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Look around. This site will be constantly evolving.

  • The updates on Twitter are more accurate. I do not post many updates to this page. This is more of a central cover page to enter all of my other pages and blogs. :)
  • The majority of my fandom videos/thoughts/reviews are now posted at Thoughts from a TV Geek.

9/1/14 I'm producing a NEW SHOW Out of the Garage, Into the Spotlight a cable/internet show featuring a different local musician/band/singer every episode.

4/21/14 Very excited to have started a new video production company . We'll  be producing shows ranging from music acts to politics to fandom .

No videos yet. We're in different stages of production for several different shows.

8/30/13 STYX ROCK @ Hampton Beach - Venue not-so-much

8/19/13 NEW Blog: Thoughts From a TV Geek

6/29/12 NEW I Believe In Angels blog. Everything from spirituality, life, art, dragons, fairies...

5/7/12 Wrote a blog Jane & Maura vs. Xena & Gabrielle

1/29/12 I added a Downton Abbey page. Love that show!

1/20/12 Last month I completely revamped my Rizzles site and made a site dedicated to Sasha Alexander.

10/7/11 I met Sasha Alexander at the Healthy Child Awards dinner in Los Angeles. You can see a brief video here. Here's my tweet to her and her reply:

Me: It was an honor meeting you! You were as sweet and gracious as I had imagined. Thank you for a truly wonderful evening.
Sasha: @kellyeneal Thank you that means a lot! I had so much fun, you are all such special people. I was honored to meet you all!

5/19/11 Awesome Styx Concert! Met Tommy Shaw! Tweet and pic here Tommy tweeted back with "Thanks Kelly"

5/9/11 added a new post to My Life Through Music

5/1/11 added Adulthood to My Life Through Music

About me:
I'm a drummer, editor,webmaster, DJ, friend, aunt, sister, daughter...

I'm a Trekkie and a Xenite. My other fandoms are Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, Rizzoli & Isles...

1990 - Miami, FL

1969 - Winchester, MA




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