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by Ambrosia & Taiko

Disclaimer: The characters of Xena, Gabrielle and others who have appeared on Xena: Warrior Princess don't belong to us. They are the sole property of Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures. We just borrowed them. The story itself and new characters belong to Taiko and Ambrosia. This story may not be sold or used for profit. Copies of this story may be made for private use only and must include all disclaimers

Subtext: There will be depictions of two women in love at some point. If this bothers you please read something else.

Phantasia takes place in the alternate universe from Armageddon Now Part II. Hercules was never born and Xena became the Conqueror of most of the known world. Other than that, we have changed the Xenaverse and made it our own.

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My heartfelt thanks to Calli for the beautiful cover! :-)


I haven't written anything since February. I am in the processes of moving and things have been crazy. I will not be settled in my new place until the end of April, so it is most likely that I will not do much writing between now and then. I just wanted to make everyone aware of that. Sorry. :-(

It's here! Part 12 is finally here! Once again a big THANK YOU for all your patience and support.

Now that everyone is ready to strangle me... Part 12 is not done... I met up with my friend/beta reader, CAS, and we basically tore it apart and are now in the process of putting it back together again. Sorry it's taken so long.


For those of you who are new to Phantasia let me say that I write when the mood strikes me. I'm not a "writer" I'm just a huge X:WP fan who likes playing in the Xenaverse.. <grin> So be warned: If you start reading before this story is complete there is no way of knowing how long it will be before the next part. There were only 2 months between part 10 & 11 but there was a 5 month wait for part 12.

The one thing I can promise is, barring any unforeseen disasters, this story WILL be completed - someday <g>

Thanks for the continuing support!


On with the story...

  • Part 1 - A young girl is found by the side of a road, near death. Has she been saved in time? Meanwhile, the warlord, Xena, is moving across the lands, making them her own.

  • Part 2 - A kidnapping sends Gabrielle's world into turmoil and a young prince meets the Conqueror.

  • Part 3 - A rescue mission. Queen and Conqueror face off - Who will prove to be the victor?

  • Part 4 - Mother and son spend time together. A treaty is offered.

I would like to thank Ambrosia for writing this story with me. She's currently working on a new uber story and has asked if I would finish Phantasia on my own. I agreed to give it a shot. So, beginning here in Part 5, I am the sole writer, for better or for worse. ;)

  • Part 5 - The Conqueror reflects on her life, the prince gets in (and out of) a bit of trouble and danger looms close by.

  • Part 6 - Will Queen and Conqueror be able to work together to save an island? Meanwhile, a storm is brewing.

  • Part 7 - The storm hits land and the queen is injured.

  • Part 8 - Gabrielle & Xena get to know one another better.

  • Part 9 - Trouble in the ranks? Gallus handles his officers. Meanwhile, the queen and Conqueror solidify their relationship.

  • Part 10 - A happy reunion. Plus, Xena & Gabrielle move their relationship forward.

  • Part 11 - A nightmare come true brings Gabrielle face to face with her past.

  • Part 12 - How will the queen react when Xena's life is at stake?

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