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How can I go on now

    knowing you're gone?

You left me standing here,

    to walk alone.

My heart it breaks

    to see you go.

I need you here with me,

    to see you grow old.

I saw in your heart,

    I felt your pain.

Never once believing,

    I'd never see you again.

Why couldn't you tell me?

    Why not make me see?

When you said you loved me,

    You walked away from me.

I fought just to save you,

    for one moment in time.

Knowing, just knowing,

    you couldn't stay mine.


Now on this ship

    I am sailing away.

To continue the fight,

    To live another day.

So how with this pain

    Will I go on?

When I have lost my heart,

    my soul, my sun?




Gabrielle's Vision


I look into your eyes,

    and see the deepest blue.

Then looking even deeper still,

    I see the hidden you.

You say you are darkness,

    And all evil could be.

How I long to show you,

    all of you I see.

The inner strength, the goodly heart,

    Compassion for those who need.

I've seen the darkness fade,

    through loving words and deeds.

You say I'm your light, you strength,

    Your reason to live, your very best of friends.

But if you knew what's in my heart,

    Would then my torment end?

Or would you scorn me,

    And turn and walk away?

And this love of friends

   Without another day?

As these questions circle my mind,

    I see you gently smile.

And there to my surprise,

    See love there all the while.

You touch my face, speak my name,

    And I fall away.

Into the depths of your love

    With you to always stay.

I feel your kiss, taste your lips

    My heart it comes alive.

No other place for me to be,

    than here right by your side.

To know the deepest part of you,

    To feel you deep within me.

These are the things I want to be,

    For us to always know.

Never doubt this love I hold

    So deep within my soul,

For it is yours, without end,

    And forever throughout time.




A Whisper On The Wind


I hear a whisper on the wind,

    like the sigh of my name on her lips.

I feel the wind caress my face,

    like the gentle touch of her hand.

It moves around me, consumes me,

    as does her embrace.

I breathe it in, as I do her,

    and it touches my very soul.

It feeds me, as does her love,

    and I am once again made whole.

I hear a whisper on the wind,

    which speaks of a love so true,

I hear a whisper on the wind,

    and it speaks to me of you.






Who can say when it began,

    This beating of my heart?

When was that moment,

    When my life did start?


'Twas the moment you were there,

    Love shining in your eyes.

When I got lost in depths of blue,

    Deeper than the sky's.


You touched my face, spoke my name,

    You wanted only me,

Lost within your loving arms,

    Your every fantasy.


Love can be fickle,

    Or even blind,

Love can be eternal,

    Or a trick of the mind.


So many things love can be,

    But it, I'd never known.,

Until I heard your words of love,

    And now my soul you own.


Love is passion, powers might,

    A hunger in our souls,

In it is no right or wrong,

    Oneness is the goal.


The need to feel closer to you,

    Drives me on and on.

Never can I get enough,

    To sate this hunger grown.


So many things love can be,

    So many ways to feel,

But know this, in your love,

    Is where I find what's real.




Siren's Song


I hear your heart calling me,

    The sweetest siren's song,

It speaks of love so true,

    Of the place where I belong.


It draws me nearer,

    Like moth to flame,

In sweet surrender,

    My heart does claim.


The fire it burns ever hotter,

    Desire it grips my mind,

I feel your body tremble with me,

    The feelings leave me blind.


The touch of your hand,

    The taste of your skin,

Lying here next to you,

    Finding peace within.


If I'm dreaming,

    Let me sleep.

In this siren's song,

    Forever keep.






The bond of sisterhood,

    Is it family or friend?

To me it is a bond,

    That goes without end.

To many, blood is thicker than water,

    But just between us,

Our friendship is closer.


Families can be a fickle thing,

    But not so the bond between you and me.

Throughout our lives,

    This will grow stronger.

From now to beyond,

    I swear it will go longer.







The light in my life,

    The bottom of my soul,

The one who brings me love,

    The one who makes me whole.


Her touch, her taste,

    I cannot live without.

She reaches the deepest parts of me,

    Knows all I am about.


In her heart,

    I've found home at last.

In this love,

    begin and end,

I know I'm falling fast.




Amazons Remembered


My mind drifts to a distant time,

    A warrior race of women,

Which nothing could confine.


They stood for justice and truth,

    A woman's individual strength,

In age or youth.


United they stood,

    Divide them, they'd fall.

Strength in their sisterhood,

    In this defeat all.


Now I return to a place

    Here and now,

Where we have a sisterhood,

    And to our Queen's bow.


A journey of a lifetime,

    Of sisters and friends.

Through each and every one of us,

    The Amazons live without end.


Taiko's Scrolls of the Xenaverse