Poems by Lori


Without Words

A Dark Warrior

A Love Letter

For A Time

Forever Everlasting

I Heard You Not, I Saw You Not

In A Room Of Darkness

Missing You

Sing To Me A Poem

The Last Day

We Are

by Lori Berndt

Up in a meadow
With so many flowers
I hold your gentle hand
And smile without worry
As I gaze into your eyes
To say how much I love you
Without words
On a rock beside a stream we sit
I kiss your lips so sweet
And caress your face so soft
Again to say I love you
Without words
Walking down a shaded path
Again my hand in yours
I listen to the forest
Around us so very close
Thinking about you
And wanting to say it once more
How very much I love you
Without words.


A Dark Warrior

By Lori

A dark Warrior

Lurking in the shadows

Breathing in the environment

Knowing all, coming closer

Watching the length of me

Making no sudden moves

And the beauty of the warrior

Unnerving my very soul

Looking inside her mind

Transferring her thoughts to mine

Touching my heart

As my own hunger seethes

We make contact

We touch

We love


A Love Letter

By Lori

Dear One…

I saw you smile today

And my heart

It ached for you


Who I love

And hold so dear in my heart

I watch you from afar

Because I cannot confess

My love for you

My Love…

I yearn

For you to know

That hearing your voice

Is Heaven to me

And that I want to run away from here

And take you with me

To a place of paradise

Where it would be

Just you and me

To bask in loves embrace

Yet, Dear One…

Even just to hold your hand

Would content my life for sure


For A Time

By Lori

When I first saw you

You smiled

And I wanted to forget you

And I thought I did…

For a time

But slowly you began

To invade my very thoughts

Until every moment

I thought only of you

And I saw you in everything

In the sky and trees

The oceans and flowers

You were there, everywhere

I hear you say

Come closer

Yet I want to back away

And my heart begins to ache

When I see that smile cross your face

As when I first saw you

And I wanted to forget you

And I thought I did…

For a time


Forever Everlasting

By Lori

Behind a dark fašade

You lurked, on your guard

Looking this way and that

Nobody really saw you there

You seemed to disappear

There was something about you

That wasn’t quite right

I saw you when I turned around

But you were never really there

You finally let me know you

And I saw inside your eyes

The look was everlasting

Your smile said you and I

Then I heard your music

It was a song of love you sang

The beauty touched my very soul

And will never fade away

Soon you took me in your arms

Your kisses lightly burned

The embrace that folded round me

Would there forever stay

When you finally had me

And called me your very own

Death soon came over

And left me all alone

Now as the sun sets in the sky

I hear your music in my veins

I see your everlasting look

And I hear you call my name.


I Heard You Not, I Saw You Not

By Lori

I was walking in a mountain meadow

Picking wild flowers that grew there

Surrounded only by trees and sky

I was all alone, or so I thought

I heard you not, I saw you not

Then I bent to pick a daisy

And suddenly you were there

I slowly stood, never daring

To gaze into your eyes

But you took my chin in your hand

And tilted my face upright

Until it was only you I saw

Then you bent slowly and kissed my lips

And I fell to my knees, eyes closed

But when I opened them, you were gone

You were no where to be found

And I wondered to myself

Were you ever really there at all?


In A Room Of Darkness

By Lori


In a room of darkness

I sit and think alone

Hearing the rumble of a storm

Sounding distant and sad


A flash of lightening

Brightens the far wall

And I see you for a moment

Then another flash

Crosses the room

And I find that you are gone

Only to realize you were

Never really there at all


In a room of darkness

I sit and think alone

The rain is falling

Outside my window

And sounds like the song

You use to sing


A crack of thunder

Brings me back

And I hear nothing but rain

In a room of darkness

As I sit all alone

And think of you

And of your song.


Missing You

By Lori

I miss you

So very much

And hearing your voice

Sounding so close

As if you were standing

Right next to me

I wanted to reach out

And take hold of you

Dear one

Who I love so much

Maybe someday soon

We can laugh again



Sing To Me A Poem

By Lori


Sing to me a poem

Of starry, moonlit nights

Along a sandy beach

Where there’s no one else in sight


Sing to me a poem

Of love and kisses pure

When you have your arms around me

And the whole of our life is sure


Sing to me a poem

There are many to be sung

Please sing them under star filled skies

With your kisses and your love


The Last Day

By Lori


The last day

I talked more with the one

I met along the way

As I watched everything you did

And listened to everything you said

Not taking for granted for once

That smile that crossed your face


The last day

Filled with open smiles

And hidden tears

Laughing to try and drown out the sorrow

Knowing that each minute that passed

Meant one minute closer to leaving

Wishing to myself

I could stop time or slow it down


The last day

I looked into your eyes

Then the tears began to flow

For now the time has come

And I hold you again

For the last time


We Are

By Lori

Holding you
    So close
                We are one

Deep inside
            I find my place
                    We are secure

Being where we
        Want to be
                    We are home


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