 & 13



Updated Q&A w/Sasha.


Angie's Outfit of the day


Sasha at Scoop NYC



Updated Q&A w/Sasha.


Angie's Outfit of the day










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