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Waves of Life

Just One Moment


Death Becomes Her

Blood Lust

A Tale of Beginnings

In you

Love's Longing

Heart of Darkness

My Warrior Queen


In the Wind

Light and Darkness

I Was With You

Love's Unending

Blood Red

My Demons

You Are

The Gift of Life


Waves of Life

The waves thunder on the shore,

    Feel water touch my feet,

My mind moves back and forth,

    Where past and present meet.


I look behind at my footprints,

    Finding truth therein,

As the waves come rolling in,

    I lose sight of where I've been.


I stop in wonder, look around,

    All that matters is here and now.

As waves wipe footprints away,

    I see in this a solemn vow,


If we live the best

    The moment we're in,

Time like waves,

    Erases the hurts of past therein.


A simple act of nature,

    A hard lesson to learn,

But living harmony here and now,

    Should be our greatest concern.


Just One Moment


Just one moment,

When our eyes met,

Light called to darkness,

Soul touched soul.


In that one moment,

Little did I know,

The path we'd travel together,

The way our friendship would go.


Time brought us changes,

So often hurt and pain,

But always found our return,

To one another again.


So wrapped up in you,

I cannot see my way,

To live without your heart,

For another day.





You are my light, my strength, my hope,

My everything to me.

Each day I thank the gods above

For allowing you to be.


You open my heart, teach me ways

To live and love again.

You know my darkened past,

And still you let me in.


Knowing you are at my side,

Gives me courage to fight and believe.

The smile on your face, the love in your eyes,

It touches something deep in my soul.

Your words of love, your gentle touch,

In them drowning, I am made whole.


We've traveled many roads,

A lot of hurt and pain,

So if I surrender my heart,

Would you survive the strain?

The ache to hold you close, to never let go,

Could you understand this raging passion,

That burns within my soul?


The need to have you runs so deep,

I'd know not what to do,

If my life should ever lose,

It's one true light in you.

So tell me through life on end,

Our love will carry us through.


Death Becomes Her


Death becomes her,

    She offers it in her embrace,

To each and every foe,

    That meets the fury in her face.


Endless sleep drips from her tongue,

    For she knows she holds the power,

Life and death, war and peace,

    Are hers to dispense at any hour.


Fate, destiny of people and nations

    She holds in her hand,

The might of her sword reaches

    Even to the most distant lands.


So if darkness ever again

    Visits her soul,

You best beware,

    And fear what your future holds.


Blood Lust


Battle rages everywhere around me,

    And I know I am the cause.

As countless fall beneath my sword,

    It enters them again and again without pause.

Blood flows, bodies fall lifeless at my feet,

    A feral grin crosses my face,

Adrenaline flows through my body,

    This evil I embrace,

And for the first time in forever, I feel alive!!!!!


Rage courses through me,

    Calling my name.

And I cannot resist it,

    I am blessed that it came.

Revenge and death

    Are now what I see,

This all encompassing rage,

    Is all that is left of me.

It's power burns me, I feel alive!!!!!!


This darkness fills me,

    Covers the hurt, the pain,

As the glory of the kill

    Fills my soul like a stain.

This feeling feeds me,

    I've found my way,

To ease the emptiness,

    To find my stay.

And howling at the moon, I feel alive!!!!!!!      



Once long ago,

    Gods put on this earth,

A creature of beauty,

    Of infinite worth.


Four arms, Four legs,

    Two heads, but one soul,

No other like it,

    But in itself, complete and whole.


Whether godly whim,

    Or twist of Fate,

Zeus with his lightning

    Did this being separate.


Little did he know,

    Or could he see,

What this would bring

    For you and me.


In this separation,

    A longing was born,

A need for completeness,

    Of our other half torn.


So through the ages

    Now soul does seek soul

Lost for eternity,

    Until we're made whole.


When once we find

    That soul we do seek,

Then for the first time,

    We will know peace.


For each one of us,

    There is one who does bring,

An end to this longing,

    Changes winter to spring.


Once we do touch,

    We're never the same.

Once we find our soul,

   Our hearts, it does tame.


Once we find that one,

    We know we cannot live without,

It erases all life's pain,

    Removes from us all doubt.


Beginning and ending,

    It does come aright.

In this love we find,

    Darkness becomes light.



In your voice,

I hear the gentle tones of doves.

In your smile,

The brightest stars above.


In your embrace,

Feel heat of desert sands.

Feel love timeless, ageless,

In just the touch of your hands.


I feel the tremble of the waves

As your body moves against mine.

I look into your eyes,

And start all over again.


Had I been there a flicker of time sooner,

You could have been mine,

And not his.


Then I could have given you the world,

Then this love in my heart could be free,

To fly around your temple,

Is where I want to be.


Could have been me who kissed your lips,

For the first time touched your body in ecstasy.

Could have been my chest you laid your head on,

Sighing my name, and whispering words of love to me.


Could have known the look of desire in your eyes,

Felt the warmth of your body's rise.

Could have lost myself in who you are,

Your feel, your gentle caress.


Could have dedicated my life to giving you happiness,

But in that one flicker of time,

I lost you, and all we could have been,

To someone I now know.


Heart of darkness,

    Soul so black,

One step on the path,

    There's no going back.


Walk onto that road,

    And know there's no end.

Once a heart's broken,

    There is not a mend.


Seeking to return

    To innocence lost,

You find no turning back,

    You see only a ghost.


Of a person you once were,

    Who you'd thought you'd be.

And though it hurts you,

    Something you must see.


Now that you know,

    You can embark,

Moving ever forward,

    Finding the spark.


For each day is a step,

    One following the other,

To find peace in ourselves,

    To be there for one another.


For in this one thing,

    We hear the truth,

Together we'll stand,

    Our souls ever soothe.   



We knew each other,

    Forever it seemed.

Girls of the same tribe,

    Little did I dream,

One day I'd look in your eyes,

    And know you are the one.


But that moment did come,

    And it was bittersweet,

For when I first saw love,

    Phantes' you did meet.

Enemy sworn, soon to be friend,

    My heart it broke,

Knowing I lost in the the end.


I pushed my pain down,

    Saw your happiness,

I prayed to our goddess,

    Your union to bless.

How could I know

    The pain and the loss,

But the joy of your son,

    Was well worth the cost.


As something died inside,

    The day you walked away,

My sun rose to shine,

    When you returned to stay.

I stood there beside you,

    You needed a friend,

Never once dare to hope,

    You'd be mine in the end.


Your heart it broke,

    You grieved so long,

I'd be your friend,

    For you I'd be strong.

I struggled to keep

    My feelings inside,

Most times my greatest war,

    My Warrior's pride.


You looked in my eyes,

    Saw deep in my soul,

It all came to you,

    You saw me, the whole.

And with one look,

    All became clear,

You wanted me by your side,

    Needed me near.


Pursued me with lover's passion,

    Never ending, everlasting,

Till you broke through Warrior's walls,

    I surrendered to your siren's call.


To know your touch,

    Feel your embrace,

To see the love,

    Light your face.

Your lips are honey,

    Your skin morning dew,

The warmth of your body,

    Like nothing I knew.


Me as your champion,

    You my Warrior Queen,

Stand by your side in life,

    Happier than I dreamed to be.

Now the meaning of life,

    My purpose is clear,

To love, honor, support you,

    All through the years.



Warrior born,

    Amazon true,

The greatest friend,

    I ever knew.


The truest of natures,

    A woman of strength,

The best of friends,

    Of unending length.


In battle, in peace,

    Throughout life,

We'll stand together,

    Come peace or strife.


In my world,

    She shines a light,

Of all she is,

    Her spirit's might.


Each day knowing her,

    Graces me with a gift.

Her presence does

    My spirit lift.


This, my friend,

    My tribute to you,

To our friendship,

    Will always be true.



I hear within the wind a song,

    As it howls all day long.

A song of lovers torn apart,

    Before they ever knew their hearts.


Forever separated, far away,

    Never could they find their stay.

A howl of longing for what's complete,

    Never to touch, never to meet.


On days, a gentle breeze caresses my face,

    And know they're close to their embrace.

Dance so close, but never to touch,

    Close to what they want so much.


In the wind I hear a song,

    It echoes what my spirit longs.



Light And Darkness


Opposing forces,

    Yet one and the same.

One without the other,

    Nothing can tame.


You cannot have light

    without the dark,

Nor have a fire

    without a spark.


You are my light,

    My reason to be.

You see the good,

    Believe in me.


Without you,

    I cannot exist.

You are the piece of me,

    I've always missed.


Your light tames the darkness,

    That rules my soul.

In you find completion,

    Your love makes me whole.


I Was With You


Once when my heart remembers,

    I was yours forever,

I was with you.


Once my heart was filled with longing,

    Never, ever belonging,

Then I was with you


Once when my heart was feeling,

    Your love ever revealing,

I was with you.


Once when my heart was beating,

    Our love was not fleeting,

I was with you.


Once long ago I loved you,

    Now I do too.

I am with you.


Time until end I'll love you,

    Always, forever, love found by few, 

I will be with you.

Love's Unending


Blood stains the field red,

Bodies cover the ground.

War is what I now do,

Death follows me around.


With all the death, the pain,

Never did I truly know fear,

Till I saw her fall,

Her look my way with tear.


In that look, saw her regret,

The loss and agony,

Of life unlived,

Of what was meant to be.


In that moment,

I knew loss,

The only one I love,

The light of life, my all.


Before I knew her,

No direction was known,

And watching her fade away,

My hope is gone.


Enemy rushes me,

No more reason to fight,

My world gone empty,

Darkest of night.


His sword thrusts through me,

I fall to the ground,

I smile sadly,

Finally freedom is found.


I lie down beside her,

Touch her cold cheek,

Know she is waiting,

For her I'll seek.


Closing my eyes,

Drawing last breath,

Kept our promise not to leave her,

Even in death.


I open my eyes,

Elysia unfolds,

Beauty and peace,

My future does hold.


Looking up, I see her smile,

Redemption has come.

She opens her arms and says

"Gabrielle come home."

Blood Red


With the setting sun, the sky burns red.

A perfect reflection of the crimson that flows on the ground.

I stop, wiping the blood and sweat from my forehead.

Looking around, I see waste and devastation,

Bodies covering the earth.

And my soul cries out,"Why?"


They say to the victor goes the spoils,

But what spoils are worth this?

Death follows the warrior.

Standing here now, I long to leave it behind.

When will the endless fighting end?

Will it only cease when I meet my final fate?


I tire of the endless struggle.

For me, see only one way out.

As the sadness of life most precious lost

Overtakes my heart and soul,

I draw my blade and prepare

To bring my lonely existence to a close.


As I ready my blade for the task,

I hear a sound and look up.

There amidst the fallen I see,

A vision of heaven made just for me.

The dagger falls from my hand,

She takes my breathe away.


As she slowly nears me,

I take in her beauty and goodness.

I look at my hands, my body,

My own blood mingling with that of others,

And know that I can offer her

Nothing but pain.


She lays her hand gently on my shoulder,

Looks in my eyes and smiles.

And in that moment, wind blows clear my memory,

I can see the pages of life turn.

Past no longer matters,

For once I know where home is, now, here in this moment.


And as quickly as the shadows of fear and pain arise,

They recede into the haven of her tender, loving embrace.

This lost warrior has finally been found.

My Demons

Childhood innocence,
Turned to death and war,
Fanciful dreams of future,
Transformed to hurt and pain.
Where was the point and time that I changed?

Barbarous deeds,
Done in the name of power and conquest,
Blood oozes in my every step,
With the memory of all those I'd fallen.
How do I find my way back to what I once was, 
What I could have been?

Where can I go?
What will I do? 
Then looking up,
I see you.
And I remember I've found my way.

No ghosts of past,
Nor inner demons,
Can turn away your love.
I have found my home

You Are

You are......
The light in my darkness,
The air that I breathe,
The quiet peace of nigh,.
The brush of a summer breeze caressing my cheek,
The sweetest honey to my lips,
The fire scorching through my veins,
Desire, full and free.
The tremble beneath me of life's ecstasy.

All of this you are to me.
But even more, you are 
The every beat of my heart.

The Gift of Life

Darkness surrounds me,
Emptiness embraces me,
Surrounded by life,
I search all around,
And find I am alone.

Once I thought goodness existed,
Perhaps I could find my way.
But I embraced evil far too long,
Now there is no me
Left to be found.

I saw no light,
No way out,
But one to resolve,
The pain that desecrated my life,
Death is what I'd found.

Burying my armor,
Preparing my blade,
In just one moment,
It would fade.
And then you appeared.

Your innocence and courage,
Were a breath of fresh air,
And in that moment,
Knew what I was seeking,
Lost in the depths of your stare.

From that first look,
Your light shone in my soul,
Forever changing me,
The woman you are, your love,
Making me whole.

In our time together,
You've taught me to be,
The loving, soft woman you see.
And for this gift given,
I am forever yours.

Taiko's Scrolls of the Xenaverse