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By:Dream On

We had had a good time that night my life forever changed. Everyone, for once, was happy. Mom and Dad suggested we go out to see a movie. Me and my sister Anna, were happy to not hear fighting for once.

So we went to the movies. I don't remember what movie it was now--some action movie I think. We were all in high spirits as we headed back to Dad's car after the movie.

"Mom and Dad seem happier." Anna whispered to me as we got in the backseat.

I nodded. I noticed it, too. Lately they'd been arguing. Dad had been staying out later at the office and Mom didn't like the fact his secretary, Rose was there to conviently keep him company.

We got in. Dad started the car, and the brake light flashed.

"Damn." Dad muttered. "Gotta get that fixed." He stuck the key in the ignition and we slid down the smooth road.

The rain had started to come down harder too. I looked out the window as it swashed against the glass.It looked like smeary tears.

"Hey!" Dad barked as the brakes began to loose control. He swerved the car, trying to keep it on the road.

From out of nowhere,she appeared. It was a girl about my age, and she saw the car careening towards her and froze. Her blue eyes widened. Dad tried to swerve.

Mom was yelling at him to watch the kid.

Boom In seconds, she was down.Dad stopped the car a few feet away from her and jumped out, rushing towards her. Me and Mom followed. Anna reluctantly got out, brining the umbrella.

"Hey kid!" My dad said. "You okay?"

She looked groggily at us. "Uh...my leg is broken." She said. "It's twisted."

Indeed it was. I winced. "Mom, we gotta take her to the hospital!" I exclaimed, widening my green eyes.

"Yeah you're right, Jade." Mom agreed. She wrung her hands nervously. "Richard, pick her up. We can put her in the back of the van. Honey do you want me to call your parents? I have my cell phone with me."

Her eyes took on a panicked flight, but I may have imagined it. "N-no." She stammered. "My aunt lives in Heckinburg--I was on my way to see her."

Mom nodded. "Okay. You can call her."

"She can't come." The girl responded. I noticed her lip had a small indent. Her eyes were wide and blue, and so familiar...it felt as if I had known her before, someplace else.

"Why not?" My mom asked.

"She's a bad diabetic." The girl explained. "She can't move around too much. That's why I was hitchhiking. I had to get home to her."

Mom looked dissaproving at the word 'hitchhiking'.She turned on Dad. "Richard, damn it put her in the car!"

"All right Dinah all right!" My dad grumbled. Before she could protest, he picked her up and carried her to the car. Dad opened the back of the station wagon. Anna quickly moved to get a blanket out, one we kept handy for emergencies. She stretched it out and Dad laid our new acquaintance on it.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

"Legs." She said. I must've stared, cause she chuckled amusedly.

"No, really." I protested.

"My name is Legs, really. Well, not my real name.I go by Legs now." She glanced at me with little interest. "What's your name?"


"Nice to meet you, Jade." Legs winced and laid back. We drove to the hospital the rest of the way, in silence.


We got Legs a room. She protested but Mom said it was only right, since Dad ran over her. All the while she said this, she glared at him like he did it purposely.

Thursday came and I walked inside Legs's room. Whenever I was around Legs, I got the feeling she was watching me, but when I moved to look, she looked down too fast. I was begining to wonder if she even liked me.

"Did you call your aunt yet?" I asked her.

She gave me a look. "Why do you care?" She asked moving herself so the cast was raised.

I bristled. "I was only asking. Mom'll when she comes in."

"What of I told you I didn't have an aunt?" She asked me suddenly, gazing into my face. Legs gazed at me so long and so hard, I felt myself begin to flush under her scrutiny.

"Why did you lie then?"

"I don't have anyone." Legs told me. "I'm with--me--and me only. Hey Jade, hand me that shirt would you?" Legs asked. She slipped her shirt over her head. That's when I saw it. There was a tatoo on the top of her breast. It was a fire flame. And underneath, the name Mattie.I know I stared for a moment.I couldn't help it. I grabbed her shirt and tossed it to her, quikly looking away.

"It's only a tatoo." Legs said.

"I know that. When did you get it?"

"Last year." She half-smiled, her blue eyes lighting up. "Some friends and I we all got the same tatoo. So we would always be a part of one another."

"Did you have family there?" I asked her. I wanted to know about Legs.She was the most interesting person I'd ever met.

She shook her head. "Who's Mattie?" I asked.

"Nosy aren't you?" Legs smirked. "Mattie was someone I loved."

"A...girlfriend?"I'd never met a lesbian before.

"No.Just someone I loved." Legs turned away from me then. "You don't have to stay here y'know." She said. I noticed that she was trying not to cry. I felt bad, wondering if it was because I brought up 'Mattie' whoever she was.

"But I want to." I protested. She raised her right eyebrow.

"Why?" Legs asked me.

I shrugged. "I don't know." I admitted. "I like you, is all. I've never met anyone like you before--and--this may sound weird, but I feel like I know you. Not from here, but from someplace else."

"Deja vu." Responded Legs. "Yeah, I got the same feeling. But I'm leaving today. So you can tell your mother not to worry about me." She looked very firm as she reached for her cloth knapsack and began to stuff her things back inside it.

"Don't go!" I grabbed her hand. Legs eyed it for a moment, like it was a poisoness snake, ready to bite. "Please.You can't leave until your leg comes out of the cast, anways. "

She sighed. "Why did you have to get attached to me?" She asked aloud.I don't know if Legs wanted an answer or not, so I just kept quiet on it. "Kid I can't stay at your home. I'd feel like I was taking advantage of you. And besides, your father isn't exactly my number one fan at the moment." Legs explained with that dark chuckle of hers.

"Who cares?" I said. "If Mom wants you to stay with her, she will. Come on Legs.It'll be fun." I tried to purswade."

"Fun?" Legs rolled her eyes. "You mean like a sleepover fun?"

I grinned. "Yeah.Exactly that."

This time, Legs returned the grin.

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