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Kim Pritekel

You Were Mine - I Was Yours
Poem inspired by "First"
Written by Lori Berndt


Taiko's Scrolls of the Xenaverse

Emily Thomas is a successful New York attorney who enjoys a happy homelife with her beautiful partner. Beth Sayers was the childhood best friend with whom she shared big dreams as they grew up in Pueblo, Colorado. Inseparable by age nine, together they learned about life, each other, themselves, and most importantly love.

When Emily hears of Beth's death at the age of 34, after more than a decade of estrangement, she must piece together her tumultuous past and come to terms with the defining relationship in her life. Why had her friendship with Beth deteriorated and what part of herself had she lost with it?

First is Emily's journey back to Colorado, back to her childhood, and back to face the ghost of a woman who had captured her heart and never really let it go.





You Were Mine – I Was Yours

(For two souls that should have been together)

written for the heart-wrenching pain of “First” by Kim Pritekel

by Lori Berndt


I remember you as my first

Just as you were mine

And knew that only with you…I was complete


We were opposites

Yet attracted like magnet to metal

But pulled apart by fear and anger


And yet…

Through it all

We needed

And coming together

We loved


Then fear again ripped us apart

Separated again

But never far from

Each others thoughts


Time goes on

Life goes on

If only….


But now it’s too late

You’ve been taken from this world


Now truths revealed

In your words of love

Of something we both felt

But couldn’t share

Of two hearts held together

In silence from each other


And again I remember

You…As my first

Just as I...Was yours

And I know that only with each other

We were complete


~~ 2/24/03 ~~

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