Major Celeste

Daniel Wackerman

TITLE: Major Celeste
AUTHOR: Daniel Stevens
CATEGORY: Action/Adventure, New Character
SPOILERS: Some possible for 'Stargate: SG1'
CONTENT WARNINGS: mild violence
SUMMARY: A new Major reports for duty to Stargate Command.
STATUS: Story Revision
ARCHIVE: Taiko's Scrolls of the Xenaverse.
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AUTHOR'S  NOTES:  I'm moving this story to Taiko's Scrolls of the Xenaverse because the Heliopolis Stargate SG1 Fanfic Archive will be shutting down soon.

Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Sub-level Twenty-Eight, 0800 hours.  Major General George Hammond, Commanding Officer of the United States Air Force's Stargate Command, is already hard at work in his office.  Specifically, he is looking over the personnel file of a new arrival.

'If I didn't know better, I'd think I was looking at Major Carter's File.  Doctorates in Theoretical and Applied Astrophysics.  Speaks several languages fluently.  Spotless Military Record.  This new major will be a real asset to whichever team I assign her to.'

After another few moments studying the file, he returns it to it's folder, which he then places on his desk, right in front of him.  Then, he buzzes his receptionist.

"Sergeant, send Major Celeste in."

"Yes, Sir.

A moment later, the woman he had just requested to see enters his office.  She marches up to his desk, front and center.  Once there, she comes to attention, and gives him a salute as crisp as one would expect from a Cadet at the Academy. The General returns her salute.

"At ease, Major.  Please have a seat."

As she does so, he takes a quick look at her.  Tall and slender, in a flawless Air Force Service Dress Uniform.  Ash-blonde hair, cut to regulation length.  Intense brown eyes, that bespeak a mind like a steel trap behind them.  Clearly, she is everything her record says she is, and much more besides.

"Major Stacie Celeste, I've already gone over your file, and I must say that it's quite impressive."

"Thank you, Sir."

"It says here that you flew quite a few combat missions over Bosnia, and then over Kosovo."

"Yes, Sir.  Those were... interesting."

"One of which got you the Silver Star."

"Only doing my job, Sir."

"Of course."

A moment later, he gets on his intercom again.

"Sergeant, get me Major Feretti."

"Yes, Sir."

He then turns his attention back to the woman in his office.

"I've decided to assign you to SG-2.  You'll be replacing their old Exec, who was killed in action last week."

"Yes, Sir."  Then, "If I may ask, what is SG-2's job?"

"They're a reconnaissance team.  The man I just summoned to my office will be your immediate superior, and is one of the four persons here with more off world experience than anyone else currently with us - including me."

"Sir, just out of curiosity, who are the other two?"

"They are Colonel Jack O'Neill, Doctor Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c, all assigned to SG-1."

"I see.  Thank you, Sir."

Just then, Major Louis Feretti walks into the General's Office.  Major Celeste stands, and turns, as General Hammond performs the introductions.

"Major Feretti, this is Major Stacie Celeste.  Jenkins' replacement."

Major Celeste renders another flawless salute, which is returned.  Then, the two junior officers shake hands.

"Pleased to meet you, Sir."

"Likewise, Major."  Then, "I haven't had a chance to look over your file, but if you're anything like what I've heard about you so far, then it would seem that SG-1 no longer has the exclusive lock on whiz kids around here."

"Thank you, Sir."

"With your permission, General?"

"Of course, Feretti.", as the General hands Major Feretti the file on Major Celeste.

"Right this way, then, Major Celeste."

The two junior officers leave the General's Office, so that Major Feretti can give his new Exec the guided tour.

"By the way, it's uncanny how much you look like that one actress on that show."

"You mean the one who plays 'Callisto' on 'Xena: Warrior Princess'?  I know.  In fact, one time when I was stateside, a couple of years ago, I went to one of their fan conventions on a dare, and ended up giving out some autographs!  The funny thing is, I've never had the honor of actually meeting Ms. Hudson Leick."

A moment later, they reach the Control Room.  Major Celeste looks through the blast windows, into the Gate Room.  At the Stargate.

"That, Major Celeste, is the heart of everything we do down here.  With the right codes, in the right sequence, you can go just about anywhere you want, in the whole known Universe."


"I'll say!  They found it at an archaeological dig in Egypt, back in 1928.  We only figured out how to operate it a few years ago."

"So, it is an alien artifact."

"Left here by some not very nice things, who you'll get to know all too well."

Just then the alarm sounds.  That brings General Hammond running.  At the same time, Major Stacie Celeste sees the quicksilver eruption of a wormhole being opened up.  Then, the technician at the console speaks up, as the defense team takes up combat positions around the Stargate.

"Sirs, incoming wormhole established."  A moment later, "It's SG-1's Iris Code."

"Very well.  Leave the door open.  Defense Team, stand down."

"Yes, Sir.", from the Gate Room, as the Defense Team departs.

A moment later, the four individuals that make up SG-1 step through the wormhole's event horizon, back from their mission.  Major Celeste recognizes one of her classmates from the Air Force Academy immediately, as the wormhole dissipates.

'Samantha Carter!  What a pleasant surprise!  Or maybe it's not all that much of a surprise?'

A moment later, she hears General Hammond speaking into the microphone.  Telling SG-1 to get cleaned up, and checked out, and that they'll debrief in three hours.  Their Commanding Officer replies with a jaunty salute, and the team exits the Gate Room.  Then, General Hammond leaves the Control Room.

Major Celeste turns to Major Feretti.

"Sir, any idea where they were?"

"Technically, that's supposed to be highly classified information.  However, given SG-1's notoriety around here, I'm sure you'll hear all about it before the day is done."

"Sir, do I detect a slight note of jealousy there?"

"Perhaps.  After all, I wouldn't be human if I weren't just a little jealous of Colonel O'Neill's draw of personnel.  And to think I once gave Doctor Jackson a hard time..."


"He's the one with the long hair and glasses.  An anthropologist and linguist.  While Major Carter's specialty is astrophysics."

"I know.  We were at the Academy together."

"I could have guessed as much."  Then, "Oh, and the big guy is called Teal'c.  He was once the First Prime  Jaffa for the Goa'uld System Lord Apophis, but defected to us some two and a half years ago.  He is now our resident expert on all things pertaining to the Goa'uld."

"The who?"

"The Goa'uld.  The nasty things I referred to earlier.  They're parasites who take over a person, and then control their every thought, word, and deed.  They also like to pass themselves off as gods."

"I see."

"Well, I think it's time you meet the rest of the team.  This way, please?"

The two Majors leave the Control Room.

Two days later, a wormhole opens up, in the local Stargate, onto a previously unexplored world.  Four people step through:  Major Feretti, Major Celeste, and two enlisted personnel.  All are now wearing standard issue Air Force fatigues.  All are armed for bear - or Goa'uld.  Accompanying them is an automated All Terrain Vehicle, with the rest of their supplies.

They immediately fan out, with Feretti taking point.  Soon after, Celeste finds the MALP robot reconnaisance probe that had preceded them through, checks it over, and sends it back through the Stargate.  Then, she proceeds to her next job: taking preliminary readingd of the local environment.  She had, after all, been warned that this would be one of their 'boring' missions.

The local area is, in fact, quite beautiful, with lots of vegetation of a subtropical nature.


"Yes, Celeste?"

"This almost looks like the North Island of New Zealand, near it's northern tip."  A moment later, "I was in Auckland once, for a symposium on quantum physics."

Then, one of the enlisted personnel speaks.

"Ma'am, I see what you mean.  This place looks like a paradise."

Then, from the other one, "Really.  Almost looks too good to be true.  Almost like Apophis or Heru'ur should be coming through those trees over there any time now."

"Rodriguez, don't put a hex on the whole show!", from Feretti.

"Yes, Sir."

Just then, they hear a sound that most definitely does *NOT* belong in s pristine subtropical forest.  That of high technology construction.  Feretti motions for the others to follow him - very carefully!

Soon, they reach the top of a rise, and drop to their bellies.  Feretti pulls out his binoculars, and has a look.

"Holy... buckets!  This is not good!"

He then passes the binoculars to Celeste, who takes a look for herself.

What she sees looks like the Pyramids of Gizeh, under rapid construction.  She then looks down, at a group of humanoid figurines moving about the nearest pyramid.  These are armored, and carry long knobbed staffs.  Their heads look like silver hawk heads.  All but one, which is golden.  Apparently, the leader.

Meanwhile, Feretti is getting everything down on a camcorder.  Then, he turns to Sergeant Rodriguez.

"Well, Rodriguez, you weren't far off.  I make that to be, in all probability, Heru'ur.  Definitely *BAD* news."

"Well, Sir, at least they don't know we're here - yet.", as Celeste returns the binoculars to Feretti.

"True.  Let's keep it that way.", as Feretti motions for the team to move out.

Unfortunately, they soon run into a Jaffa patrol - and a fire fight.  Almost instantly, Celeste sees that the staffs are, in fact, a type of phased plasma weapon, as the area is soon riddled with plasma bolts and machine gun bullets.

Fortunately, SG-2's fire is much more accurate than that of the Jaffa, as the bird-heads start dropping like flies.

At one point, Major Celeste puts her MP5 on full rock and roll, and sprays the Jaffa in her sights with lead, screaming her fury as she does so.  The Jaffa drop, never to get up again.  Just as she runs out of ammo, Feretti grabs her arm, and pulls her to the ground.  She looks at him, to see an 'Are you crazy?!' look on his face.

"Sorry, Sir."  A moment later, "It won't happen again."

Smiling, he hands her another clip, which she changes out on the spot.  Then, Feretti stands again.

"Let's go!  Back to the Stargate!", at which, SG2 moves out.

A few minutes later, they get there, to find the Stargate still unguarded.  Without a word, SG-2 rushes the Gate.

"Celeste, start dialing!"

"Yes, Sir!", as she begins to do so.

Chevron Seven no sooner locks into place than two Goa'uld Death Gliders come flying over a ridge, and opens up on the team.  The enlisted personnel grab Stinger missiles off the ATV, and return fire.  One bandit goes down, in flaming pieces.  The other just barely avoids the same fate, and runs for it.

Then, more Jaffa open up on SG-2 from the woods, with their staff weapons.  By now, however, the door home is open, and the correct Iris Code has been sent.

"Let's GO!"

A moment later, SG-2 and the ATV reenter the Stargate.

And re-emerge back on Earth.

"General, Sir, close the Iris NOW!"

Up in the Control Room, General Hammond turns to the technician on duty

"Do it!"

The Iris closes - just in time to cut the head off of a staff weapon.  Then, several thuds are heard.

General Hammond  is now down in the Gate Room.  SG-2 all salute him, as does the Defense Team.  He impatiently returns their salutes.

"Report, Major!"

"Sir, P3X11586 is Goa'uld!"

"I can see that!  Who was it?!"

"Best I could tell, it was most likely Heru'ur."

After a moment, "Did you get any more intelligence on the enemy?"

"Yes, Sir.  It's all right here.", patting his camcorder gently.

With a thin smile, "Very well.  Good work on getting the goods, and on getting your people back in one piece.  Now, get cleaned up and checked out.  We'll debrief at 1300 hours."

"Yes, Sir."

SG-2 hands their equipment to some technicians, and leaves the Gate Room.

Half a day later, the Stargate on P3X11586 opens again.  This time, a arge, cylindrical metallic object emerges.  Then, the gate closes.

The Jaffa guarding the Gate move to investigate.  That is the last move they'll ever make in this life.

No sooner do they make out the words 'Mk. 5 Tactical Nuclear Warhead', than it goes off, in a blaze of mult-kiloton thermonuclear glory.

Back on Earth, General Hammond stands in the Control Room, with SG-2 also present.  The Iris is closed, as tight as a drum.

'Have a nice day, Birdie!', thinks Major Stacie Celeste to herself, with a cold smirk on her face.  The cold hate in her now hard brown eyes is shared by all present.

Then, General Hammond speaks.

"That should take care of that."

"Yes, Sir.", from Major Feretti.

"Dismissed."  A moment later, "Enjoy your down time."

"Yes, *Sir*!", as Feretti salutes.

Then, SG-2 leaves the Control Room, to enjoy two days of well-earned down time.


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