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Souls Intertwined

By Taiko


Robin had a miserable morning. She got into a fight with her boyfriend and walked out. He didn't understand her. Never did.

‘My life is never easy’, she thought, as she roamed the city streets.

Robin had a rough childhood. Her mother died when she was nine and her father had turned to alcohol to ease the pain. After taking his abuse for five years she went to live with her Aunt Becky, her mother's sister. But by then she had become an angry teenager, mad at the world. She turned to drugs and gang life. At sixteen she ran away. She hung out with other street kids, taking and selling drugs, just trying to survive.

But that was then. She finally got the help she needed, kicked her drug habit and now, at the age of twenty-one, she has been clean for eighteen months. She had a decent job. Nothing spectacular but it paid the bills. She rented a small apartment, which she shared with her boyfriend, Roger. That is, until this morning.

When she left the apartment Roger was packing. Robin knew he wouldn't be there when she got back and that was fine with her. Things had been bad between them for awhile and over the past few weeks it had gotten progressively worse.

‘Men’, Robin thought, ‘who needs them!’

She continued walking, her pace getting faster the angrier she became. There was a nice breeze but that only aggravated Robin. She cursed each time her long black hair whipped around into her face.

The sidewalk was filled with people but everyone moved out of Robin's way. She knew her six-foot frame could be intimidating. When she was angry it was worse.

Robin was so caught up in her thoughts she almost ran into a young girl. She was about to yell at the poor girl to get out of her way but the sight before her eyes made her stop. Robin stared into frightened green eyes and all her anger melted away. Before her stood a young waif of a girl with strawberry-blonde hair, wearing torn up jeans and an old ratty T-shirt. Robin recognized in an instant that this was a street kid. From the looks of her, she'd been on the streets for some time.

"I-I'm sorry." Came the weak voice of the young girl.

Robin's mind flashed to her years on the street and her heart melted.

"It's okay. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I wasn't paying attention." Robin smiled at the girl and was rewarded with a small smile back. The girl started to walk away but Robin stopped her. There was something about this girl. Robin wanted, no needed, to find a way to help her.

"Wait." The girl stopped and turned around. "Have you eaten?" The girl stared at the ground. "Look, there's a hot dog stand just up the street. I'd like to buy you some lunch, to make up for scaring you."

‘Why is this woman being nice to me?’ The girl thought. ‘Maybe she likes young girls.’ The girl thought of all the things she'd done just for a decent meal. ‘Well, what's one more time. I am really hungry’ she thought to herself.

"I'd like that." The girl continued to stare at the ground.

"Great. Come on, its this way." They made their way down the street.

"I'm Robin." Robin smiled warmly at the girl.

"I'm Jess."

"It's nice to meet you, Jess."

When they reached the hot dog stand, Robin bought two hot dogs and two cokes. She handed Jess one of the hot dogs. Jess took a small bite, then her hunger took over and in seconds the hot dog was gone. Handing Jess the second hot dog, Robin ordered one for herself. They walked to the bus stop bench and sat down.

"How old are you, Jess?"


"Do you live around here?" Robin asked, already knowing the answer.

"No." was the girl's only answer.

"Where are you from?" Robin took a sip of her soda, waiting for Jess' reply.

"Ohio." Jess had finished her second hot dog and was sipping her coke, dreading where she thought this was leading.

"Never been there. Hell, I've never left New York." Robin laughed.

Jess looked at Robin and smiled. There was something about this woman. Maybe she really was just being nice.

Jess looked back down at the sidewalk. "I'd like to go back someday." Her thoughts wandered to her home, her mother.

Life hadn't been that bad but after her mom died Jess couldn't handle it. She had to get away. One night she packed a small duffel bag and bought a bus ticket. Her mom had always planned on taking Jess to New York. They had been talking about it two days before she died. Jess decided to go on her own. That was four months ago.

Jess had been saving her money from her weekend job at the donut shop. She thought she had enough. She was wrong.

Robin watched Jess, knowing instinctively where the girl's mind had wandered to.

"Would you really like to go back?" Robin asked.

Jess was brought back to the present. She looked up at Robin. "Yes."

Abruptly, Robin got up. She held out her hand to Jess. "Come on." She said with a smile.

Jess sat there for a minute. She had been on the streets long enough to know she shouldn't go with this woman. Yet, something about Robin made Jess feel safe with her. She took Robin's hand and stood. Robin gave her hand a slight squeeze and they walked down the street.

Jess didn't realize where they were going until they were standing outside the bus station.

She looked up at Robin. "What are we doing here?"

"You want to go home, right?" Jess shook her head. "Well, that's where you should be."

Jess’ eyes grew wide. "I-I can't. I-I don't have any money and I've been gone so long. My Dad is probably furious. I-" Jess rambled.

Robin put a hand on Jess’ shoulder. Jess lowered her head. Robin reached over with her other hand, placing her fingers under Jess’ chin, raising her head, forcing Jess to look at her. "Your father is probably too worried about you to be angry. As far as money goes, no problem there. I'm buying your ticket."

Tears glazed Jess’ eyes. "You'd, you'd do that for me?" The tears were flowing freely now. "Yes." Robin managed to choke out, fighting her own tears.

"Why?" Jess’ voice quivered. "Because I've been where you are. If someone had helped me, my life would have turned out very differently." Robin was finding it hard to hold back the tears. "Go home, Jess. Have a wonderful life. The life you deserve."

Jess broke into sobs and Robin pulled her into a hug. They held onto each other until the tears slowed. Slowly, Robin pulled away and smiled down at Jess. They walked hand in hand into the bus station.

Robin bought Jess a one-way ticket. Silently, they walked out to the bus.

"I'll pay you back someday." Jess said as she stopped in front of the bus and looked up at Robin.

"You can pay me back by having a good life." Robin said.

"If I do, it'll be because of you." Jess said.

Robin smiled, "All I did was buy you a hot dog," She grinned, "No, make that two hot dogs."

Jess laughed. That laugh made everything worthwhile for Robin. Nothing else mattered at that moment except the knowledge that tomorrow Jess would be safe and happy.

The time came to board the bus. Jess gave Robin a fierce hug. "I'll never forget you." Robin laid her head on Jess’, "Same here." They slowly pulled apart and Jess smiled at Robin, "Bye." Jess turned quickly and climbed into the bus. "Bye," Robin whispered.

Robin stood there, watching. She saw Jess find her seat by the window. Jess looked out at Robin. There were tears in her eyes. Robin waved and mouthed "good-bye."

The bus started pulling away. Jess waved to Robin, tears flowing down her cheeks. Robin waved back, fighting her own tears.

Robin stood there for what seemed like hours. Finally, she turned and headed back home. There was a slight smile on her face. She knew that she would never forget this day or the young girl that touched her heart.


10 Years Later

Jessica emerged from the bus station. ‘God, how long has it been?’ she thought as she looked out onto the streets of New York. She quickly grabbed a cab and headed for her new apartment.

Jessica had gone to college and had a degree in creative writing. She had been working on a novel, but still needed to put food on the table, so she got a job with a publishing company in New York City.

As the cab drove in and out of traffic, Jess looked out the window. The cab stopped at a light and on the corner was a hot dog stand. Jess smiled at the memory of her last New York hot dog. ‘I've had a good life so far, Robin,’ she thought to herself.

Robin was right, Jess’ father had been worried sick and welcomed her with open arms. It was hard at first. The nightmares were the worst but slowly they faded and her life turned into that of a normal teenager.

After college she met Elaine and realized she was attracted to women. A fact her father wasn't thrilled with but eventually accepted. Her relationship with Elaine lasted for five years. Right up to the point that Jess took the job in New York. Elaine wasn't about to move and a long distance relationship was out of the question. They argued about it for days, finally agreeing to break up.

The cab pulled up to the apartment building. Jess paid the driver and headed in the building, ready to start a new life.

Robin stormed out of the apartment, furious. She had caught her lover, Diane, cheating on her.

‘Women!’ she thought, ‘who needs them!?’

Robin barreled down the stairs into the lobby, bumping into someone. She was just about to lose her cool when she found herself staring into familiar green eyes.

Jess was about to tell this woman to watch where she was going, but was struck dumb. She stared into the face of the woman she had never forgotten.


Robin looked confused. ‘I know her, but from where?’ Then it hit her, "Jess?" her eyes growing wide.

"Yes!" Jess cried. She couldn't believe it. She had dreamed of meeting Robin again but never really thought she would.

Robin laughed, "Look at you! Has it been that long? What happened to the young girl I knew?"

Jess laughed, "I grew up." Jess grew serious but her smile remained, "Thanks to you."

Robin smiled affectionately, "No, you did that all by yourself. I just bought you a hot dog." They both laughed and hugged each other.

When they finally parted they found themselves staring into each other's eyes.

Robin finally broke the silence, "So, have you eaten?"

"No, I haven't."

"What do you say we get a hot dog?"

Jess smiled. This felt right. "I'd like that."

"Great." Robin held out her hand and Jess didn't hesitate in taking it.

And two souls found each other twice in one lifetime.

THE END? *g*

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