Room Number Three

by Taiko


Disclaimer: I don't know where this came from. I was working on my other story and this popped into my head and I just had to write it down. Subtext is definitely in this story. There is also mention of some possible non-consensual BDSM. If this bothers you, please do not read any further.

For fans of Phantasia, I wanted to let you know I am back working on it... this was just a little ... detour.  :)


The Dark figure sat in the corner ... watching ... waiting ... taking a sip of ale, the warrior peered over the rim of the mug. Eyes never leaving the bard who was weaving a tale on the small stage across the room. Slowly, the warrior set the mug down.

The bard turned, mid-tale, and locked eyes with the warrior. She gasped as she stared into commanding eyes, instinctively knowing she would never have a choice but to obey any command this warrior would give her.

Time stopped and a tremor of fear ran through the bard, mixed with a desire like she had never known. The dark figure grinned knowingly making the bard shiver. Time again turned it's wheel and the bard quickly composed herself, finishing her tale. She moved through the crowd politely thanking those who stopped and praised her performance, but her eyes remained on the warrior.

The innkeeper approached the bard as she made her way closer to her destination. "Bad that one is," the man indicated the warrior, "Stay away if you know what's good for you."

"Bad?" The bard turned innocent eyes to the innkeeper, then back to the warrior.

"Aye. Been keepin' an eye on that one all night. A warlord no doubt. They have their way with you, then toss you aside. Or worse ... Keep you and make you do things a young, innocent girl like yourself should never be made to do."

The bard listened to the man's words but the warrior's eyes held her in their grasp, refusing to release her. She continued her journey forward, and found herself standing in front of the warrior.

Once in front of those piercing eyes, the bard found she could no longer hold their gaze. Her own eyes lowered as she spoke meekly.

"My Lord." It was a sign that she knew her place, and the warrior smiled a predators smile, grabbed the girl's arm, and pulled her close. The bard let out a squeal of surprise as she was pulled down onto the warrior's lap. The innkeeper turned. He quickly moved toward the girl to offer assistance, until the warrior gave him a deadly glare. Reluctantly, he backed off, watching the warrior whisper in the bard's ear.

The girl gulped as warm breath stroked her ear. "You're mine now, bard. Do you understand?"

The girl shivered and nodded. The warrior smirked.

"Good. Get us a room." The warrior lifted the bard to her feet, then gave her a solid smack on her backside. The bard jumped and hurried to the innkeeper.

"I need a room, sir."

"Child, do you know what you're doing? You will be at that warlord's mercy."

With a small nod, the bard stared at the floor and stated softly, " I have no choice."

Unsure how to respond, the man simply nodded back. He felt sorry for the young girl, who had just this morning come to town and asked to tell stories in his inn. Maybe she was right, he decided. For to refuse this warlord could mean the girl's death... or worse. Silently he handed her the key to room number three.

A shadow fell over them and the innkeeper's eyes rose to meet those of the warrior. Leaning down, the warrior whispered in the bard's ear, eyes still on the innkeeper. "Let's go." The bard swallowed, immediately lowing her eyes and nodding.

With a hand on the bard's back, the warrior guided the girl, leaving the innkeeper to simply watch them disappear down the hall.

Once the last of the customers had gone, the tables were wiped down, and the floor was mopped, it was time for the innkeeper to call it a night. Making his way down the hall, he stopped abruptly in front of room number three. The door was closed but the man thought he heard a crack ... then another ... a whip .. again and again, followed each time by a cry of pain and moaning. He stared at the door for a moment longer, feeling helpless, unable to protect an innocent young girl from the pain and humiliation he knew she was going through. He once again made his way down the hall to his room, for what he was sure would be a sleepless night.

The next morning warrior and bard entered the main room of the inn. The innkeeper looked the bard over, surprised to see no outward appearance of the abuse he knew she must have went through the night before. After all, he knew warlords were always brutal with young girls.

The warrior laid some coins on the counter, giving the innkeeper a smirk. The bard, however, never raised her eyes and aloud the warrior to lead her to the door. The innkeeper called out, "Will she be performing tonight?" Hoping against hope to find a way to rescue the girl.

The warrior turned and with a wicked grin stated, "Oh yes she'll perform tonight. For me."

As he watched them leave, the innkeeper was now certain that the young bard did indeed belong to the warlord.


Traveling down the trail on horseback, the bard rested her head on the warrior's back, arms wrapped tight around the warrior's waist. A mischievous smile crossed her face.



"Next time can I be the warlord?"

The warrior chuckled. "Not until you learn how to use the whip."


The warrior chuckled once again as they continued on their journey together.


Disclaimer # 2: The characters of Xena & Gabrielle don't belong to me. I just borrowed them. :)

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Completed 3/30/05