Hostage of the Heart

By: Ambrosia
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Part 2
Desiree stormed out of the bedroom. "What did you mean by that?" she demanded of the other woman who was sitting in front of the computer.

The woman hurriedly switched the screen on the computer blank with a push of a button, and swiveled around in her chair. She nearly choked on her soda at the sight before her. Desiree had chosen to wear a simple white T-shirt to sleep in, but she looked absolutely gorgeous to the kidnapper. Her legs may not have been that long, but they were finely shaped. The T-shirt went as far as she did mid thigh.

"Stop looking at me like that!" Desiree realized that she should have put a robe on.

"Like what?"

"Like I'm a piece of meat, and you're a carnivore that hasn't eaten in weeks."

The kidnapper rolled her eyes. "Oh please. Don't flatter yourself." She mentally chastised herself for being so obvious.

Desiree shrugged. "Whatever. Why did you call me love?"

The woman stared at her for a moment before answering. "It's your name, isn't it?"

The strawberry-blonde narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean?"

"Isn't your name Desiree Meredith Love?"

Desiree gaped at her. "How did you know that?" Then it hit her. "Did you go through my glove compartment, while I was locked to the refrigerator.

The other woman shook her head. "No, I didn't." She sighed. "Might as well give her some clue as to why she's here," she thought.

"Then how did you know?"

The blue-eyed woman took a deep breath. "You're name is Desiree Meredith Love. You are twenty-three years old, and you were born and raised in San Francisco, California, until you moved out at the age eighteen to attend UCLA for the next four years. You used to work at an office supply company, but unfortunately you got fired yesterday. You're currently writing a book, because that is your real passion in life." She thought for a moment. "You have one brother and one sister, your parents still reside in San Francisco, and you have a cat named Tobias." She finished smiling mischievously.
Desiree sat on the arm of the couch, with her mouth hanging open. "How on earth did you know all that?" she asked astonished.

"I used to be a 'Psychic Friend'," she replied grinning.

"Don't play with me," Desiree retorted in a warning tone.

"Oooh." She pretended to shiver. "What are you gonna do to me Shorty?"

Her captive cocked her head to the side. "Shorty?" she repeated.

The woman twined her fingers together in her lap. "That's what I said. Question is, what're you gonna do about it?"

Desiree balled up her hand into a fist, and shook it menacingly. "How 'bout I knock you into next week."

"I'd like to see you try." She beckoned Desiree over with the fingers of each hand. "Bring it on."

Desiree marched over to her and then realized she had fell right into the Venus flytraps plan. The sitting woman had Desiree's legs trapped between her own. She squeezed her own thighs against the shorter woman's legs, and placed her hands on Desiree's small waist. Desiree could not escape, but she was not so sure that she wanted to, as she felt the warmth radiating from the other woman's hands coming through the thin cotton material. It was far from being a cold early April morning, but they felt so good.  The strawberry-blonde hesitantly placed her hands on the other woman's strong shoulders. She noticed that the woman had removed the black sweater she had been wearing, her shoes and socks too. The woman was now only wearing her jeans and a black tank top, which showed off the muscles in her long bronzed arms. Desiree concluded that she definitely worked out.

The blue-eyed peered up at her. "My. What a predicament you've gotten yourself into." She slid her hands down to the hem of Desiree's T-shirt. Any further down and she would be touching the young woman's bare skin. Desiree was shocked to find that she sort of anticipated that happening.

"What're you doing?" she whispered. Desiree then noticed that she was absently massaging the other woman's shoulders. She stopped her hands from doing so.

The woman's hands finally connected with the warm bare skin of Desiree's outer thighs. The strawberry-blonde gasped, as the dark-haired woman started making circular movements with the padding of her thumbs on Desiree's skin. She then whispered, "Making you want me."

"What makes you think I want you." Desiree was breathing heavily. "What in the world is wrong with me?" she wondered in her head. "I don't even know this woman's name."

"By the way you're reacting to my ministrations, I'd be willing to bet that you want me," the other woman explained, as she brushed a smooth thigh against her captive's leg.

"Sorry, but I don't play for that team."

"Oh, I think you do." The woman ran a hand behind one of Desiree's thighs and began to caress the well-defined flesh there. "You're about as straight as a maze."

"I'll have you know that I have a boy-

"Yes. I know." The other woman interrupted looking up at Desiree, and noticing the lovely flush on her ordinarily pale cheeks. "His name is Alec, and you're using the wrong tense. That's had. Not have." The woman grinned.

"That reminds me of my earlier question. How do you know who I am?" Desiree attempted to step back, but the other woman would not relinquish her hold.

"I told you. I used to be a 'Psychic Friend'," said the kidnapper smiling.

Desiree took a deep breath. "I'm serious."

The blue-eyed woman changed the subject. "How much do you want me? She asked, gazing at her captives beautiful blue-green eyes. Desiree noticed that the sitting woman's hands were now dangerously close to her derriere.

"You mean, how much do I want you to take a flying leap into an erupting volcano?" Desiree asked sweetly. She even managed to paste on a saccharinely sweet smile.

The other woman chuckled. "You're really cute when you're angry, Desi."

Desiree's eyes narrowed in outrage. "Don't call me that. Only my friends call me that."

"And what am I?"

The strawberry-blonde put her hands at her sides. "Believe me. You don't want me to answer that."

Another chuckle, which only proved to infuriate Desiree all the more. "You make me laugh, Desi."

"What's your name?" she ignored the usage of the nickname this time, knowing that the woman would not listen to her.

"Piper." Desiree appeared to be shocked.

"What? You don't like my name?" asked the kidnapper.

"No-no, it's not that. I just didn't expect you to tell me that easily."

Piper shrugged. "I figured I know all about you, the least you could know is my name."

"How do you know all about me?" Desiree countered.

Piper, kneading the backs of her captive's upper thighs replied, "I don't wanna talk about that right now."

"When?" Desiree closed her eyes, and let out a soft moan, which brought a slight smile to Piper's lips that she missed.

All of the sudden Piper raised Desiree's T-shirt to just above her flat stomach, and delivered a feather-light kiss to her belly button. "Later," she whispered, as she headed in for another kiss. Before Piper could, a phone rang.

Piper cursed under her breathy as she reached behind her for a small cellular phone that was lying next to the computer. She opened the flap, pressed a button and said, "This can only be one of two people. No matter which one you are, you're dead!"

"Well that's a comforting thought," the male voice on the other end of the line replied.

Piper frowned. "What do you want?"

"Your butt back here."

"Sorry, but my butt is staying right where it is."

"Don't be stupid, Piper. You need to get back before the authorities find out you're missing," warned the man.

"What makes you thing I'm missing?"

"I went over to your apartment and you weren't there."

"Did it ever occur to you that maybe I went out for a walk or something?"

"You skipped town didn't you?" asked the man hesitantly.

There was a slight pause on Piper's end of the line, as she raised a hand to her head and began rubbing her temples with her thumb and middle finger. "Yes," she admitted wearily.

A loud exhalation could be heard from the other end. "Running is not the answer, Piper."

Piper shook her head, as if he could see her. "Wrong. It's the only answer." She let go of her hold on Desiree, and the young woman took a step backward, looking at Piper with obvious concern. "If I come back there, I will go back to jail. I refuse to go back there, and this time we both know chances are I won't ever get out." Desiree's eyes widened, but she was not too surprised to hear that the kidnapper had been previously incarcerated. "Go back to jail?" she thought.

"I'll fight to get you out of it," the man argued.

"Oh please Frank. You sound like Larry Parker. You gonna get me out of this, like you got me out the first time?" she asked angrily. "I don't even know why I keep you as my lawyer."

Frank sighed. Much of the time this woman could be very aggravating. "Why don't you come back Piper? I promise I won't tell anyone that you left."
"No! Eight years of my life have already been wasted, and I'm not about to give up the rest. Good-bye Frank." She started to press the end button on the phone, but her lawyer stated that he had something important to say.

"What is it?" she asked impatiently.

For a moment the man said nothing. "Richard Love Jr. was shot yesterday afternoon."

Piper's blue eyes darted to Desiree and then cut away quickly. "Is he dead?" she asked nervously, hearing Desiree gasp.

"No, but he almost was. The doctor gave the report on the news that if the bullet would have been half a inch to the left that he would most likely be gone."

Piper let out a relieved breath. She did not need another death on her hands, although at this point it probably would not have mattered much. "Is he gonna be okay?" she asked, noticing that Desiree looked relieved too. Piper smiled inwardly. Desiree did not have a clue who she was talking about, yet she still managed to have compassion for this person who could be a stranger. "If only she knew he is her brother," Piper thought grimly.

"Well it's early, but the situation seems to be more on the positive side," Frank replied.

"Good." Piper paused. "Do they have a suspect?"

"They know for sure who did it."

"They do?" Piper thought. "Who?" she inquired aloud.

She heard Frank take a deep breath. "You."
There was silence on Piper's line for what seemed like an hour, and then Frank heard a sound that he had not been suspecting. Piper was laughing hysterically. "She's finally gone off the deep end," Frank thought.

"Of course I did it, Frank." She stopped laughing, which soothed Desiree's nerves. At the first sound of the laughing she had jumped back wondering what the person on the other end could have said to initiate that kind of reaction. "Why there are only six freaking billion other people on this earth!" Piper yelled furiously, causing both Desiree and her lawyer to flinch.

"One, not everyone knows Richard Love Jr.. Two, a lot of the people in this world have alibis. Three, not everyone is being questioned for three gruesome murders already, and four, not everyone has a motive," Frank stated.

Piper scowled, "One, I don't know Ri- She bit her lower lip. She had been about to say the man's name in front of his sister. "him," she finished. "Never met the guy. Two, I wasn't even in San Francisco when it happened." "I was in Los Angeles, planning on kidnapping Desiree Love," she added silently to herself. "Three…whatever, and four, what is my motive !?"

"Easy. Judge Richard Love sent you to prison for eight years, and you decided to retaliate by trying to kill his son," replied Frank.

Piper did not say anything for a minute. "You say that as if you truly believe it."

Frank did not reply.

"Well, do you? Don't tell me your taking their side against me. I thought you were my friend, and not just my lawyer," Piper stated.

She heard her lawyer sigh. "Actually to tell you the truth Piper, I don't know what to think." He exhaled loudly. "Richard said that you shot him."

Piper was speechless for a moment. "What? I never laid a hand on him! He's either lying or crazy." She ran a hand through her dark brown hair restlessly.

"Well that's what he said, and now there's a warrant out for your arrest. Now their beginning to look for you, and you're nowhere around."

"So how did you expect to hide it from everyone that I left?" Piper inquired impatiently.

Frank did not answer right away. "I…uh didn't."

"You didn't?"

"Piper why don't you just turn yourself in."
"You think I did it," Piper uttered incredulously. "I have an idea, Frank. Why don't you just bite me!" She noticed that Desiree flinched again, so Piper revolved in her chair, so that her back was to the young woman. "If I wanted to kill the man's son, he would be dead! I don't leave unfinished work." Piper harshly pressed the end button, turned her chair around again and threw the minuscule phone across the room, where it landed on the leather couch. She then put her elbows on her knees, and covered her face with her hands.

Desiree stood looking at Piper wearing a horrified expression. The words "I don't leave unfinished work" kept running through her mind. "What does that mean?" Desiree thought. "I know what it means. She's obviously a hitwoman, and that's why she kidnapped me. My God, someone has put a hit out on me. Who would want to me dead? I don't have any enemies. Sure I don't get along with everyone, but who would have the nerve to get someone to terminate my life?" She briefly considered her ex-boyfriend Alec, but Piper could not come up with a valid reason as to why he would want her dead. Alec was a jerk but he was not that cold-blooded. "Why would she go through all this trouble to kill me? She could have just shot me in the parking lot of "Sweet Sensations" and have been done with it." Desiree shook her head to try to clear her troubling thoughts. Surely Piper was not intending to murder her. Indeed, the woman did have the capacity to look very dangerous, but Desiree still believed that Piper would not end her life. "I don't leave unfinished work." "Well she must have killed someone," Desiree thought.

"Is everything okay?" Desiree inquired quietly.

Piper glanced up at her, as if she had forgotten that the young woman was there. She straightened up in the chair and said, "Go to bed."

Desiree took a hesitant step towards her. "If you need to talk I'm here to listen."

The blue-eyed woman glared at her. "No. You're here to do what I tell you to do. Now I said go to bed," she replied in a warning tone.

The strawberry-blonde refused to back down. Obviously, no matter what she did, Piper needed someone that she could talk to. Desiree knew that she should not care about what the kidnapper needed, but she could not help the urge she had to reach out to her. "No one has told me to go to bed since I was thirteen, so what makes you think that you can do it?"

Piper reached into the waistband of her pants in the back and pulled out the gun from earlier. "This makes me think I can do it." She held the gun up for Desiree to see clearly. "Now I said for you to get you're insignificant little butt in that bed before I do something that you'll regret!" she yelled. "Do I make myself clear?" she asked between clenched teeth.

Desiree knew when to quit so she nodded. "Crystal clear," she replied in a small voice. She headed towards the bedroom and then turned around to face Piper who was still glaring at her. "Goodnight." Desiree waited a moment, but Piper would not say anything so she shut the door quietly behind her.

"Did you manage to get a hold of her?" he asked.

She shook her head.

"Where could she be? Did you try her at work?"

"She got fired."

Judge Richard Love looked at his wife in shock. "She got fired?" he repeated.

His wife nodded as she took her seat by her husband in the waiting room of the hospital. She took her husband's hand and squeezed it gently. "I'm sure she's fine Richard."

The man shook his head. "I get the feeling that something is wrong. It's not like Desiree to be gone without giving us any information on her whereabouts."

"She's a grown woman, darling. Probably just went out of town with some friends and that's why she didn't get our messages."

"Surely she has seen the news. Her brother was shot and we haven't heard from her yet. She should know by now, no matter where she is." Richard scratched his graying hair in thought. He was worried about his youngest child Desiree. His son's life had already been put in jeopardy and now his daughter was missing. She was not the only person missing. He had found out just a few hours ago that Piper Redding was now considered a fugitive. It was thought that after she had attempted to kill Richard Love Jr. that she had fled. She was considered armed and dangerous, and Judge Love was almost certain that Desiree's disappearance had something to do with her. He would never be able to forgive himself, if something was to happen to his daughter. He did not want to worry his wife, so Richard was not going to say anything just yet. If Desiree did not show up or if they did not hear from her within the next couple of hours, then he was going to take some action. For now he would try to be patient.

Richard regarded his wife. "Thank God our son will be all right," he stated.

His wife nodded. "I don't know what I would have done if we had lost him." Her voice broke, and she began to cry. Richard put his robust arms around his wife and hugged her.

"If I ever get my hands on that Redding woman she will be sorry she was ever born," he stated vehemently.

"That goes double for me," said Larisa, Richard and Sandra's oldest child, as she walked into the waiting room. She looked nothing like her siblings Richie Jr. and Desiree. Larisa was 5'9', with shoulder-length dark brown hair, green eyes, with a dark complexion. Both Desiree and Richie Jr. had reddish blonde hair and pale complexions; however, all three siblings had the same luminous green eyes.

Larisa took a seat on her mother's side and rubbed her eyes wearily. She had flown to San Francisco as fast as she could, after she had heard that her brother had been shot. "He's resting peacefully right now," she said to her parents.

"Good," both Richard and Sandra replied simultaneously, causing each to smile at the other warmly.

Suddenly the phone in Richard's jacket pocket rang. He excused himself and walked out into the hall of the hospital to answer it. He found out that caller was Franklin Webb.

"What on earth could you be calling me for?" asked the judge.

"I'm terribly sorry to bother you sir at this trying time, but I thought it was only fair to let you know that my client has skipped town. I talked to her a few hours ago, and I don't have a clue as to where she is, but she's no longer in San Francisco."

"I already know that she left. There's a warrant out for her arrest."

"I thought you might know, but really that's just speculation. For all the police know she very well could be in San Francisco, but I have proof that she's not, because she told me. Ms. Redding is scared and she feels like everyone is against her," Frank explained.

"Well she should be scared, because if I have my way she will get the death penalty for all that she's done," Judge Love replied angrily.

"You have every right to be upset sir, but maybe she really didn't do all those things."

"All the evidence points to her Mr. Webb. Of course she's guilty. My own son saw her face when she tried to kill him, so don't defend your psychopathic client to me. As far as I'm concerned yesterday when she went after my own flesh and blood, she signed her death certificate." Judge Love ended the conversation and went back to his family.

Desiree awoke the next morning to a tongue licking her on her left cheek. "Oh, don't tell me this woman is licking my face?" she thought. Desiree mused that Piper's tongue sure was rough and dry. She was happy to find that she felt not an ounce of arousal. Last night, or earlier this morning she had been worried that maybe she was attracted to Piper. She considered that the feelings that she had were due to lack of sleep. Whatever they were, they were gone now. Desiree opened her eyes to a very surprising sight. Lying on top of her was none other than Tobias. The light orange and white eighteen-pound tabby cat was busy licking her face, as if the young woman was drenched in milk. Tobias stopped licking and started to purr when he noticed that his owner was now awake. Tobias got up on all four legs, stretched and moved over to lie next to Desiree.

"Morning Sleepyhead," said a low voice coming from the direction of the window.

Desiree turned her head on the pillow to see Piper sitting in a dark blue recliner with her feet up. The light from the sun was shining on her face and sparkling blue eyes. Desiree had no choice but to admit to herself that this woman was absolutely gorgeous. "What is happening to me?" she thought.

"Morning," Desiree replied, as she sat up in the king-sized bed. She would hate to confess it, but Desiree had slept wonderfully in this comfortable bed. She had not slept that well in months. She glanced at her cat, which was on his way to dreamland, still purring softly. Desiree smiled and turned her attention to Piper. "You went to go get him?" she asked the woman.

"No. I had my limo go pick him up," Piper replied grinning.

Desiree rolled her eyes. "You just can't answer a simple question. Can you?"

The blue-eyed woman shrugged. "Well it was a dumb question. Of course I went to go pick him up. We just got back about a half hour ago."

Earlier that morning, when Piper had rudely dismissed her captive to her bedroom she had instantly began to feel like a jerk. After all it was not Desiree's fault that she was upset. The young woman had even tried to give her comfort after hearing Piper's part of the conversation. She now knew that the kidnapper was a convict, yet she did not back off until the woman had threatened her with the gun and her words. Piper knew that she had quite a large temper, and unfortunately the sweet young woman had to be the recipient of it. After mulling it over in her computer chair for a while, Piper came to a decision. She would go get this so-called child of Desiree's.

At three-thirty in the morning Piper was on her way back to Los Angeles to get a cat. She shook her head, wondering if she had lost her mind. Here she was a fugitive, and she was risking her freedom to rescue a feline for her hostage. Piper broke the speed laws on her way to retrieve Tobias, but knew that would be the least of her problems if the police were to catch her. Somehow going over the speed limit by forty miles more per hour did not come close to being as important as the charges of murder, attempted murder and soon to be kidnapping once the police figured out the mysterious disappearance of Desiree Love.

Piper had reached Desiree's apartment with no trouble by 7:30am. After searching the apartment for a few minutes she had found the scared cat hiding in Desiree's clothes closet behind a suitcase. By 7:45 Piper and Tobias were back on the road, and had reached the cabin by 12:30. The cat had cried most of the way, which was about to drive the blue-eyed woman insane. She turned on the radio in the hopes of drowning him out, but the louder the music got the louder he got. Piper momentarily thought about tossing the annoying feline out of the window, but then considered Desiree probably would not consent to that idea. Half way through the trip Piper remembered the ice cream Desiree had mentioned. She lifted the lid off of the melted lukewarm sweet stuff and held it with her right hand for Tobias to eat out of while she maneuvered the car with her left. Tobias licked it once, then turned around sticking his bushy tail up in the air as if to say, "You call that ice cream?"

"Picky little furball," Piper muttered. "I can tell she spoils you. Well you're not gonna get that from me." Then she thought to herself, "Great. Now I'm talking to a cat."

Desiree stretched while Piper wished she were standing as she did it. "Why did you do it?" The strawberry-blonde inquired, peering at Piper through sleep filled eyes.

Piper shrugged. "Couldn't leave the kid home alone." She smiled slightly.

Desiree did not say anything for a minute, as she studied the carpet. "Thanks," she said, getting out of the bed and straightening her T-shirt.

"You're welcome. I took the liberty of getting some of his stuff from your place. He's already been fed. Half a can all right?"

Desiree shook her head. "He eats a full can."

"At one serving?"

The young woman nodded.

"How many times a day does he eat?" Piper asked.


Piper laughed. "Know wonder he's so fat." She scooted down in her chair as Desiree marched over and slapped her lightly on the arm.

"Tobias is not fat. He's just big boned," she argued in defense of her beloved baby.

Piper shook her head still laughing. "Whatever you say." She arose from the recliner and made her way over to the door. Looking back at Desiree she said, "Get dressed. Lunch will be ready soon."

Opening the bathroom door, Desiree's senses were quickly assaulted by a delicious aroma coming from the kitchen. Instantly, her stomach growled letting her know that it was time to eat. Desiree then realized that she had not eaten anything since the two banana splits last night, and she had skipped dinner. She walked towards the kitchen and discovered a sight that shocked her. The kidnapper was in the kitchen wearing an apron that said, "Kiss the Cook." Desiree shook her head. So the woman was a kidnapper and a cook. What wonders never cease.

Out of the corner of her eye Piper caught sight of the strawberry-blonde approaching. She glanced towards her and stated, "Sit down. Lunch is almost ready."

Desiree took a seat at a round wooden table with four chairs next to the kitchen. She felt refreshed after the shower she had taken. Afterwards, Desiree rummaged around in the drawers in her temporary bedroom and found something to wear. She had on a pair of white shorts that reached to her knees, and a navy blue T-shirt. She marveled that they both were a perfect fit. She had not bothered to put on any shoes, so Desiree lounged in a pair of white cotton socks. Besides, it would probably be better for the carpet anyway.

Desiree looked at the television and knew that her favorite soap opera "One Life to Live" was on. She had missed almost thirty minutes of it already, but she could still catch the rest. She glanced over to Piper, and wondered if she would let her turn it on.

"Can I turn on the t.v.?" asked Desiree.

Piper stared at her for a moment. "Why? So you can watch the news? Wait till after you've eaten. I've got something to tell you first." Piper reached into the freezer and took out some ice cubes to put in a glass.

"What is it?"

"Patience Shorty." Piper smiled at her, trying to ease the young woman's growing tension.

Desiree did not reply as Piper walked over to her with a black plate and a glass of what looked to be pink lemonade. Piper set the plate down and watched as Desiree's eyes widened in shock. Before her was a fancily done grilled chicken sandwich and spicy smelling potato wedges. Her mouth watered at the sight.

"You cooked all of this?" she asked, looking up at Piper who wore a proud expression.

Piper nodded.
"Where did you learn how to cook?" asked Desiree, placing the paper napkin already on the table in her lap daintily.

Piper walked back into the kitchen and retrieved a bottle of ketchup from the cupboard. She came back to the table, placing the condiment by Desiree's plate. The young woman thanked her and Piper replied, "You haven't even tasted it yet. It may just look good." She knew that this was not the case though. If there was one thing that Piper knew how to do, it was cook. That was one thing her mother had started teaching her at an early age.

"Well there is only one sure way to find out." Desiree picked up the heavy sandwich and took a bite. She had to open her mouth wide because it was so big. As the sandwich hit her taste buds, Desiree knew that she was in heaven.

"This is delicious," Desiree uttered, covering her mouth with a hand as she talked and chewed at the same time.

Piper smiled. "Glad you approve, Desi."

Desiree once again did not say anything about the nickname. She decided that she liked the blue-eyed woman to use it.

"Where is yours?" she asked, after she had swallowed.

"I ate when Tobias did," Piper replied, noticing a smudge of mayonnaise on the young woman's upper lip. She started to tell Desiree to wipe her upper lip, but then she smiled mischievously after coming up with a better idea. Piper quickly bent down and licked the dollop of mayonnaise from Desiree's lip, making the woman gasp in shock.

"Mmm. Taste good."

Desiree shot up from the chair. "What the heck are you doing?" she demanded, hoping that she was not blushing. Well unlike Tobias' licking earlier, that sure did raise her state of arousal. "So much for that theory about not being attracted to her," Desiree thought. "I must be losing my mind. She's a woman and she kidnapped me!"

"Just tasting my creation. I made that mayonnaise you know?" she asked, grinning. "I am so bad," Piper thought.

"Did you now?"

A nod from the taller woman, as she gently nudged Desiree back into her chair. "Finish your lunch, and then we can talk and watch television."

Desiree resumed eating her lunch quietly, as Piper walked over to the refrigerator and poured herself a glass of lemonade.
About twenty-five minutes later the two women were on the couch. Piper was spread near the curve of the couch with her bare feet propped up on the cushions. She was dressed in a pair of blue jeans with a short tight gray T-shirt that stopped an inch above her navel, which Desiree found herself peeping at frequently. She then remembered earlier that morning when the blue-eyed woman had kissed her own navel. Desiree felt her cheek and knew that she was flushed. Desiree also could not contain herself from gazing at the two swells that were well defined due to the tightness of the cotton shirt. "She's a woman, she's a woman," Desiree kept repeating to herself silently like it was her mantra. Her hormones and body on the other hand obviously did not care.

Piper cleared her throat to start. She was nervous about their conservation. How was she going to explain to this woman that she was wanted for the attempted murder of her brother and the murder of three other people? Oh, what was a girl to do? Desiree seemed like the type that would keep an open mind and listen to what Piper had to say, but even her own lawyer who had become a trusted friend had turned on her.

"Well you know that I kidnapped you for a reason," Piper started.

Desiree nodded. "I figured you didn't do it just for kicks." Desiree crossed her legs under her on the couch as she faced Piper who was lying down.

"Right. I'm wanted by the police."

Desiree did not say anything as she waited patiently for the woman to continue.

"I'm wanted for murder and attempted murder."

The strawberry-blondes eyes widened considerably, but she still did not utter a word.

Piper did not know exactly where to take this. "Have you heard anything on the news about three jurors being found dead?"

Desiree thought for a moment and then remembered something she had heard about three jurors in San Francisco. Apparently, all three had been found dead within a period of less than forty-eight hours. The thing that was strange about it was, they all had served on the same case about eight and a half years back. "Yes, I remember. What does that have to do with anything?" Desiree asked.

Piper swallowed hard before inquiring, "Did you hear that they had a suspect?"

Desiree shook her head.

"Well they do."

Desiree asked, "Who?" She already had a feeling what the dark-haired woman was about to say.

Piper shrugged. "Yours truly. They were three of the people who served during my trial eight years ago. The same trial that Judge Richard Love was involved with."


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