Gabrielle and Jolinar
by Daniel Stevens

CATEGORY:  Crossover (Stargate: SG-1 and Xena: Warrior Princess).

SPOILERS:  The 'Stargate: SG-1 Second Season Episode titled "In the Line of Duty'.  Also, some possible for 'Xena: Warrior Princess', and 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'.

SEASON/SEQUEL:  This story is the sequel to '
Gabrielle's Chakram'.  Second Season for 'Stargate: SG-1', and an alternate Fourth Season for 'Xena: Warrior Princess'.


WARNING:  Mild violence.

SUMMARY:  Gabrielle returns to her home world, with a *most* unexpected friend and ally.

DISCLAIMER:  The TV Series 'Xena: Warrior Princess', and all characters and situations related to it, are property of Renaissance Pictures, Studios USA, and Universal/MCA.  The TV Series 'Stargate: SG-1', and all characters and situations related to it, are property of Stargate (II) Productions, Double Secret Productions, Gekko Film Corps, Show Time/Viacom, and MGM/UA.  No copyright infringement is intended, and no money has changed hands.  All original elements in this story are the property of the author.  This story may not be posted elsewhere without the permission of the author.



This day is unusually busy for S3 Gabrielle.  She is having to help check some 200+ Nassyan refugees for possible Goa'uld infestation.  After all, look what had happened to her friend, Captain Samantha Carter!  Taken over by one of those things, and locked up in a holding cell!  And where there's one, there's likely another.  Especially when these people are refugees from a rather massive Goa'uld attack.

Just then, Doctor Janet Frasier walks up.

"Gabrielle, could you do me a favor?"

"Sure, Doctor."

"Could you go check on Sam for me?"

After a moment's hesitation, "Ugh,.. yes, Ma'am."

With that, Gabrielle, the one-time Bard of Potidaea, proceeds to the SGC's Stockade, with a minimal array of medical equipment.

When she gets there, Gabrielle's greenish-gray eyes mirror the conflict of emotions she is feeling towards the occupant of the cell.  Deep friendship for the person she appears to be - Captain Samantha Carter - wars within Gabrielle against an equally deep hatred for the Goa'uld that now controls her.

With a hard, dry tone of voice, "Hello, Captain Carter - or whoever you are now."

The occupant of the cell looks up, to see, **Gabrielle of Potidaea.**  A moment later, **Samantha has told me much of you.  Including how you came to this place, and who's to blame for the events that led to your coming here.  I'm truly sorry.**

"I bet you are!"

Samantha Carter's eyes flash red for a moment.  Then, **I can't blame you for hating me, even though I am not your enemy.**

"After what your kind have put me through, I consider all Goa'ulds to be my enemy.  Including you."

**I am NOT Goa'uld!**, as her eyes flash again.  **The System Lords are as much my enemies as they are yours!  In fact, I have just learned that there is an Ashrak here, with orders to kill me, and Samantha Carter, as well.**

"So, what do I call you, if not Goa'uld?"

**We are called the Tok'ra.  I am known as Jolinar of Malkshur, and I believe that you and I can help one another a lot.  As well as Samantha Carter.**


**Captain Carter needs for me to leave her body as soon as possible.  You have a burning desire for revenge against the System Lord Dahak, and his misbegotten Harsesis daughter, Hope.  I need to get back into the fight to end the tyranny of the System Lords.**

"I can vouch for the first two statements.  Though Hope is dead."

**I wish that were true.**

"Do you mean to tell me..?!"

**Yes, she is very much alive.  Unfortunately.**

After a moment, "What is it you want of me?"

**I need a new host, and soon.  For Captain Carter's sake.**

Gabrielle's response is to back away.

"Don't look at me!"

**Gabrielle, PLEASE!**  A moment later, **Granted you have no reason to trust me, but I am your best chance to avenge your violation and the boy's death!**

Then, "Gabrielle, she's telling you the truth!"  A moment later, "Gabrielle, if our friendship means anything to you, then please trust ME!  I'VE never lied to you, have I?"

After a moment, "No.  Captain Carter has never lied to me."  Then, "Okay, what do I have to do?"

**Just come close - real close - and open your mouth.  Try not to bite down or swallow.  I'll do the rest.**

Gabrielle does so.  A moment later, she feels something jump into her mouth, and tunnel through the back of her throat.  In the same moment, Captain Carter collapses in her cell, as Gabrielle's eyes glow red.

To Gabrielle's surprise, she finds that she still has some personal autonomy.  Definitely NOT your usual Goa'uld behavior.

'What now?'

*First, we need to retrieve your old clothes, staff, and scrolls, your friend's weapon, and a fully charged zat gun.*

'Okay.  Will do.'

*And Samantha needs more medical attention than you are equipped or qualified to give her.*


With that, Gabrielle goes to get Dr. Frasier.


Some time later, Doctor Frasier is looking over Sam, in the Infirmary, while Gabrielle is busy obtaining the items Jolinar had specified.  Then, Gabrielle/Jolinar head for the Control Room, where they disable the technician and guard on duty with single zat blasts.  That done, they dial up their intended destination, and head down to the Gate Room.

Just as they reach the fully activated Stargate, they hear the intruder alert sound.


Gabrielle dives through the Stargate - just before the Defense Team could get there to stop her.

A few moments later, General Hammond, Doctor Frasier, and SG-1 reach the Control Room, where Doctor Jackson has no trouble reading where Gabrielle had gone.

"General, Sir, these coordinates are for a planet that we were due to explore in a few weeks anyway.  P3X5141."

After a moment, "Colonel O'Neill, as soon as Captain Carter is certified fit for duty, you have a go!"

"Yes, SIR!"


Meanwhile, on P3X5141. Gabrielle/Jolinar have just come through the Stargate, which then shuts down.

*Okay, Gabrielle, this is your world.  I'll trust your judgement as to our choice of potential allies.*

'First off, we need to find the Amazons.  Queen Ephiny needs to know that I'm back.'

*What about your friend Xena?*

'I regard her as an unknown quantity for the time being.'

*I understand.*  Then, *If you need me, just call.*

'Thanks, Jolinar.'

With that, Gabrielle changes into her old outfit, puts her uniform in her bag, then sets out for Themiscyra, on foot.


Over a day later, the Bard senses wary eyes watching her from above, in the trees.  She clasps her hands together, over her head.  A moment later, several Amazons drop out of the trees, all around her, weapons drawn.  One of these steps forward.  A petite, dark complexioned woman.  She puts her mask back, showing her face.


Warily, Solari, the Queen's Enforcer, steps forward.

"Queen Gabrielle,.. is it really you?!"

"Yes, it is.  I'm back, to take Dahak and Hope down."

The other Amazons now lower their weapons.

After a moment, "Queen-Regent Ephiny will be overjoyed to hear this news!"

"Solari, Ephiny is the sole Queen, as far as I'm concerned.  My Right of Caste expired when I went through the Stargate, to a world called Earth."  Then, "By the way, what of Xena?"

After a long silence, "Gabrielle, she hasn't been herself since you left."

"What do you mean?!", with an alarmed sound to her voice.

"I'm afraid you'll have to see for yourself.  She's been in Themiscyra since you left - what's left of her, that is."  Then, "If you're ready?"

With that, Gabrielle and the Amazons move out, towards Themiscyra.


Some hours later, they reach the Amazon village of Themiscyra.  Solari leads the party straight to the Queen's Hut, and knocks on the door.  A moment later, Queen Ephiny answers, as Solari and the others drop to their knees - Gabrielle included.  Ephiny motions for them to stand, and they do so.

Then, "My Queen, look who we found."

For a moment, Ephiny can only stare, in surprised disbelief.  Then, "Gabrielle!  We thought you were dead!"

"Ugh,.. not quite, Ephiny.  Though I have one more whale of a tale to tell you and Xena."

After a moment, "This way."

Ephiny leads Gabrielle to a guest hut.  Chalapa and Eponin are standing guard outside.  When the Queen, the Bard, and Enforcer Solari enter the hut, the two guards follow.

The sight that greets Gabrielle's eyes is enough to break her heart.  Xena is sitting in a plain chair, wearing nothing but her shift, and staring blankly at the wall.  The look on the Warrior's face is that of someone who no longer cares about anything, least of all living.

"Ugh, Xena?"  Then, "It's me.  Gabrielle.  I'm back."

At first, Gabrielle's voice doesn't seem to register.  Then, slowly, mechanically, Xena turns, to face, "Ga... bri... elle?"

Next, the Warrior stands, slowly walks over to Gabrielle, and very tentatively touches the Bard's face.  She then touches other parts of Gabrielle's body.  Clearly, Xena is trying to make sure that she is not just hallucinating.  That what she is seeing and hearing is real.  Gabrielle/Jolinar, realizing this, let her do so.

Then, Xena pulls Gabrielle into a big bear hug.  After that, she holds her long-lost companion at arm's length.  For once, the tears are flowing freely down the Warrior's face.


"Xena, it's a long story."

"No doubt!"

Then, "Xena, I'm really sorry about last year.  I'm here to at least try to make it up to you, if I can."

"Just having you back goes a long way towards making things up with me!  I thought I had lost you forever!"

"You very nearly did."  Then, Gabrielle reaches into her bag, and pulls out the chakram. "Here.  I believe this is yours."

"Thanks.", ruefully, as Xena lays it on a nearby table.  Meanwhile, Queen Ephiny had requested that more chairs be brought.  These now arrive, and are placed around the table.

Now, the Bard, the Queen, the Warrior, and the Enforcer each have a seat.  Then, Gabrielle tells her story.  Her trip through the Stargate.  Her arrival inside the Cheyenne Mountain Complex.  Her being taken in by Stargate Command, and taught how to fit in on Earth.

She also describes the wondrous things she had seen while she was there.  Horseless carriages.  Flying machines, some of which are huge.  Weapons that shoot fire and lightning.  Boxes that show images and sounds.  Some of the boxes, in fact, are interactive, and have the capability of putting writing onto paper at a far faster rate than any scribe could ever hope to match.

"To top it off, the people of Earth are also at war with the Goa'uld."

"The who?"

"Evil beings, that rule half the known Universe.  Dahak is one of them, and so is Hope."  Then, "There are other beings, as well, who fight the Goa'uld.  Some of these are called the Tok'ra.  Jolinar?"

With that, Gabrielle bows her head for a moment.  When she looks up again, Xena can sense immediately that there is someone else in there, with Gabrielle.

**Ephiny, Solari, Xena, I am Jolinar of Malkshur.  If you will have me, I will stand with you against Dahak and Hope.**

Xena and the Amazons can hardly believe what is happening. It almost seems as if Gabrielle is possessed!

Then, "Xena, Ephiny, Solari, don't worry.  Jolinar's a friend.  She has access to the weapons we'll need to defeat Dahak and Hope.  This, for one.", as Gabrielle produces her zat gun.

Aiming it at a sack of grain in the corner, Gabrielle fires, three times.  On the third shot, the sack vanishes.  Then, she turns back, to face the others.

"Two shots will kill, and one will render a person unconscious."

"Whatever you say.", is Ephiny's awed response, as Gabrielle puts the zat gun away.

"Okay.  Now that you believe me, we need to plan our attack.  First off, have you seen any large pyramid shaped structures being built anywhere near here?"

"Yes.  They are surrounded by warriors with the heads of dragons."

"That sounds about right!"  Then, 'Our first job will be to gather intelligence on the enemy.  For one thing, we'll need to know how many Jaffa Dahak and Hope have with them, and whether they have any Death Gliders yet.  Then, we strike!  Are you with me?", looking straight at Xena.

"Count me in."

"The Amazons will also help fight these things, until our world is free of them."

"Very good.  We set out at first light."

Xena and the Amazon Leaders nod their agreement with Gabrielle's decision.


At about the same time, the Stargate opens again.  This time, five individuals emerge, with a remote controlled All Terrain Vehicle to carry extra supplies and munitions.  They are dressed in standard Air Force fatigues, and kevlar vests with ample pockets. Two men and the blonde woman are carrying submachine guns.  Another man, with long sandy hair and glasses, is armed only with a semiautomatic pistol, while the fifth person, a large, powerfully built black man with a golden tattoo on his forehead, carries a staff weapon.  One of the men carrying a sub-gun speaks.

"Okay, kids, fan out, and look for any sign of a trail."

They do so.  Soon, the black man speaks up.

"Colonel O'Neill, she went this way."

"Good work, Teal'c."  Then, "Okay, people.  Teal'c's found the trail.  Let's move out."

SG-1 moves out, following the trail that Teal'c had found.


A day later, SG-1 hears some faint noise in the forest.  Teal'c moves back alongside Jack O'Neill.

"Colonel O'Neill, we are about to be ambushed, but I do not believe that they are Jaffa."

After a moment, "Okay, people, keep cool."

About that moment, several ropes drop from the tree branches above them, and are swiftly followed by an equal number of feminine figures who are wearing skins, and ornate bird masks.  They are also well armed, although with primitive weapons, and clearly have the drop on SG-1.

Colonel Jack O'Neill slowly raises his hands over his head, clasping his sub-gun with his free hand.  The others do likewise.  Then, three other feminine figures emerge from the underbrush. The shortest of these, a strawberry blonde, recognizes the prisoners as "SG-1!"  Then, "I should have figured that General Hammond would have sent you after me."

Then, Gabrielle turns to the other armed women.

"Lower your weapons.  These people are my friends - all but *this* one!", pointing her zat gun at the fifth airman, and firing once.  As he falls, his eyes glow red.  Then, he speaks.

**You will die, Sho'va!**

**Too bad you won't live to see it, Hataka!**, as Jolinar fires again, killing the Goa'uld.  Then, Gabrielle resumes control, and speaks.

"Colonel, Sir, you should be more careful of who you include on your off-world missions.  That was the Ashrak that Jolinar told you about.  He had orders from one of the System Lords to kill me and Jolinar."

"Sorry, Gabrielle.  *Our* orders were to bring you back alive."

"I figured as much.  Especially since your ATV appears to be carrying enough firepower for a small army, and enough C-4 to blow some pyramids to high Hell."  Then, "I believe some introductions are in order."

Gabrielle proceeds to acquaint the members of SG-1 with Queen Ephiny of the Amazons, Solari, Ephiny's Enforcer, and Xena: Warrior Princess.  Thus is a potentially explosive situation defused.  Then,  after the Ashrak's weapons and gear are distributed, the Amazons, and SG-1, move out.  Their first stop is back to the Stargate.


A day later, the party is moving out again, having emptied the ATV, and sent it back through, with a progress report.  Now, Xena is carrying the dead Ashrak's sub-gun, which she has been shown how to use.  Gabrielle has the Ashrak's ribbon device.  In addition, some of the Amazons are carrying spare clips, grenades, claymore mines, Stinger missiles, and satchels marked 'C-4', with fuses and timers.  The party is moving as quickly as they can, with all the extra firepower.

That night, they make camp.  Gabrielle calls SG-1 aside, with Xena and Ephiny, to discuss her plan of attack.

"Jolinar has filled me in on how these pyramid bases are usually laid out.  Teal'c, I believe that you and Captain Carter can verify my information."

Teal'c nods.

"Okay, then.  This is how we'll proceed."

As Gabrielle lays out her plan, Jack and Sam have to admit that they are impressed by her command of irregular light infantry tactics.  As are Xena and Ephiny.  Then, Jolinar resumes control of Gabrielle.

**When we find Hope, Gabrielle will shoot her once with her zat gun.  I will then remove the Goa'uld from the host's body.  At that point, Xena, do what you will with the Goa'uld, while Gabrielle and I prepare the host for me to transfer over to her.  Once that is done, I must rejoin my people, and it will be for you to work out your destinies for yourselves."

Xena and SG-1 nod their understanding, and reluctant agreement. They all realize that it's the only way to get Gabrielle fully back, while Hope's host knows no life but that of a Goa'uld host.  They also suspect that, under said conditions, Jolinar is probably the best chance that Hope's host has for any sort of a decent life.

After the planning session is completed, everyone turns in, that doesn't have guard duty.  Sam Carter offers to take a turn of duty, and Gabrielle accepts.


The next morning, the party moves out at dawn.  Xena, Gabrielle, and Teal'c take point.

After several hours, Gabrielle calls a halt.  She and her companions then crawl up a rise, to have a look.  Gabrielle takes the first turn with the binoculars which she has borrowed from Colonel O'Neill, and then passes them to Xena.  About that time, Queen Ephiny and Colonel O'Neill join them.

They see what they fully expected to see.  Three pyramids, in a pretty row, and one with a ship sitting on it.  In front of these is a veritable abomination of a temple, with lots of humanoid figures moving about it.  These are armored, and all carry staff weapons.  Some of them have silver helmets that look like dragon heads.

Then, another figure emerges from the temple.  Except for her black and red robes, she looks like a dead ringer for Gabrielle!  The nearby Jaffa kneel upon seeing her.

Then, the observers hear a noise off to their right, and fade back into the brush.

A moment later, a patrol of ten Jaffa comes through.  These fall prey to an Amazon ambush that is as silent as it is deadly.  Soon, only one is left alive, and Xena pulls that one aside, then puts the pinch on him.  At the same time, Gabrielle reaches into his belly pouch, and removes the larval Goa'uld she finds inside.

"I have just cut off the flow of blood to your brain!  You'll be dead in seconds unless you agree to answer all of our questions truthfully!"

The Jaffa nods, and Xena releases the pinch, while Gabrielle puts the larva back in the pouch.  He is then made to answer very detailed questions about the base.  The information he gives is the sort needed to pull off the attack.  He also admits that his patrol wasn't due back for two days. Once he is finished talking, Gabrielle shoots him once with her zat gun, then Xena hog ties him to a tree.  In the meantime, the captured staff weapons have been distributed as far as they will go, and Teal'c has shown the Amazons who got one how to use it.

Now, the attack force moves into position, to wait for dawn the next morning.  It is Gabrielle's plan to attack at first light, when she hopes that most of the garrison will be groggy and disoriented, and Hope will still be in her sarcophagus. In the meantime, all units are ordered to maintain guard posts, under wartime conditions.  Also, cold camps are ordered, and near silence.

"We can't afford to lose the element of surprise."

Xena, Ephiny, and Jack nod in agreement.

Once all units are posted, and settled in, the troops turn in, with orders to be awakened an hour before dawn.


Meanwhile, back at SGC, General Hammond is studying SG-1's progress report.

'So, Gabrielle and her Goa'uld have declared war on this 'Dahak', and have talked SG-1 into chipping in with their attack.  Well, I hope the attack works, is all I can say.'


The next morning, all Tartarus breaks loose around the Goa'uld pyramids, as a series of Stinger missiles slams into the Ha'tak Class ship sitting on one of them, right where it would launch it's compliment of Death Gliders.  At the same time, the woods around the compound erupt with staff weapon and machine gun fire, aimed at the Jaffa guarding the perimeter.

Then, a lone figure emerges from the woods, carrying a staff weapon.  Xena is the most surprised of all to hear Gabrielle shout, 'KILL'EM ALL!"  Still, she joins in the charge that ensues, as several hundred Amazons, and SG-1, storm the complex.

More Jaffa start coming out of the ship, and the temple, still befuddled by sleep, and surprise.  These prove to be no match for the enraged humans who are slashing their way through them.

As Gabrielle and Xena enter the temple, the Bard shows that she can still handle her staff weapon as a staff, as well as using it as a phased plasma weapon.  The Jaffa she encounters are no match for her sheer fury, much less Xena's.  It is clear to both Ephiny and O'Neill that both women are thinking of Solan right now, and of avenging his murder.

Soon, Gabrielle finds the controls for the Rings.

"Xena, stand really close to me."

The Warrior does so, as the Bard activates the Rings.  These come down around them.  They then dissolve in light, to reintegrate aboard the ship.

No sooner do the Rings clear the two than Xena is laying waste the Jaffa in sight with her chakram and sub-gun.  Gabrielle is doing likewise with her staff weapon.  Soon, the body count starts to mount all around them, as SG-1 joins them.

"Gabrielle, the Amazons are finishing up securing the compound, on the ground."

"Very good, Colonel."  Then, "Let's move out."

With that, six (or seven, depending on how you count Gabrielle/Jolinar) combat personnel move out.  Thanks to Jolinar, Gabrielle knows exactly where she is going, as Teal'c soon realizes.  As there is now very little resistance left, it is clear that she is looking for someone.

Before too long, the party find who Gabrielle is looking for.


The other woman turns, to reveal that she is, indeed, a dead ringer for Gabrielle.

**Hello, Mother.  I knew you would return, sooner or later.**, as her eyes flash red. Then, sensing something new about Gabrielle, **Join us.  We can still rule over these Tau'ri, alongside Father.**

**Not a chance, Hataka!**, is Jolinar's reply, as she and Gabrielle activate their ribbon device.  Hope is hurled against an ornately decorated bulkhead by the shockwave from the device. Then, Gabrielle marches up to her daughter, placing the device against Hope's forehead, and activating it again.

"This is for Solan!", as Hope's brain is turned to mush.  Xena watches grimly as her son's murderer dies most painfully.  So do SG-1, who are horrified, but not the least bit surprised, by Gabrielle's actions.  To all present, this is no more than savagely applied justice.

Once Hope is dead, Gabrielle flips the body over, face down.

"Xena, your boot dagger!"

Xena hands over the weapon that Gabrielle had requested.  Gabrielle then opens up the back of Hope's neck, and reaches in.  Grabbing hold of the Goa'uld. she very carefully detaches it. The head comes out very easily, as there is nothing for it to hang onto for detachment.  When the Bard sees that it is still barely alive, she hurls it to the deck, right at Xena's feet.  The Warrior immediately understands what is going on, and slams a booted foot down on it as hard as she can, with a cry of, "VENGEANCE!"  Xena stomps the Goa'uld several more times, until it is no more than a greasy spot on the deck.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle has called Sam Carter over to assist her.  They very carefully pick up the host's body, and carry it to the nearby sarcophagus.  Gabrielle opens it, and they place the body inside.  The Bard then activates the sarcophagus.

"Now all we can do is wait."


Some hours later, after a further search of the ship had revealed that Dahak was not on board, and most likely not even in the system, two women who look exactly identical to one another are laying on a bed, facing one another.  The one who is now wearing U. S. Air Force coveralls is clearly very frightened.

"Don't worry, Phaela.  Everything will be all right soon."

"I hope so, Mommy."

"Just open your mouth, and try not to bite down or swallow."


Then, Gabrielle leans over, as if to kiss her daughter.  In that moment, Jolinar jumps hosts from mother to daughter.  Both women then pass out.


Some time later, all personnel are clear of the ship and the compound.  Xena and Ephiny had carried Gabrielle from the ship.  Sam and Solari had done likewise for Phaela.  The Amazons had left all the Goa'uld weaponry they had temporarily possessed on the ship, on Ephiny's orders.  Queen Ephiny fully realizes that her world is *NOT* ready for that kind of firepower!

Once they are back in the woods, Colonel O'Neill takes out a remote control pad, and presses a button on it.  A series of explosions ensues at what is left of the Goa'uld complex that blows the entire area sky high.  The Amazons cheer as the temple and pyramids are blown up.


Two days later, the party is back at the Stargate.  Jolinar turns to Gabrielle and Captain Carter.  She and Teal'c are now the only persons carrying staff weapons or zat guns.

**I want to thank you again for your help.  I couldn't have done this without you two's help, especially.  Phaela also wants me to thank you on her behalf.**

Then, Phaela resumes control, and turns to Xena.

"Xena, I'm really sorry about my part in your son's death."

For just a second, Xena's eyes go almost white from her fury.  Then, the Warrior manages a weak smile.

"Phaela, you had no control over your actions.  I realize that now.  It wasn't your fault."

The two shake on it.  Then, Phaela turns to the others, with a warm smile.

"It is time for me and Jolinar to rejoin the Tok'ra, and for the four of you (addressing SG-1) to return to Tau'ri."

"Good luck, Phaela.", from Daniel Jackson.

"Thanks, Doctor Jackson."  Then, "Jolinar's already told me about this really great guy I can hardly wait to meet.  His name is-"

"Martouf.", from Sam Carter.  Xena spots what could be a slight hint of jealousy in Sam's eyes.

"Yeah, that's his name."  Then, **And you, Teal'c, are to be commended for taking a stand against Apophis.**

"As you are for taking a stand against all the System Lords."

"Thanks, Teal'c."  Then, "See you around.", as Phaela goes over to the Dial Home Device, and dials up her destination.  A few moments later, she - and Jolinar - are gone.

After recording the Gate Address that Phaela had keyed in, Doctor Jackson dials up Earth.  As soon as the wormhole opens, he sends the Iris Code for SG-1.  Meanwhile, Sam and Jack are talking with Gabrielle.

"Are you sure you won't return with us?"

"I'm afraid not.  My place is with Xena."

"I understand.", from O'Neill.  Then, "General Hammond sort of thought that something like this might be the outcome.  He gave this to me, to give to you if necessary."

"What is it?", as Gabrielle takes the envelope that O'Neill hands her.

"Special orders assigning you to detached service on P3X5141 indefinitely, under Xena's command."

"Thanks, Sir.", as Gabrielle salutes the Colonel.  Jack returns the salute.  So does Sam.  Then, they hear, "Sir, it's time to go."

A moment later, Xena and Gabrielle watch as SG-1 head back through the Stargate, for home.

"Gabrielle, I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing that thing operate."

"I know, Xena."  A moment later, "You know what we have to do now, though, before either Dahak or the Olympians get back."


A few minutes later, Argo and six other horses are pulling on ropes that are tied to the Stargate.  Fortunately, seven horses prove to be sufficient to pull the Stargate over onto the ground.  Then, while Gabrielle undoes the ropes from both horses and Stargate, Xena empties her last two clips into the orange knob on the DHD, effectively disabling it.  Their work done here, she and Gabrielle mount up, and head out, for Themiscyra.

The End

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