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Walking Away For The Wrong Reasons

By: Xena Jr.

It was a beautiful warm day when Gabrielle woke up. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and she could smell breakfast cooking on the fire.

"Good morning Xena." Gabrielle said as she saw Xena frying some eggs.

"Good morning Gabrielle." Xena answered as she plopped two nicely cooked eggs on a plate and handed it to the bard.

"Mmmmmm, looks good." Gabrielle said as she took the plate giving Xena a warm smile. After eating breakfast they cleaned up and just did their own thing. Xena was sharpening her sword and Gabrielle was writing in her scrolls when they heard a snap of a twig.

"Stay here I’ll be right back." Xena whispered to Gabrielle as she slowly went to see what made that noise.

The dark figure loaded an arrow into his crossbow and aimed it at the unaware bard. As he was about to fire someone tripped him. Then someone pulled him up to his knees.

"You dirty son of a bacchae! What in Tartarues do you think your doing?" Xena demanded as she held her sword against his neck.

"I know Xena told me to stay put, but I need to help her." Gabrielle thought. "There could be more trouble then she knows." She then grabbed her staff and followed Xena’s trail.

When Gabrielle found Xena she couldn’t believe what she saw. Xena was holding a strange man and she was torturing him! Gabrielle could see blood dripping from the top of his head, long deep wounds on his legs and his arms.

"How do you like that bacchae?" Xena asked as she punched the man in the mouth.

"Don’t kill me!" the assassin begged.

"You try to kill my best friend!" Xena shouted in rage as her blue eyes turned to blue flames. Then Xena drove her sword into his chest.

"Aaaaaaaggggaaaa!" the assassin screamed as the warrior princess started to twist the sword as it was in his body. Making the pain unbearable.

Next with one strong yank Xena pulled the sword from his chest. As she saw all the blood on her sword she just smiled with a small evil laugh. The man was barely alive as he was holding his chest as blood poured down from his mouth.

"What? Still alive?" Xena asked in amazement. "I’ll fix that." As she brought the assassin to his knees then went behind him and put an arm across his chest. Lastly with a quick slash of her sword slit his throat. Gabrielle turned away appalled about what Xena had done.

"Tell Hades Xena says hello." The warrior princess said as she spit on his lifeless body. Soiling the ground with his blood.

Suddenly Xena saw the assassin’s crossbow lying on the ground still loaded. The warrior princess slowly picked it up then shot it at him. The arrow landed in his shoulder. When Xena saw all the blood on her hands she just smiled as she wiped her hands on the grass.

Gabrielle couldn’t take anymore of this grotesque sight as she shouted. "How could you!" as she also approached Xena. "You killed him and he was surrendering!"

Xena stood there in complete shock. "Oh no, Gabrielle saw what I did to him." Xena said to herself.

"You killed him and you were so happy about it!" the bard shouted.

"Gabrielle he was a assassin! He killed hundreds of poor unarmed people." Xena protested. "I had to stop him!"

"You could have captured him, and he could have a fair trial!" Gabrielle yelled.

"He was trying to kill you! What do you expect me to do?" Xena said.

Gabrielle took a deep breath and answered. "I’m sorry Xena I have to go back home. I can’t be with you anymore." With that the bard turned away and went back to camp to pack up her things.

"Gabrielle!" Xena called out, but Gab didn’t respond she just kept walking away.

Just then she noticed how bloody her sword really was.

"What have I done?" Xena whispered into the quite forest.

Xena watched as the person she loved more than anyone in the world was leaving her.

"Are you sure you’ll be all right?" the warrior princess asked.

"Yes, Poteidaia is only a two day walk." Gabrielle answered not meeting Xena’s eyes.

"Well I guess this is goodbye."

"I guess it is." Xena said fighting the tears that were building up inside her.

"Bye." The bard said as she walked away from sight.

Once Gabrielle was gone from Xena’s view that is when she lost it. The warrior princess who was courageous, powerful, and feared by all held her face in her hands and silently cried.

After two days of traveling Gabrielle arrived to Poteidaia and the house she had known for all of her childhood. She smiled looking the house up and down before knocking on the door. Her mother, Hecuba, got the door.

"Gabrielle, what are you doing here?" Hecuba asked as she gave her daughter a hug. But before she could answer her father Herodotus and her sister Lila joined in on greeting Gabrielle.

"Where’s Xena?" Herodotus asked immediately.

"She’s not here." Gabrielle answered.

"Good." Herodotus said with a snort. "No need for that warrior woman around here."

"Come on Gabby tell me all about your adventures." Lila said as she pulled her sister into the house.

"That’s it Gabrielle enjoy your time here. While you can." Said a strange voice coming from on top of a hill watching the bard and her family.

Xena couldn’t stand it. She missed her bard so much that she couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, and only thought about Gabrielle. Xena knew if she didn’t see Gabrielle soon, she would go crazy.

"I know." Xena said out loud to herself. "I’ll wait a few days then I will go and visit her. Tell her I’m sorry and beg her to reconsider. Then maybe she will come back to me. Maybe."

Gabrielle didn’t noticed how good it was to be home to be around her parents and sister, again.

"Gabrielle when are you going back to Xena?" Hecuba asked.

"To be honest, mother, I don’t think I’m going back to Xena." Gabrielle said.

"Really?" Herodotus said happily, but then his face got serious instantly. "What did she do to you?"

"Nothing don’t worry. It’s just I think Xena will be better off without me." Gabrielle lied.

"Well, I am very happy about your decision Gabby." Lila replied. "I get to have my sister back!"

"Yeah me too." Gabrielle said slowly feeling this strange emptiness in the bottom of her stomach.

Three days had passed since Gabrielle had arrived at Poteidaia. While she was there she pulled the weeds in the garden, got water from the well, and helped her mother cook and do other chores. As Gabrielle was busy helping her family Xena was busy herself making her way to Poteidaia. Two days later Xena got to Gabrielle’s house. The warrior took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

"Oh its you. What do you want?" Herodotus asked angrily as he opened the door and saw Xena.

"I need to talk to Gabrielle." Xena said.

"Well she’s not here right now." Herodotus replied as he went to shut the door, but Xena grabbed it before he could.

"Then can I wait for her inside?" Xena asked.

"No you serenely can not! I will not have a murderer in my house!" he yelled.

"Herodotus!" Xena heard Hecuba shout. "You be nice to Xena and let her in! I think you have forgotten that Xena saved Gabrielle and Lila from becoming slaves. She can at least stay and wait until Gabrielle comes back."

Herodotus made a face, but let the warrior princess in. Xena sat in the kitchen at the table waiting for Gabrielle. About ten minutes later Lila and Gabrielle came into the house.

"Gabrielle someone is here to see you." Hecuba said. "Their waiting in the kitchen."

The bard walked into the kitchen to see the warrior princess.

"Xena?" Gabrielle asked.

"Gabrielle." Xena said with a smile as she stood up.

"Could you please give Xena and I some time alone?" Gabrielle asked her family. Slowly but surely the family exited the room.

"Xena, what are you doing here?" the bard said.

"I just can’t stand not being around you. I love you Gabrielle and I can’t live without you.

I just can’t." Xena said.

"Well I can’t be around you." Gabrielle answered.

"Please come back to me, Gabrielle, I’ll do anything!" Xena pleaded.

"No, I can’t! I saw you when you killed that man. Your face was showing me that you were enjoying every moment of it!" Gabrielle said. "I can’t live with you with that evil side you have. It scares me."

Once the bard finished Xena’s face became enraged.

"Fine! Who needs you! Your just a na´ve little bard! I don’t need you! I can make it on my own!" Xena shouted angrily.

Gabrielle could see tears slowly coming down the warrior’s face as she screamed at her. Once Xena had stopped yelling she stormed out of the door and slammed it behind her. After Xena had left Hecuba, Herodotus, and Lila rushed in.

"What happened? Are you all right?" Herodotus asked.

"I’m okay." Gabrielle lied knowing she had hurt Xena and Xena had hurt her.

"Perfect. Now to start the first part of my plan." The dark figure said with a laugh.

It was two days after Xena had come to Poteidaia when a messager came to their house with a note.

"Gabrielle, someone just delivered a letter to you." Her father said as he handed the scroll over to her.

"I wonder who’s it from?" Gabrielle said as she unrolled the scroll and began to reading. "It’s from Xena." The bard said.

Dear Gabrielle,

After realizing you are not coming back to me no matter what I do. I knew I couldn’t spend another day with out you, so sadly I decided to end my life because it’s nothing without you. Remember this is not your fault. It’s mine for not controlling my dark side more. Let the gods watch over you and I didn’t mean what I said. I was just mad. So just remember I will always love you. ~Xena

"Xena." Gabrielle whispered as she started to cry and ran to her room.

"What did that murderer say to my daughter?" Herodotus said as he grabbed the scroll and read. But when he finished reading he said nothing just gave the scroll to Lila and Hecuba to read.

"By the gods Xena killed herself." Hecuba said in shock.

After hearing that Lila walked into the room where her sister was to try to comfort her.

"Gabby?" Lila said as she walked inside. "Are you okay?"

"Oh, Lila, why did she have to kill herself because of me?" Gabrielle asked wiping the tears from her eyes. "Didn’t she know I loved her?"

"Gabrielle are you okay?" Herodotus asked as himself and Hecuba entered the room also.

"Why do you care? You always hated Xena. Even when she saved all of us you still hated her." Gabrielle said. "I’m sorry but I can’t be around people who hate my soul mate." With that the bard sped out of her room and out of the house. When he dark figure saw Gabrielle run out of the house he smiled evilly.

"Now to start the second part of my plan." He said as he drew his sword and headed down towards Gabrielle’s house.

Gabrielle ran into the clearing where Xena and herself first met and fell down onto her knees crying. As she weeped she stared to remember when Xena saved her village from becoming slaves.

"Xena, if I had known this would happened I would never left your side." Gabrielle whispered into the air between sobs. For an hour straight the bard just cried in the clearing.

Finally Gabrielle began home, but when the bard entered her house she was in for a big surprise. As she walked in she saw a strange man with long black hair with a light beard, mustache, and green eyes. He also wore blue pants and a brown shirt. But that was not the thing that surprise her. The thing was the man was holding Lila at knife point.

"One move and she dies." The man said.

"Who are you?" Gabrielle asked.

"My name is Samson. I am one of the greatest assassins in the world!" the man said. "Now unless you want to see your sister dead you and your family will come with me."

"We’ll come with you." Gabrielle said.

"Perfect." Samson replied. "Follow me." And with that Gabrielle and her parents followed the assassin out the door having no idea what he had plan for them.

"What will you have?" asked a barkeep to a tall dark warrior woman.

"Just give me some ale." The warrior said.

"Excuse me but are you Xena the Warrior Princess?" Asked the barkeep.

"Yup." Xena answered as she gave him a dinar as he handed her the ale.

"So when did Samson say he will be done with the mission?" A burly man with a long brown bred asked another man with long blond hair with only a mustache.

"He said he just had to go to the village named Poteidaia and kill some irritating blond named Gabrielle." As soon as the blond hair man had finished his sentence he felt a quick jab to his neck.

"I just cut off the flow of blood to your brain. You will be dead in 30 seconds unless you tell me all about Samson’s plan." Xena ordered.

"He said that…that he was going to…to kill that girl named Gabrielle. Once he…he fakes the death of Xena the…the warrior princess." The blond man said as a small trickled of blood slowly dripped from his nose. After hearing what she wanted to know she released the man from the pinch.

"I have to get to Poteidaia before Samson can hurt Gabrielle." Xena whispered. "But it will take some time to get there. I just have to get there before it’s too late. I just have to."

After some time walking Samson took them to a large high cliff.

"Well we’re here." He said as he looked over it and saw a dangerous river below. "Now Gabrielle come here." Samson ordered.

The bard had no choice as she walked to the assassin. Once Gabrielle was at his side he shoved Lila aside and quickly tied Gabrielle’s hands tightly behind her back. Then he tied another rope around her waist and wrapped it over her shoulders. Lastly Samson tied the end to a tree.

"What do you want with my daughter?" Herodotus asked as he watched helplessly.

Samson just faced him and said with a evil smirk "Her life." Once he said that he lit a torch and set it down next to a stone. "Stand where that X is." Samson ordered to Herodotus, Hecuba, and Lila. "NOW!" Samson shouted. Slowly the three of them stood where the X was. Then the assassin with a quick motion cut a hidden rope and suddenly a large cage fell on top of them.

Xena sped through the forest as fast as she could. "Must get to Poteidaia. Must save Gabrielle and her family. Must get to Poteidaia. Must save Gabrielle and her family." Xena repeated over and over to herself.

"Well, well, Gabrielle how do you think you are going to get out of this one, hummmm?" Samson asked. "Xena isn’t here to save you this time. I heard she’s dead." He lied.

"How do you know she’s dead?" Gabrielle asked.

"Oh please, Gabrielle, news about a warrior’s death especially the warrior Xena spreads like wild fire. Even though it was suicide." Samson said.

Gabrielle didn’t answer. She knew Xena committed suicide because of her.

"Okay enough chit chat time to die." Samson said as he took the torch and put it under the rope.

"No!" Lila cried out.

"Don’t worry you all will be joining her soon." Samson said, but once he finished a loud war cry ripped through the air and before anyone could respond a tall, dark, and handsome warrior stood before the assassin.

"Not while I’m here." Xena said as she drew her sword.

"Xena, your alive!" Gabrielle shouted with delight.

Just then Samson pushed Gabrielle off the cliff.

"Gabrielle!" Xena screamed in panic.

"Don’t worry, Xena, you have a chance to save her." Samson said as he pointed to a rope tied to a tree. "But your timed." He warned her as he also pointed to the torch under the rope quickly burning it.

Xena bared her teeth then charged at Samson sword swing wildly. Samson barely missed Xena’s attempts, but unfazed said. "Come on, Xena, you surely can do better."

"I don’t have to do better to defeat you." The warrior princess answered.

Samson quickly swung at her, but she blocked his strike and then tried to stab him unfortunately, Samson world around, and stabbed Xena in the arm.

"It’s pathetic to see that little bard has made you so weak." Samson said.

"Your wrong. That little bard is the strength in me. Without Gabrielle I am nothing. Nothing." Xena said as she saw the rope was going to break any second now.

Then Xena kicked Samson in the ribs and ran over to the rope, and she caught it just as the fire broke it. Xena was on her stomach holding onto the rope with all her might when she felt a cold steel blade touched her back.

"Drop the rope, Xena." Samson ordered. "You can’t win. Even if you don’t let go of it I’ll stab you and then you’ll let go of it anyway."

"Trust me Gabrielle." Xena whispered. "I will save you. Please just trust me."

Suddenly the warrior princess let go of the rope.

"Your so smart." Samson said.

"Smarter then you think." Xena answered as she grabbed her sword and tripped him with it.

Once on the ground Xena took the end of her sword and smacked it hard behind Samson’s head knocking him out cold. After that the warrior grabbed her chakram and threw it at the cage that held Gabrielle’s family. It broke two of the bars on the iron cage so they could squeezed though.

"Xena you have to save my daughter!" Hecuba shouted in worry.

"I’m way ahead of you!" Xena yelled as she caught her chakram then leaped off of the cliff to the river below. As Xena fell into the water she felt how cold it was. When she emerged for a breath of air she looked frantically for her beloved soul mate.

"Gabrielle! Gabrielle!" Xena shouted.

Ten seconds later the warrior spotted something not too far away from her. It was Gabrielle.

"Xena help!" the bard yelled trying to keep her head above water. Her hands were still tied so she could hardly stay to one side.

"I’m coming Gabrielle!" the warrior yelled as she paddled ferocity against the current. Xena witnessed as Gabrielle was pushed and crashed into large rocks along the way. Finally the bard was hit hard and she disappeared under the water, and she was not coming back up.

"No, Gabrielle! Please be all right." Xena said as she dived under the water but found nothing. "Gabrielle where are you?" Xena whispered as she came up for a breath of air. Then taking a huge breath she dived once more.

This time Xena found her bard she tightly grabbed Gabrielle’s green top as she swam both of them to the shore. Once Xena got Gabrielle to land she started to panic when her soul mate wasn’t breathing.

"No, I wouldn’t let you leave me again!" Xena shouted as she began to perform CPR on Gabrielle. "Come on." The warrior whispered as she pressed hard on the bard’s chest. Then began to blow air through her lungs once again. Suddenly Gabrielle’s eyes opened and spit up water into Xena’s face.

"Oh, Gabrielle, your okay!" Xena yelled in relief as she pulled out her boot dagger and cut the ropes that bounded the bard’s hands.

Once the warrior princess did that she nuzzled her face into Gabrielle’s hair.

"Xena that you?" the blond asked.

"Yeah, it’s me." the raven-haired woman answered as she held Gabrielle tightly against her body.

"Xena?" Gabrielle whispered.

"Shhh, not now rest." Xena said as she kissed the top of her soul mate’s head.

"Okay." The bard said as she fell asleep in the comfort of the warrior’s arms that she loved.

About 20 minutes later Gabrielle woke up. When she looked around she saw Xena sitting by the fire cooking something.

"Well hello there sweetheart." Xena said as she went to Gabrielle’s side and handed a bowl of soup to her. "So how are you feeling?" the warrior asked as she stroked the bard’s cheek with a gentle hand.

"I’m a little beat up, but I’ll live. Thanks to you." Gabrielle said with a smile. "Thank you for saving my life…again."

"That’s my job." Xena replied as she pulled Gabrielle into a hug. "Well you better eat some of your fish soup before it gets cold."

"So your not dead." Gabrielle said. "But you gave me that goodbye letter."

"Samson wrote that, so you would think I was dead." Xena said.

"Well I’m so glad your not dead." Gabrielle answered as she gave Xena a quick kiss on the nose.

Xena just smiled then replied. "You just eat that up and I’ll be right back. I just have to see how high up we have to climb."

"Okay." The bard said as she gave Xena a kind grin.

About three minutes later Xena returned she could see Gabrielle had finished her fish soup.

"Finished already?" Xena asked in surprise.

"I guess I was more hungry then I thought." Gabrielle said.

"Do you want some more?" the warrior asked.

"I’m fine, but thank you anyway." The bard said.

Just then Xena noticed a huge cut on Gabrielle’s right arm. "Here let me help you with that." Xena said as she took some bandages and put them around the wound.

"What would I do without you Xena?" Gabrielle asked with a small laugh.

"I could ask you the same question." Xena said right back as she gave a loving kiss on Gabrielle’s shoulder. "I love you." The warrior whispered with a smile.

"I love you too." The bard returned.

After resting for a little while Xena had to think how she was going to get Gabrielle and herself back up the cliff to safely. Gabrielle couldn’t climb with a wound like that. The only way was to build a raft and ride it down the river until the cliff was easy to get over. So that very day Xena began to construct the raft. She went into the woods just next to the river and began looking for the perfect trees. It didn’t take her long to find some. Using her sword she started to cut the trees, but soon Xena found her sword wasn’t sharp enough to peers the tree interlay. The warrior needed an ax, so for the rest of the day Xena looked for a large flat stone. She could use for the top of the ax but to no avail. Xena returned back to camp to see Gabrielle was cooking something over the fire.

"Gabrielle, what are you doing up? You should be resting." Xena said.

"Xena, it’s just my arm. I can still walk." Gabrielle said.

The warrior princess made a face, but then smiled and sat on the log near the fire.

"So what’s cooking?" Xena asked.

"I found some potatoes and carrots growing not far from here, but that’s not all I found." Gabrielle said as she brought over a perfect size flat rock. That would be the top of an ax.

"Like I said what would I do without you?" Xena said as she kissed the top of Gabrielle’s hand.

Xena then put the rock beside her and ate the food the bard had prepared. Once finished Xena took a strong stiff branch and lined it up to the rock then took a vine and tied it around the stone. This made the stone stay in place. After Xena found a sappy glue tree and used the liquid to hold the rock on the branch, but then the warrior had to wait three hours for the glue to dry before taking off the vine and sharpening her new ax. Finally when the ax was finished Xena was able to cut down four trees before night set in, and she returned to camp.

When she got there she saw Gabrielle asleep on some leaves and branches. Xena just smiled, and made her own bed. Then soon fell asleep herself.

Xena awoke to a bright new day. She looked over to see Gabrielle was still sleeping and decided not to wake her. The warrior slowly and carefully grabbed the ax and tiptoed back out into the woods to cut down two more trees. Xena soon had cut the two trees and now was trying to tie them all together. Gabrielle was now awake, so she helped Xena collect vines and tree glue. As Xena worked she couldn’t stop thinking about when they get out of this will Gabrielle go back and stay with her family or come back to her? It took them the rest of the day to glue and tie the logs together. Then finally the bottom of the raft was completed. Now all they needed was a sail and two ores, so Xena went off to find something she could use as a sail. With some luck the warrior found an old ripped pathetic sheet, but with a few patches it would be a perfect sail. She also found two big long branches that she could carve into ores.

When Xena got to camp Gabrielle patched up the sheet as Xena made the ores and in only an hour they both had finished. After securing the sail on the raft Xena decided they would leave tomorrow morning, but there was something Xena had to ask Gabrielle right now. The bard was crunching on a carrot when the warrior walked over to her.

"Gabrielle, can I talk to you?" Xena asked.

"Sure you can Xena. Come sit." Gabrielle said as she took one last huge bite of her carrot.

The warrior princess sat on the log next to Gabrielle waiting until she had swallowed the carrot before staring. "Gabrielle, these last few days have been hard. You know with our departure, Samson, and being down here, but I have to know." Xena paused for a beat. "When we get out of this are you going to still stay with your family?"

Gabrielle didn’t know what to say at first but after a second or two she answered.

"Xena, you know why I left you because I couldn’t be around your dark side, and I thought if I could get away from you… I maybe could teach you a lesson, but I was wrong. I learned the lesson because I walked away for the wrong reason. I love you Xena, and when I was with my family I just didn’t feel complete. I needed you Xena, and I still do now. So no I’m not going to stay with my family. I’m going to stay with you."

As Gabrielle finished she was knocked down onto her back by Xena who was giving Gab a huge bear hug as she laid on top of her bard.

"You don’t know how much I have missed you." Xena said as she finished the hug, and now she was just looking into her soul mate’s eyes.

"I missed you too." Gabrielle returned.

Suddenly without warning Xena laid a light gentle kiss on Gabrielle’s lips. After that Xena rolled off of her bard, but they didn’t move from their spot where they laid. They just slept by each other waiting for dawn to come.

When sun’s light touched the ground Xena and Gabrielle where all ready to go. Xena jumped on first placing the ores of to the side for a moment as she helped Gabrielle on board.

"Thank you, Xena, but I think I can get on a small raft by myself." Gabrielle said with a laugh as the warrior princess had one arm around her waist and another holding her good arm guiding her gently and safely on to the raft.

"Now, Gabrielle, if you were to fall and hit your wounded arm I don’t think you would be too happy." Xena replied as she poked the bard’s wounded arm.

"Ouch." Gabrielle said but her faced showed the warrior she was pretending.

"See." Xena answered as she pushed them off.

About ten minutes later they stared to have some trouble. The rapids started to get a lot more dangerous.

"Hold on Gabrielle! This is going to be a bumpy ride!" Xena shouted as the bow of the raft hit hard into the water making a huge wave that soaked them.

"Xena look!" Gabrielle yelled as she pointed to some rocks that they were headed straight for. Xena, with lighting fast reflexes, grabbed an ore and pushed them away from the bolder before they could hit.

As they fought the mighty river the raft soon became much more difficult to steer. The water-splashed constantly in their faces as they tried to over come the river but just then things turned from bad to worst as the raft hit hard into some unseen rocks. Gabrielle was lucky enough to stay on the raft as they hit; yet Xena wasn’t so lucky. The warrior princess was flung from the raft into the rapids.

"Xena!" the bard shouted as she saw her soul mate plummet into the unknown waters. Gabrielle could only watch as Xena fought to keep her head above water. Just then the warrior saw a long tree truck making it’s way to her. Xena with all of her strength made it to the tree and got on top of it. Gabrielle was relieved Xena was safe until she saw a huge waterfall just ahead. Xena saw the waterfall and instantly knew she couldn’t get to land before she went over, but maybe Gabrielle could.

"Gabrielle jump to shore!" Xena thundered as her log smashed against the current.

"No! I wouldn’t leave you!" Gabrielle yelled back.

"Do as I say!" the warrior ordered, but the bard didn’t move she just yelled the word no.

Xena then grabbed her chakram and sent it flying towards Gabrielle. The chakram hit perfectly at the sail braking it. Then it made a U- turn and hit the side of the raft making it smash into some boulders that were near land. As the raft hit the rocks Gabrielle fell onto the dry land because of the force. When Xena caught her chakram she watched as the bard pulled herself to her feet.

"Xena! No!" Gabrielle screamed.

Their eyes locked. Xena’s blue flames met with Gabrielle’s green pools, and all the warrior could do was mouth these words. "I love you" before the log and herself went over the waterfall.

"No!" the bard yelled as she ran to the edge of the waterfall and looked down, but saw no signs of her soul mate.

All she saw was broken parts of the log Xena was on. Just then Gabrielle heard a familiar voice.

"Hi there bard what are you up to? I’m just hanging around."

When Gabrielle looked she saw Xena hanging by a vine that was wedged between to rocks. If Xena let go she would fall to her death.

"Oh Xena thank the gods you’re all right." Gabrielle shouted.

Xena just smiled and climbed up the vine until she was on top of the rocks. Then she jumped over to the shore. Next the warrior grabbed another vine and swung over to her blond companion. Once Xena arrived to the side of land that Gabrielle was on the bard flew into the warrior’s arms. "Your okay!" Gabrielle said. "But never do that again. You had me so worried."

Xena just smiled.

"I mean you always do that, and I don’t know if you are okay…"

"Gabrielle…" Xena said. But the bard kept on talking.

"And what would I do if you weren’t okay huh? I would probably go crazy or something."

"Gabrielle…" Xena tried to say again but no luck.

"I mean we have been through everything together. You been there for me and I have been there for you, so I guess…"

But just then Xena cut Gabrielle off by giving her a solid, long, and tender kiss on the lips. Xena wrapped her arms tightly around Gabrielle’s waist keeping her in one place, but the bard did anything but move. She instead wrapped her arms around the warrior’s neck. When the two soul mates finished the kiss they just stared into each other’s eyes until Xena said "Ready to get out of here?"

"You bet." The bard answered.

"Okay let’s go." Xena replied as she grabbed a vine and with her other arm wrapped around Gabrielle. Then with one big push off her bard and herself flew over the waterfall to the other side. Soon they went over and out of the canyon and back to the grass of Poteidaia. Suddenly Herodotus, Hecuba, and Lila spotted them and ran towards the two soul mates.

"Oh, Gabrielle, you’re all right." Hecuba shouted as she hugged her daughter.

"Thanks to Xena." Gabrielle said as she gave the warrior princess a warm smile.

"What happen to your arm!" Herodotus shouted as he eyed Xena. "I don’t think you really protected my daughter that well if she got injured. Maybe you don’t really care about her!"

Before Xena could respond Gabrielle yelled. "Father, she jumped down a cliff to save me! Also I would have drowned if Xena didn’t come after me."

Herodotus just sighed and extended his hand out to Xena. The warrior grabbed Herodotus’ forearm and shook it.

"Thank you Xena for saving Gabrielle." Herodotus said with a small smile. "I see you do take care of my daughter very well."

" I would do anything for her." Xena answered as she returned the smile.

"Well come on Gabby let’s go inside. I bet Xena has to get back on the trail." Lila said.

"Uhh, Mother, Father, Lila I have decided to go back and travel with Xena." Gabrielle replied

"What?" Herodotus and Hecuba said at the same time.

"I’m going back with her." Gabrielle said as she stood beside her warrior.

"But we’re your family." Lila replied.

"And you’ll always will, but it’s too boring here." The bard answered.

Hecuba just nodded her head and said "Okay dear we respect your decision."

"Speak for yourself." Herodotus whispered. Instantly Hecuba nudged him with her arm and gave him a dirty look.

With that he just sighed and said. "All right we know your in good hands."

"Thank you Mother and Father!" Gabrielle yelled in delight as she hugged them both.

"Are you guys leaving now?" Lila asked.

"We don’t have to go this second. We’ll leave at dawn." Gabrielle said.

The rest of the day and night went slowly for Gabrielle because she couldn’t wait to get back on the trail with her warrior. Then finally it was dawn, and Gabrielle hugged her family one more time before waving goodbye as the warrior princess and bard slowly walked away.

"Goodbye Gabrielle! Visit soon!" The Lila cried out.

"I will! Don’t worry!" Gabrielle shouted as they disappeared from sight.

After a little while of silence Xena broke the eerie quietness.

"I didn’t think I would ever be walking with you down a dirt path again. It hurt when you left, but I’m so glad your back."

"I’m sorry I hurt you Xena." Gabrielle said.

"No, don’t be sorry. You were right to leave me…I’m…I’m evil. I know that." Xena replied quietly.

After hearing that Gabrielle cupped Xena’s face genteelly and brought it down to her own. Their faces were so close that their noses were almost touching each other.

"You are not evil Xena. I don’t and I will never think you are." Gabrielle said.

Xena smiled at what the bard had said. "How could you ever think that? An evil person would never jump off a cliff to save their soul mate."

"What would I do without you Gabrielle?" Xena said as she captured her bard in a hug. "You always make me feel good inside. I love you so very much."

"Love you too Xena." Gabrielle returned as the warrior placed a light kiss on her left cheek. Then with that they started back down the trail.

"Xena, how many times our we going to be walking down a dirt path?" The bard asked.

"I don’t know Gabrielle, but as long as I’m with you it doesn’t matter." Xena answered with a smile.

The bard grinned back as she took the warrior’s hand and held it in her own as they started to disappear from sight. As they walked Gabrielle remember what Xena had told her a long time ago. "Gabrielle-- I want you to understand something. We both have families we were born into. But sometimes families change, and we have to build our own. For me, our friendship binds us closer than blood ever could."

With that Gabrielle knew she found her home away from home.                                                                                  

The End

Taiko's Scrolls of the Xenaverse