Gabrielle's 'Chakram'
by Daniel Stevens

CATEGORY:  Crossover ('Xena: Warrior Princess', and 'Stargate: SG-1').  Also, a Third Season Rift *Non-resolution* story, so expect some angst in here, as well.

SPOILERS:  Big ones for 'Maternal Instincts', and 'Bitter Suite'.  None for 'Stargate: SG-1'.

SEASON:  Season Three for 'Xena: Warrior Princess', and, I would suppose, Season One for 'Stargate: SG-1'.

Gabrielle and Jolinar


WARNING:  Mild violence, lots of angst, both involving a certain Warrior Princess.  No sex, of *any* sort.

SUMMARY:  Gabrielle goes on a most unexpected one-way trip.

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Solan's death had been the beginning of the wildest sequence of events either Xena or Gabrielle had ever experienced.  Less than a week after the death of Xena's son, the Amazons had been alerted that the Warrior was on her way, most probably with savage revenge as her plan, and the Bard-Queen as her intended target.  Upon hearing that, Queen-Regent Ephiny had issued her orders with all the speed and efficiency that the emergency had called for.  Gabrielle had been on her way out of Themiscyra going one way, under escort, just minutes before Xena had ridden into town at a gallop from the other direction.  At the price of a broken arm, Ephiny had bought the fleeing Bard a few more minutes, in which to make good her escape.


Now, a full day later, Gabrielle is approaching a sacred place, which she perhaps hopes that Xena will respect as a sanctuary.  At the center of this place is an object, of unknown origin and purpose.  Probably put there by the gods.  Outwardly, it looks like Xena's chakram, but is much larger - at least twenty feet in diameter.  Two low braces hold the 'chakram' in an upright position, and a low dais leads up to it.  Nearby is a round, slanting altar, with a large, orange knob of some sort in the middle of it.

Gabrielle dismounts, to have a closer look at the altar.  This has strange carvings upon it, arranged in two circular patterns.  One inside the other.  The 'chakram' has more of the carvings on it, as well, and also appears to be of two parts.  Likewise, one inside the other.  Ever the intellectual, even in this horrid extremity, the Bard finds her curiosity getting the better of her remorse over Solan's death, and her fear of Xena's wrath.

She turns to the two still-mounted Amazons who had escorted her, handing one the reins of her horse.

"Chalapa, you and Maslina wait over there, in the trees.  If Xena should turn up, and won't listen to reason, it will be for you to act."

"Yes, My Queen."

The two Amazons withdraw a couple of hundred yards, into some nearby trees, as Gabrielle turns back to studying the 'chakram' and altar.  Especially the carvings, which look strangely familiar, despite not resembling any writing system she is familiar with.  This despite having come into contact with over half a dozen writing systems in her travels with Xena these two and a half years.

She touches one of the carvings, and it lights up.  At the same time, the inside of the 'chakram' begins to move.  Then, just as suddenly, it stops, and something on it locks into place.  Gabrielle jumps back, in surprised amazement.  Clearly, this place is one of fearfully great powers, completely beyond the comprehension of mere mortals!

Then, two things happen, that change the course of Gabrielle's life forever.  One of these is that Xena rides over a ridge in the distance.  Spotting Gabrielle by the 'chakram', she chooses to attack immediately.

"Chii-yah!  Yi-yi-yi-yi-yi!", is heard by all present as she draws her sword, and spurs Argo into a headlong charge.

In that instant, Gabrielle is overpowered by a compulsion she can't begin to understand.  She slaps her hand down *hard* onto six of the other carvings, in a sequence, and then the knob at the center.  As this also begins to glow orange, the 'chakram' apparently comes to life, with a whirlpool that looks like quicksilver appearing out of nowhere inside of it.  The whirlpool soon resolves into a shimmering bluish mirror-like surface of some sort.

Gabrielle looks fearfully at a revenge-maddened Xena, who is charging down upon her with murderous intent, and then at the suddenly active 'chakram', which she now guesses to be some sort of portal to a place unknown.  She sees Chalapa and Maslina move to intercept and engage the Warrior Princess.  Her mind made up, the Bard runs for the 'chakram', and jumps headlong into it.  Seeing this, Xena draws her chakram, and hurls it in after her, hoping for a long-distance kill.  To avenge Solan.


Deep in the bowels of the United States Air Force's Cheyenne Mountain Command Complex, Stargate Command has just gone on full alert , for an unauthorized incoming traveler.  The Iris has just closed, and the Defense Team has been scrambled to it's combat positions.  SG-1 has also reported to the Control Room, as they had been preparing for an off-world mission when the alarm had sounded.

Then, for once, General George Hammond decides to go with his gut instinct.

"Open the Iris."  Then, "That's an order, Lieutenant!"

"Yes, Sir."

The General turns to SG-1.

"Okay, guys.  Let's get down there, and see what's going on."

"Yes, Sir."

Just seconds after the Iris is opened, the incoming arrives.  From all appearances, a slender young woman, of medium height, with shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, and clearly in excellent shape.  And just as clearly, quite cold, from her trip through the wormhole between two Stargates.  She is clad in a green top that leaves her midriff exposed, a brown skirt that comes down to just above her knees, and brown boots that come to just below her knees.  She is carrying a large leather bag, and what looks like a quarterstaff.  She flops, face first, onto the Stargate's ramp.

A second later, another object comes through the Stargate, with a loud 'whoosh!'.  It is apparently round, and flat.  It sails right over the young woman, at just over shoulder height.  Then, Teal'c catches the object in midair, with seeming ease.

"Nice catch!"

"Thank you, Colonel O'Neill."

Then, the Stargate shuts down, and the woman looks up - into the business end of several assault rifles, and two .50 Caliber machine guns.

Now, the General speaks.

"Defense Team, stand down.  She looks harmless enough."  Then, "Doctor Jackson, Captain Carter?"

The two individuals named step forward, to help the woman to her feet.  Captain Samantha Carter also takes the staff and bag from the woman, who surrenders them meekly enough.  Then, they turn to the General for further instructions.

"Take her to the Infirmary, and have Doctor Frasier give her a complete examination, including a full MRI."

"Yes, Sir."

"SG-1, your assignment now is to find out what has just happened, and who the young woman is.  And what that round thing is that Teal'c caught.  SG-2 will take your mission to P3R2769."

"Yes, Sir."

With that, six individuals leave the Stargate Bay:  General Hammond, SG-1, and a clearly frightened young woman.


A few minutes later, SG-1 and the mystery woman arrive at the SGC's Infirmary.  Doctor Janet Frasier had already been alerted to expect a mystery patient when they get there.  She leads the young woman over to an examination table, and gestures for her to climb up on it.  The woman does so.  Then, Doctor Frasier tries to speak to her.

Meanwhile, all of SG-1 except Doctor Daniel Jackson leaves.  He clearly suspects that his quite considerable linguistic skills may be needed.

The look of total lack of comprehension on the woman's face soon causes a mildly frustrated Doctor Frasier to turn to Doctor Jackson for help.

"Could you tell her that I want to help her, but that I'll need her cooperation to do so?"

"To do that, I'll need to know what language she speaks, and then it will have to be one that I also speak."

"Oh, *great*!"

Just then, the young woman does speak, in a language that sounds faintly like some sort of Ancient Greek dialect.  Doctor Jackson's face lights up, and he addresses her, in the same language.  They talk for a minute or so, before Doctor Jackson turns to Doctor Frasier.

"She understands, and has agreed to cooperate with you."

Then, he turns to leave.  Doctor Frasier clears her throat, rather loudly.

"Janet, I really think I should leave the room, for the obvious reasons."

After a moment, "Fine.  I'll let you know when to come back in."

Doctor Jackson now leaves the Infirmary.  Leaving the mysterious woman in Doctor Frasier's capable hands.  After treating some skinned spots on her knees, arms, and hands, the Doctor proceeds with the full medical examination.


At one point in the examination, Doctor Frasier spots something odd.

"Hello,.. what is this?"

She now checks what she has found a lot more thoroughly.


A little while later, the medical examination is completed, and the woman is once more dressed, this time in U.S. Air Force coveralls.  Now, Doctor Jackson returns to the Infirmary, with a cassette recorder.  After sitting down at a table opposite from the woman, putting the cassette recorder between them, and turning it 'on', he begins to very gently question her.  He asks her who she is, where she came from, why she came through the Stargate, and also about her world.  Having already had a look at the scrolls that had been in the bag, he bases his questions on what he had read there.

Doctor Jackson also tries to answer her questions, most of which center on the main one of 'Where am I?!'  She is astonished to learn that she is on another, completely different, world.  To be exact, deep under a mountain, in a place called 'Colorado'.  She is also most relieved to learn that her captors most emphatically do *NOT* believe in slavery, or in anything that even remotely resembles slavery.  That, in fact, they may well be hoping that she'll end up joining them, as a full member of their organization.

He soon recognizes in the woman a kindred spirit, as does Doctor Frasier.  A curiosity and keen intellect that, despite the primitive nature of her background, would make her a most valuable member of SGC - once she has caught up with Earth at the turn of the Third Millennium.

At one point in her account, the woman is filled with a deep remorse over something she had been involved with, that no one present can miss.  In fact, both Doctors try to comfort her, as does Captain Carter, who happens to walk in right then.  Aside from that, however, all present can see that her fear is diminishing rapidly, and that a spirit of curiosity and optimism that appears to be natural to the woman's character is reasserting itself.

Then, as the interview concludes, Captain Carter speaks.

"Daniel, she must be hungry.  Why don't we take her to the Mess Hall?"

"Good idea, Sam.  I assume that Jack and Teal'c will also be there?"

"At this time of day, most likely."


Once at the Mess Hall, SG-1 and Doctor Frasier all marvel at the young woman's appetite.

"Teal'c, I do believe that she has a hollow leg."

"Please explain, Colonel Jack O'Neill."

"It's a figure of speech.  I meant that she has quite an appetite."

"That she does."


After she's *finally* done eating, the woman is taken back to the Infirmary, and shown to one of the beds.  She immediately climbs in, and is asleep the moment her head hits the pillow.

"The poor kid must have been exhausted!"

"I'd say so, but now, we need to prepare our reports for the General."


Some time later, SG-1 and Doctor Frasier are meeting with General Hammond, in the Briefing Room.  The General wants answers, and is getting them, one at a time.

"Doctor Frasier?"

"General, she checks out as human, all right, and in most regards, she's in excellent physical health, for someone from a rather primitive environment.  I saw no sign of Goa'uld infestation, or of any naquaada stone in her system, either.  However, I did see one thing that I do consider to be rather anomalous."


"She seems to have been pregnant fairly recently."

"Nothing anomalous about that.", is Samantha Carter's reply.

"Normally, I would agree.  However, I have reason to believe that the Goa'uld may have had something to do with this pregnancy, which has also left her barren for life."

All look at Teal'c, who registers utter contempt, and cold fury, that the Goa'uld may have done something like this to their guest.

"Hardly surprising!  It sounds like the standard procedure of the System Lord called 'Dahak', who is much feared and detested among the other Goa'uld.  The result of such a pregnancy is that an implanted Goa'uld and host are born together, and mature together.  Such a creature is called a 'Harsesis' by the Goa'uld."

"I see.", is the General's response.  Then, he turns to Doctor Jackson.

"Doctor Jackson, have you been able to communicate with the young woman?"

"Yes, Sir.  She speaks a variant of Ancient Dorian Greek, but I have been able to converse with her."


"First off, her name is 'Gabrielle'."

"That's not an Ancient Greek name.", is Colonel Jack O'Neill's observation.

"I know.  The world she described to me as her home sounds like a cross of Ancient Greece and Rome, with Late Medieval Europe.  With a rather strong dose of Greek Mythology thrown in, and a much wetter, and more tropical climate than the Ancient Mediterranean World would have had."

General Hammond now asks, "In that case, how would she have known how to dial up Earth?"

To which Doctor Jackson's response is, "She herself is clueless as to how she would have known that information.  My own guess is that she picked it up subconsciously from the Goa'uld, when they implanted the whatever it was in her, and then went more on instinct, than on conscious thought, to dial us up."

"That does seem rather far-fetched, Daniel,.. but in the absence of any other, more workable hypothesis, it is the most reasonable one I can think of.", from Sam Carter.

Now, the General asks about the object that came through with her.

"It is apparently a weapon of some sort.  Someone was trying to kill her, when she came through.  Had it not been for Teal'c's superior Jaffa reflexes, one or more of us would have almost certainly been injured or killed, or else the Bay would have sustained considerable damage."

"Thank you, Daniel Jackson."

"But why was she being attacked?"

"Jack, from what I could gather, the would-be killer's son was murdered less than a week ago, and she held Gabrielle responsible."


"Yes, Sam.  From what Gabrielle told me, the other person in question is a woman warrior of almost Herculean prowess *and* temper.  *Her* name is 'Xena'."

General Hammond motions for silence for a moment, so he can think.  Then, "Doctor Jackson, do you believe that she's in any way responsible for the boy's death?"

"Only indirectly, if at all, Sir.  Apparently, the progeny of what Teal'c described as the System Lord Dahak's 'standard procedure' was the actual killer.  Gabrielle's alleged guilt was in not killing it as a baby.  However, she did kill it after it killed the boy."

"With all due respect, Sir, I would hardly call that 'guilt'!"

All present agree with Sam, including General Hammond, who sums up the matter.

"Our guest couldn't have possibly known who or what she was dealing with, until it was too late to save the boy."

Then, Colonel O'Neill speaks again.

"One thing is clear, Sir.  Even if we had any idea how to dial up her home world, which we apparently don't, we couldn't send her back under these conditions.  To do so would be like sending Teal'c back to Chulak, gift wrapped for Apophis."

All present turn to Teal'c, for his take on the Colonel's last statement.

"Colonel O'Neill is right.  This 'Xena' apparently regards Gabrielle in much the same way that Apophis does me, and would have the same sort of hostile  reception waiting for her, if she were to go back.  The weapon I caught proves that, as she was the intended target."

Then, General Hammond speaks again.

"Okay, people, I've made my decision as to what to do with Gabrielle.  Doctor Jackson, I am assigning her to you and Doctor Frasier for the time being.  I want you to teach her our language, and ways, and to help her learn her way around the base, and it's immediate surroundings.  The rest of SG-1 will help out as needed and available.  It is my hope that, with some patience and understanding, she may come to be a valuable member of SGC.  I shall inform the President of my decision, and my reasons for it, and I'm sure that he will concur."

"Yes, Sir."  Then, "Sir, it might interest you to know that she has already started picking up certain words in English.  She already knows my name, and also Sam's and Janet's names, as well as certain other basic words."

"That's excellent, given the short amount of time she's been here."  Then, "Is there anything else to report?"

No one else speaks.

"Very well, then. I think that just about covers it.  Thank you all.  Dismissed."

Colonel O'Neill calls out, "Tenn-hut!"

Everyone else comes to attention, as the General leaves the briefing room.

Then, SG-1 and Doctor Frasier also depart the Briefing Room.  The Doctors, and Sam, return to the Infirmary, to check on Gabrielle.  Jack and Teal'c have other business to attend to, to prepare for SG-1's next off-world mission.

The group that had gone to the Infirmary find Gabrielle, still sound asleep.  Doctor Janet Frasier observes, "You'd think I'd given her a sedative!"

"Well, it's like you said earlier.  She was exhausted."

"I know."  Then, "Daniel, if you could stay here with me tonight, in case Gabrielle wakes up, and needs anything?"

"Sure, Janet."

"Well, I'd better get back to work with Jack and Teal'c."

"Sure thing, Sam."

With that, Captain Carter leaves the Infirmary, while Doctor Jackson puts on a fresh pot of coffee for himself and Doctor Frasier.  Clearly, he expects it to be a long night.


Some hours after Gabrielle's disappearance, towards evening.  Xena is sitting by the 'chakram' and altar, in an apparent state of emotional shock.  The 'chakram' is once more inactive.

Ephiny, now fully Queen, rides up, with an escort.  Her arm is now in a splint, and sling.  The look on her face looks as if it could have been carved from granite.

With some difficulty, she dismounts, and walks up to Xena.  The Warrior Princess looks up at the Amazon Queen, with a look of indescribable pain such as Ephiny would never have expected to see on her face.  Almost as if her love for Gabrielle is *finally* reasserting itself - far too late to cause her anything but pain and anguish.

"Xena.", in a hard, dry tone of voice.

After a moment, Xena replies.  Her tone of voice almost brings to mind a sad, confused young child, who wants her Mommy, rather than a hardened Warrior.

"Gabrielle.  She's... gone.  Just... gone."

"So Chalapa told me.", angrily.

"Beyond... the reach... of my... vengeance,.. or my... forgiveness!"

Despite her broken arm, and her great anger with the Warrior Princess, Queen Ephiny can't help feeling pity for the emotional wreck she now sees before her.

"Ephiny,.. you... never... know... what you have... until you've... lost it... forever."

"I know, Xena.", more gently.  The anger in Queen Ephiny's heart is rapidly giving way to compassion for someone who's whole world has come apart at the seams this past week.

"The worst part... is not knowing... if she's dead,.. or alive."

Xena lowers her head again, slowly, as Ephiny lays a gentle hand on the Warrior's shoulder.  Then, she turns to the other Amazons.

"There will be no action taken against Xena.  Anything we could do to punish her would be insignificant compared to what she's doing to herself now."

Then, Ephiny removes her good hand from Xena's shoulder, and places it on Eponin's

"Eponin, stay with her.  She needs someone now, more than anything."

Eponin begins to object, but then sees the look on Queen Ephiny's face.  It is clear that the Amazon Queen means business.

"Yes, My Queen."

With that, Queen Ephiny is helped back into the saddle, and returns to Themiscyra.  All the Amazons save Eponin go with their Queen.

Eponin now builds a fire, some ways from the 'chakram', so as to fix a meal for herself, and for Xena.

"By the way, Chalapa and Maslina are going to be just fine."

"That's... good."

After a moment, "Care to join me, by the fire?"

Xena does so.  Her movements are slow, and listless.  Almost mechanical.  Like she just doesn't care about anything any more.

Soon, dinner is ready.  As could have been expected, Xena doesn't have much of an appetite.

"Xena, you need to eat something, if only to keep up your strength."

The Warrior does so, reluctantly.  Now, even Eponin finds herself pitying Xena.

Later, Eponin spreads out two blankets on the ground.  She leads Xena to one, puts the broken shell of a Warrior to bed, then crashes out herself.

The End

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