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Gabrielle, Bard In Bondage

By T.C. O’Neill

Revised Dec.29, 2002





Xena's heart began to beat faster as the Amazon village came into view.  It had been just too long.  She vowed she would never be separated from her bard this long again.  Three weeks ago, Xena had been sent word from Hercules that he needed her help driving off a band of raiders from a hapless village.  Normally, Xena would have jumper at the chance for some action.  She and Gabrielle would have bid ado to the Amazons and the two would have been on the road again.


Gabrielle couldn't leave.  There were matters of state that required the Queen's attention.  Xena might have stayed with her had it been anyone but Hercules requesting her help.  When you had as few friends as Xena had, you didn't say no to one of them. 


Gabrielle almost pushed her out of the hut.  "Xena, you'll just sulk around here and make me feel guilty for causing you to stay.  I have every confidence that you and Hercules have a good chance of defeating a few raiders without me."


As Xena was packing her gear, Gabrielle came into the hut and wrapped her arms around her warrior from behind.  "Xena, you'll be back by my birthday won't you?"  the Amazon Queen asked almost timidly. 


Xena stopped packing and turned to face her wife and lover.  Holding the smaller women in a loving embrace, she replied  "I wouldn't miss it for anything Gabrielle.  I’ll be back in time.  I promise"


Gabrielle gave Xena one of those smiles that melted Xena's heart every time and placed both of her small, delicate hands on Xena's cheeks.  "Just come back to me safe my love."


Xena was lost in the pools of the bard's green eyes and bent to kiss her soulmate.  After a long kiss, Gabrielle pulled away gasping for air.  "Oh Xena, you take my breath away."


Xena smiled down at her lover.  "And you take mine as well, my Little Bard."


 This brought on a small giggle from the Queen.  "No, I mean you were kissing me so long I couldn't breathe." 


Xena recaptured Gabrielle into her arms, but held her gently.  "I'm sorry Honey, but you sometimes have a deep effect on me." 


Gabrielle beamed with satisfaction.  It wasn't everyday her warrior spoke from the heart and didn't think it through first.  Now, it was Gabrielle that felt a tear of joy running down her cheek.  She wiped it away and quickly composed herself.  It wouldn't do to have her wife see her cry.  Shoving the packed saddlebags into Xena's arms, Gabrielle turned Xena around and pushed her toward the open door.


"I'll be expecting you no later then my birthday.  One day later then that and I'll come looking for you.  Don't try to hide behind Hercules, he knows better then to mess with me even if some Warrior Princesses are too dumb to fear my wrath. "  Gabrielle said, as they exited the hut.


Several of the Queen's guards pretended not the have heard their Queen, and suddenly became interested in the ground or the roofs of the huts.    Xena cast her eyes down in mock submission, her hair hiding a grin.  "Yes my Queen.  I hear and obey."  Gabrielle slapped the Destroyer of Nations on the rear as Xena mounted Argo.  Xena did not react to the playful contact. 


Once mounted, Xena bent down and spoke loud enough so that the guards could hear.  "My Queen, a word before I go, if you please." 


Gabrielle loved to role-play and put on the airs of a moody ruler.  Stepping closer she placed a loving hand on the warrior's knee and gave a little squeeze.  "Very well, what is it?" 


Speaking softly to Gabrielle, Xena said, "Gabrielle, do you know what we do to birthday girls in my village?"  The bard shook her head. 


Xena, giving Gabrielle her best wicket smile said, "We give them a good spanking.  How do you like that little bard?"


Gabrielle smiled, "I think I would like that very much.  Will there be someone from your village here on my birthday?" 


Xena bent even lower and met the lips offered up to her.  After the kiss Xena replied, "Why yes, my Queen.  In fact the best spanker in the whole village will be here to give you your birthday spanking after she helps a friend.


Removing her hand from Xena knee, Gabrielle replaced it with a kiss. After she stepped back, Xena nudged Argo and the mare bolted out of the village.


As Xena entered the village she could see that the Amazons were gearing up for the Queen’s birthday party.  The drums had just started beating and the first of the dancers would begin their savage, erotic dancing soon.  The Warrior Princess had just dismounted when she heard her lover squeal her name and spring into her arms.  “Gabrielle, you missed me hah?” Xena said as her wife showered her with kisses. 


After a slow, passionate kiss, Gabrielle stepped back, holding the warrior’s hands in her own.  “Xena, you have more trail dust on you then I’ve ever seen before.”


“Well, the raiders were a bit more then Hercules lead me to believe.  As soon as we routed them I rode straight here.” 


Gabrielle wrinkled her nose.  “You had smelled better the last time I saw you too.  Go take a bath and join my party when you are presentable.”


After her bath, Xena felt better and ventured out to the celebration. Wearing just a short shift and a pair of slippers, the long legged warrior found Gabrielle dancing with the other Amazons around a huge fire.  Xena squatted down and watched Gabrielle gyrate to the rhythm of the music along with the other dancers.  Gabrielle could be very sensual in her body movements without even trying to be.  When Gabrielle paused momentarily and wiggled her backside in front of her, Xena’s heart skipped a beat.  “Where did she learn that?” the warrior thought to herself.


At the end of the dance Gabrielle glided over to her.  “Did you like my dance?” Gabrielle purred. 


“It was very…ah…good.” Xena replied.  Words were never really her thing.


“Good?  I shake my ass in you face and all you can say is good?” The little bard pouted.


“Okay, it made me wet just to look at you.”  Xena almost blushed.  “Did I really say that out loud?”


A smile and the heart melting green eyes flashed as Gabrielle looped her arms around the warrior’s neck replaced the Blonde’s pout.  “That’s the response I wanted.  Was that so hard?”


Bending down to kiss her lover, Xena noted that Gabrielle must have had a few drinks because Gabrielle’s right hand moved from Xena’s neck to squeeze her buttock under her short shift.


 “Why Xena, you forgot to wear underwear.  I’m shocked.” The Queen said softly.  Gabrielle moved her finger to Xena’s anis and began to massage it.  “Did you wash everywhere really good my champion?  Or, do I need to do an inspection?”


“Gabrielle, your free to inspect anything you want.  I don’t mind that you have my ass exposed to public view right now, but…oooh…if you insist on sticking your finger up there…oh yeah… may I request the Queen sodomize me in private.” 


Gabrielle wiggles her finger, sending shockwaves through the captive warrior before she removed the appendage.  Replacing her arms around Xena’s neck, Gabrielle giggled when an Amazon passed by and shouted, “Hey Xena, nice ass”.  Xena quickly reached behind her and pulled down the back of the shift.


“It’s a great ass, Mona.  But you have to find your own.  This one belongs to me.”  Gabrielle shouted, a little louder then she had meant to.  


“You love to embarrass me don’t you?  You are so bad Gabrielle.”  Xena said in mock annoyance, 


“Yes, I’m a very bad girl.” Gabrielle chuckled.  “What’s ya gonn’a do about it, Warrior Princess?”  The little bard asked as she began to fondle the warrior’s breast through the thin shift.


 Xena scooped up the Queen and placed her lover on one of her broad shoulders.   “I seem to recall something about a spanking.  And a well deserved one too I might add.”


“You’ll never get away with it warrior.  I’m the boss here.  One word from me and your dead meat.”  Gabrielle laughed. 


As Xena carried the Queen past a group of Amazon she shouted above the music, “Hey everyone.  I’m taking your Queen back to her hut to ravage her.  Does anyone have a problem with that?” 


There were several shouts of encouragement but no objections.  “Looks like your mine now little bard, no ones going to save you.” She said as she carried her prize past the Amazons. 


Draped across Xena’s back, Gabrielle reached down and pulled up the shift and exposed Xena’s bottom for all to see.  The Amazons responded with catcalls and whistles. 

“Their all laughing at your pending doom Gabrielle.” Xena chuckled. 


“Oh, are they laughing at me or this beautiful ass I have on display.”  Gabrielle said as she gave Xena’s bottom a little slap.


 “You’ll pay for that Gabrielle.  Oh, how you’ll pay.”


Once inside the Queen's hut, Xena dumped the Queen on the large bed like a sack of potatoes. 


"Careful, I'm precious cargo, you know."  The bard said as she sprawled out on the bed.


Xena stood at the side of the bed and looked down at her wife.  "I think the Queen is getting a little too full of herself lately." 


Gabrielle kneeled on the bed facing Xena, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.  "And why shouldn't I, my warrior?  After all, I'm one of the most famous living bards in all of Greece, maybe the world.  I'm Queen of The Amazon Nation and a pretty good warrior if I do say so myself.  Perhaps you've heard of me.  Gabrielle, The Battling Bard and Queen of the Amazons.  I'm a fearless warrior like you.  I even impress myself and that’s not easy to do.  Ah… Impressing myself is not easy; playing with myself is easy.   Gabrielle giggled. 


Xena gave her a light push on the arm and the Queen feel onto her side.  "Yeah, you're really something alright.  Mostly drunk, I would say." 


Gabrielle struggled back to her knees, balling her little hands into fists.  As she sent jabs and punches into the air she said,  "And tough too, don't forget tough." 


Xena placed her hands over Gabrielle's to prevent her from accidentally punching herself.  "Okay Gabrielle, your one tough cookie.  I'm trembling all over." 


This brought on a sinister grin from the little warrior.  "It wouldn't be the first time I had you trembling, would it?"  Grabbing at Xena's shift she said, "Climb into this bed and I'll have you begging and trembling in minutes."


Xena pulled the shift over her head and dropped it on the floor.  Standing naked, with her hands on her hips she waited for the bard's next move. 


Gabrielle starred at her for several heartbeats until Xena spoke.  "See anything you like, My Queen?"  She then kicked off her slippers and placed one foot on the bed, giving Gabrielle a view of her lower body.  


The smile left Gabrielle's face and Xena thought she saw the bard's lips move several times before she spoke.


"Xena, no matter how many times I see your body, every time is like the first time.  I almost can't breath and my heart pounds so much I think it will explode in my chest.  I love you so much it hurts.  Do you have any idea how deep and total my love is for you?"



Xena climbed into the bed with her wife.  Lying beside Gabrielle, she held her little bard in her arms.  "If it's anything near the way I feel about you… I do understand.  I wish I could use language the way you do to express myself.  But, the words never come to me when they should." 


Gabrielle placed one finger on Xena's lips to quite her and said, "You just expressed yourself beautifully.” Smiling warmly at her partner’s honest, she added, “I think we are getting way to emotional right now."


Xena gently removed Gabrielle's finger from her lips. 


“Xena why are you sniffing my finger?”


“I just wondered if that was the finger you pushed up my…”


Gabrielle pulled away and stretched out on the bed.  Propping herself up on her elbows, she said, “All my fingers have been up your butt at one time or another.”  She slid her foot over to the warrior’s crotch and began to massage the dark hair with her toes.  The wicket smile on bard’s face and the big toe slipping into her caused the Warrior Princess to shutter. 


Xena moaned as she felt her juices begin to flow.  She cupped her own breast and began to slide her hands to her nipples.  She began to push down of the mischievous foot as her nimble fingers pulled and pinched her nipples.  “Oh Gabrielle, you’re driving me crazy!”


With a sensual voice, Gabrielle whispered as she watched her mate,   “A few years ago I never thought I would see the great Warrior Princess fondle her own breast while I made her tremble with my big toe.”


“Gab..bri…elle, stop torturing me and take me.” Xena husked.


“Oh, I’ll take you alright.  Just as soon as we discuss the terms.”


“TERMS… what terms?  I need you now.  Come on, I’ll do anything.”  Xena panted.


“Very well.  Get on the floor and down on your knees.” Gabrielle commanded.


Xena climbed down from the bed and kneeled next to it.  She removed one hand from her breast and began to service her clit with her long fingers.


Gabrielle smiled, “Ah, there’s a pretty sight.  My big warrior on her knees, servicing herself.  My, my you can get extremely wet in a very short period of time, can’t you?”

“Gabrielle, please!”


“I want to make you cum Xena, I really do, but my foot is all sticky and I need my foot to be clean before I can help you.”  Gabrielle bounced her leg over the bed in front of Xena’s face. 


Without moving her hands from their present task, Xena began to lick the Queen’s foot and toes. 


“Mmmm, I was thinking of a washcloth, but I guess your tongue will do.  Nice, Princess, very nice.  Don’t forget to get in between all the toes.  Yes, that’s it.”  Gabrielle couldn’t help but begin to touch her own treasure box.  She too was wet and skipped the habit of beginning her own self-exploration with one finger and elected to insert two.


“Clean, Gabrielle, all clean.” Xena said in a husky voice. 


Gabrielle opened her eyes and looked down her body into the hungry blue eyes of her lover.  Gabrielle purred, “You may position yourself on the Queen’s mouth.   As she services you, you will tell her how beautiful and sexy she is.  You may also praise and thank the gods for…”


Before Gabrielle could finish, her nose was being tickled by black pubic hair and she found her throat being lubricated by the warrior’s juices.  She soon began to let her tongue re-explore the cavern she knew so well.


Xena followed the instruction to the letter.  As the bard sent shockwave after shockwave through her body with her magical tongue, Xena proclaimed the beauty and unparallel sexuality of the queen.  She thanked the gods whose names she could remember and made up a few others just to be on the safe side.  As she neared her climax, Xena reached back with one hand and competed for finger space in the bard’s drenched hole.  Gabrielle removed her fingers from her opening and spread her vaginal lips to grant her lover full ownership and access to her dripping box.  While Xena repeatedly rammed three fingers into her, Gabrielle’s tongue flailed away inside the warrior.


At the point of orgasm, Gabrielle’s cries were muffled by the warrior’s soft, sweet flesh. Xena’s primeval shouts could be heard several huts away.  The warrior fell off her lover and held her in her arms. While the queen whimpered in pleasure, Xena whispered pledges of love and sweet endearments into her ear.  Softly stroking golden pubic hairs, Xena marveled at the amount of juice on the soft hair, her lover’s legs and her own fingers. She gently kissed the damp sticky lips and cheeks of the woman she loved more then life it’s self.  Soon her own tongue would begin the pleasurable chore of cleaning the liquid residue of their love making, but that could wait a few moments while she held Gabrielle, her Gabrielle in a loving embrace.  


After Xena finished cleaning her sleeping lover with her tongue, she heated washcloths and gently bathed Gabrielle with soap and water.  When she finished, Xena placed a fur skin cover over the bard and began to wash herself.  As she scrubbed herself, never taking her eyes off the sleeping treasure in their bed, a smile crossed Xena’s lips. 


Xena wondered which Gabrielle would awaken in a few hours.  Would it be the romantic bard, always gentle and caring?  Or, would it be the Amazon Queen, demanding service from her lover’s hands and mouth. Often taking what pleasure she wanted from her taller lover’s body.  Either way, Xena couldn’t wait.    With her precious lover tucked against her body, Xena drifted off into a deep sleep.


 " Xeeeenaaa"


 Xena heard her name being called softly in her sleep.  Xena barely woke up.


" Xena, wake up.” The voice said a little more firmly. 


Xena slowly opened her eyes.  "Gabrielle?  Where are you?"  Now, half-awake, Xena opened one eye.


"I'm pinned underneath you, you big lug.  Get off of me."


Not ready to wake up yet, Xena closed her eye and mumbled, "I'll think about it and get back to you.  Okay?"


"No thinking, time for action.  Move or suffer my wrath, warrior."  Gabrielle challenged.


"Can you move your arms or legs, Oh Queen of the Amazons?"  Xena asked, waking up more.


"You know I can't with you on top of me.  Get off now or else."  Gabrielle warned with her musical voice.


" I guess I'll just have to suffer your wrath.  Ouch!"  Xena exclaimed as she rolled off of her captive partner.  "You chewed on my ear, you little witch." 


The bard, now free of the weight of the warrior sprang from the bed.  "Don't say I didn't warn you, because I did."  Gabrielle said as she positioned herself behind a large table.


 Xena jumped to the opposite side of the table ready to chase her mate.  Gabrielle was giggling as she moved around the table away from Xena.  " I thought you loved my little nips and bites Xena. "


"Normally I do, but that wasn't the kind of bite I like.   Look, my ear is bleeding." Xena said as she pretended to look at blood that wasn’t really on her fingers. 


Gabrielle's face showed genuine concern as she hurried over to inspect the damage she thought she had caused.


Once, Gabrielle was within reach, Xena wrapped her arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides.  " Got ya." Xena proclaimed.


"No fair." Gabrielle laughed.  "You tricked me"


“And it was so easy too.  I guess you’re not as smart as you think you are.”  Xena smirked.


Gabrielle knew it was useless to struggle against the muscled arms around her. “I give up.  Now that you have me naked and helpless, what evil plans does The Destroyed of Nations for this poor, innocent farm girl?  Will you force me to commit unspeakable acts, I hope…I mean, I fear?  Or, do you plan to use my firm, young and extremely hot body as a tool to satisfy your lust, leaving me a broken and scorned by other women?” Gabrielle said over dramatically.


“Dam”, Xena thought, “Gabrielle is into her role-playing tonight. What character is she now a virgin farm girl?  Whatever it is, she is making me hot talking like that.”  Composing herself, Xena accepted the role of master, Gabrielle was suggesting.  “I am your master and you are my slave.  You are nothing more then my property.   I own you. Do you understand?”


Gabrielle looked up into Xena’s eyes.  “No, no, a thousands times no I say…” Gabrielle’s little speech was interrupted when she broke into a fit of giggles.  Placing her head between the warrior’s breasts, she tried to get back into character. 


“Gabrielle, are you going to play right, or not?”  Xena said with a little annoyance.


“Yes, yes, just give me a minute.”  After a few moments she looked up into her lover’s eyes. “Have mercy on me great warrior.  Let me go back to milking cows and stuff.”  


Xena looked down at her and made a tisk-tisk sound.  “You call yourself a bard?  That was terrible. Try again.”


Having her bardly abilities challenges was all Gabrielle needed.  She thought for a moment and adjusted her character.  With her chin set firmly, she looked up at Xena with defiance in her eyes. “ I will never give into you, you bitch. “ 


Xena was impressed.  Gabrielle had found her character.  Xena felt that she would have to hold up her end now.  Grabbing the hair on the back of her love’s head she turned her around so that Gabrielle was facing away from her.  While holding Gabrielle hair she plucked a long bootlace from the table.  “Hands behind your back, NOW!”  Xena ordered.


“NO.” Gabrielle spat back.


SMACK!  Xena gave the bard a firm slap on the bottom.  “I said now.  Do it.” Xena spoke with authority.  Gabrielle crossed her wrist behind her back, as instructed.  Xena wrapped the bootlace loosely around Gabrielle’s wrist.  With little effort, her love could slip out of her bondage anytime she wished.


Now that her pretend slave was bound, Xena stepped around in front of her.  Grabbing her captive by the back of the neck, Xena tried to part Gabrielle’s lips with her own.  The captive struggled to turn her head to avoid her master’s advance.  Xena pouted her lips and said, “No kiss for me little slave?  Oh well, you will be begging me for affection before dawn.”  Xena gave the bard a long tongue lick on the cheek before she backed off.


“Get down on you knees before me slave.”  Taking Gabrielle’s elbow, she helped her bound love to her knees.  Gabrielle looked up at Xena with her hypnotic green eyes.  Xena knew that she could not play her role She would soon melt into loving tenderness because of those eyes.  “Don’t look at me!  Look down at the floor!” Xena said, in her best cruel voice. 


Gabrielle lowered her head, breaking the spell on Xena.  Walking around the seemingly helpless woman on the floor she began to speak.  “You asked what was in store for you.  I’ll tell you.  I’m going to transform you from a sweet innocent farm girl into my personal whore.  There will be no act you will not perform at my command.  You will have no modesty, no self worth, and no virtue when I’m finished with you.  You will address me as master and only master.  Can you get that into your little brain?”


Gabrielle fought to repress a giggle and meekly replied, “Yes Master.”  Xena walked behind her and gave her slave’s butt a little slap.  “I don’t think I heard you.  Speak up.”


“Yes Master, I understand.” Gabrielle said louder.  “What a wimpy spank that was.  I hope she can do better then that.”  Gabrielle thought to herself. 


“That’s better.”  Xena said pleasantly.  “Now I want you to walk around the room and blow out all the candles, except the ones on the night stand.” As Gabrielle began her assigned task, Xena walked over and sat on the side of the bed.  When Gabrielle had extinguished the last candle she stood in the dark.


 “Come here.”  Xena commanded. 


Gabrielle slinked over to her.  “Do you want me on my knees again, Master?” the bard asked in a timid voice.


With a gruff voice, Xena snapped“Don’t try to anticipate me, you little bitch.  I’ll tell you what I want, when I want.”


“I’m sorry Master.”  Gabrielle said in a meek voice.  “Gods, this is making me so horny.  I wish Xena would get on with it.”   


“Come here and lay across my lap.” Xena commanded.  Gabrielle walked over to the bad and laid face down across Xena’s lap.  “Do you know what I’m going to do to you right now?”  Xena asked.


“No, but do something.  If I get any wetter, I’ll slide of you lap.”  Gabrielle said in a husky voice. 


SMACK!  Xena gave another slap to the bard’s bottom.  “I’m going to punish you now slave.  You will be spanked and you will thank me and ask for another each time I spank you.  Do you understand?”


“Yeah, sounds good to me.  Spank my ass bad girl.”  Gabrielle purred. 


“GABRIELLE!”  Xena yelled.  “Stay in character.” 


In a meek voice Gabrielle said, ”Yes Master, I understand.  Please don’t punish me to hard.  I’m so small and weak, I couldn’t take very much punishment from your strong hand.”  


Xena felt her own juices begin to flow.  “Does she have any idea what she is doing to me?”   Xena moved the palm of her hand in circles on Gabrielle’s exquisite bottom. She raised her hand and brought it down with a resounding crack. 


Gabrielle’s ass gave a sexy little wiggle and then she purred,  “Thank you Master.  May I have another?”


Xena raised her hand again and brought it down.  Smack!  Once again the little wiggle followed by her love's thanks and request for more of the same.  As Xena continued her administration, she could hear the sound of the blood rushing to her head.  The sight of her lover's hands tied behind her back and the fine ass turning from white to a pinkish red was over powering. 


Gabrielle's lines changed from "Thank you.  May I have another?" to "Yeah Baby, spank my fine ass."  Xena rained down blow after blow, loosing all concept of time.  She knew her hand was starting to go numb, but she didn't care.  Until…


"XENA!  Will you stop pleaseee?" 


Xena snapped out of her trance.  "Oh, what have I done?"  She said as she swept her love into her arms.  "Gabrielle, I'm so sorry, I don't know what got into me."  She laid the smaller women on her back in the bed.  She had forgotten that Gabrielle's tiny hands were tied behind her back.


"Relax Xena", Gabrielle said in her normal voice.  "My Grandmother use to spank me much harder then that." 


"You're not hurt?"  Xena asked in relief. 


Gabrielle smiled at her concern.  "No, I have a very thick hide.  And if truth be told, your spankings could be a bit harder." 


Xena raised an eyebrow at the last comment.  "Then why did you ask me to stop?" 


Now Gabrielle was a little embarrassed.  "Well ah… actually, I'm hungry."


"Hungry?  You've got to be kidding me.  We haven't been together in three weeks.  We have this whole little kink show going on and now you want to eat?" 


Gabrielle switched to her meek persona.  "Yes, Great War Lord, I need fuel to serve you better.  And … may I sit up?  My hands are going numb." 


Xena helped her to a sitting position next to her on the bed.  Now it was she that was a little embarrassed.  "If I go to the cooking tent to get you food… well …ah… I was wondering if it would be okay…"


Gabrielle smiled.  She knew what was on her mate's mind.  "Yes Xena, we don't have to stop play-acting.  Feed me and bring me some wine, then we will pick up right where we left off.  I'm enjoying it as much as you are. 


Xena stood up and looked at the bard.  "One more thing.  I kind’a like… um…”


Gabrielle could read Xena like a book.  "Yes, you can leave me tied up, but you’ll have to feed me." 


Xena's eyes lit up and she shouted, "It's a deal!" as she ran out of the hut, slamming the door behind her.  Moments later, Gabrielle watched the door burst open as a naked Xena ran back into the room.  "They said I have to have cloths on to go in the food hut.  Something about sanitary regulations.”


Sitting on the edge of the bed, Gabrielle smiled sweetly.  “Yes, I think I did hear something about that.” 


Xena slipped on her shift and a heavy rob and searched the room for her slippers.  Spotting the slippers behind Gabrielle’s feet she got down on her hands and knees in front of the bard’s legs.  “Could you shift your legs a little to the side, Sweetheart so I get my slippers?” 


Gabrielle spread her legs wide; giving Xena a view of her womanly charms inches from her face.  “Does this help?” she asked innocently.


“It helps drive me nuts, if that is what you are trying to do, it’s working.” 


The bard chuckled and said, “I’m a bad girl.  I should be punished.” 


Grabbing her slippers with one hand, Xena answered with her eyes fixed on Gabrielle’s pleasure box.  “I promise Gabrielle.  You will be punished.  I won’t hurt you but I’ll introduce you to a world you never knew existed.” 


“Ah… Xena.  Could you stop talking to my crotch and go get my food?”  Gabrielle said as her stomach grumbled. 


Xena stood up and bent over to gave her wife a kiss on the lips and said,  “You’re evil and you know it.” 


Gabrielle laughed and replied.  “Yep, I sure am.  But, I haven’t heard you complain yet.” 


As Xena raced out of the room, she yelled back,  “And you never will.”


Now sitting alone, in the semi-dark, Gabrielle thought to herself, “And they say she is the mature one.”  Moving her hands around a little behind her back she noted that her binding was very loose.  “I’ll have to mention to Xena that she need to work on her tying people up skills.  I could get free anytime I want.”


Xena return with a tray filled with bowls of food and a jug of wine.  Placing the tray on the table, she began to arrange the food.  “Come here Gabrielle.”  She said as she pored some of the wine into an empty bowl. 


Gabrielle stood up and walked over to the table.  Standing by the chair, she waited for Xena to pull the chair out so she could sit down to be feed.  She gave Xena a questioning look when the taller woman moved to the other side of the table and sat down.  “Ah… Xena?” 


Xena pored some wine for herself and said “What?” 


“I thought you were going to feed me.” 


Xena gave her one of her evil smiles and said,  “There’s the food, eat.” 


Now the bard was confused.  “How?”


“Bend down, and put your face in the bowls and eat.  Dogs do it that way, so can you.”


Just the smell of the food was making Gabrielle’s stomach grumble.  “Fine, how do I drink the wine?”  Gabrielle asked with a degree of annoyance. 


Xena let out a sigh,  “Use your tongue and lap it up.  I seem to recall you have a very capable tongue.”  


Gabrielle was getting angry.  “I won’t do it.  Your not going to treat me like this.” 


Xena leaned back in her chair and said,  “Okay, starve then.  It’s up to you.”


Several minutes went by.  Gabrielle couldn’t stand it any longer.  Bending down over the first bowl, she could smell the cooked meat.  She noticed that Xena had taken the trouble to dice the meat up into bit size chunks.  She picked up the first little square of meat with her teeth and managed to get it into me mouth.  “Oh, that’ tastes so good.” She thought to herself.  Gabrielle was a quick study and soon mastered the skill of eating without the use of hands.


After several minuets, Xena got out of her chair and walked behind the bard.  “Stop eating and stand up straight.”  Gabrielle felt the bootlace being removed from her wrist.  “I’m sorry Gabrielle, I don’t know what I was thinking.” 


Gabrielle was a little disappointed that Xena had decided to free her from her bondage.  “Xena, your such a wimp.”  Gabrielle though.  Xena picked up the assorted bowls and placed them on the floor.  “What are you doing?” the bard asked. 


“Like I said, I don’t know what I was thinking, letting you eat at my table.  You should eat from the floor, it’s more fitting your station.”


“Oh Xena, you’re so bad…I love this game.”   Gabrielle asked meekly, “May I eat now Master?”  Xena granted her permission in a board tone.  The little Queen got down on all fours and began to lap up some wine. 


Gabrielle couldn’t see Xena begin to fondle herself as she spoke.  “That’s it.  Lap it up you little bitch.”  Xena grabbed a chair and positioned it behind the bard and sat down.  “Let me know when your finished and I’ll decide what to do with you next.  I’ll just sit and bask in your humiliation.” Sitting in the chair, Xena spread her legs and began to service herself. 


As Gabrielle ate, she heard a soft moan behind her.  “I wonder if Xena is masturbating?”   Just the thought if it excited Gabrielle.


“Finished Master” the queen said after lapping up the list of her wine. 


“Don’t move” Xena said in a gasp.  As Xena climaxed, she cried out. “Yes. Oh yes!”  Gabrielle looked straight ahead and grinned.  Xena tore off the robe and shift.  Kicking off the slippers, she put her feet on the wife’s back.  “I’m going to use you as a foot stool for a while.” Xena said.  She needed a little time to recover. Several minuets pass before Gabrielle felt the weight of Xena’s legs lifted.  “”Get on the table and lay on your back slave.” Xena commanded.  Gabrielle complied.


“Up until now, I’ve been pretty easy on you.  I wonder if you’re ready to go to a whole new level.  We’ll have to talk it through.”  Xena was speaking in a normal, everyday voice.  “You have my permission to touch yourself while we chat.”  


Gabrielle had masturbated every night while Xena had been way.  But doing in front of her mate was something she had never done before.  She slowly moved her delicate hands to her body. 


“What’s wrong birthday girl?  Are you shy?”  Xena asked.  Xena pored a little wine on Gabrielle’s chest.  “I’ll help you get started.”  Xena whispered, as she began to lick the wine up.  When Xena began to flick a bard nipple with her tongue, Gabrielle felt her juices begin to flow.  Gabrielle moved one hand down and began to massage her moist hole.


“Xena, kiss me, pleaseee!” Gabrielle begged. 


Xena stopped her licking and moved her face inches from her wife’s.  “I would Gabrielle, but I don’t think you deserve it, not yet anyway.  “You are doing the worst job of self satisfaction I have ever seen.” 


“Have you seen many women masturbate, Warrior Princess?”  Gabrielle asked meekly. 


Xena chuckled, “Why yes I have, as a matter of fact.  Back in my warlord days, I would bring dozens of captive village girls to my tent and line them up and have them masturbate.  The one that did the best job was freed.  The rest I sold to whore houses.  This was a lie, but Gabrielle could be easy fooled at times and this was one of those times.


Gabrielle attacked her task with vigor.


“Just think about it Gabrielle.  All those poor, innocent girls forced to service a bunch of dirty, smelly farmers and soldiers.” 


Gabrielle moved her other hand down to spread her folds as she teased her clit with her fingers. 


Xena gave her a little kiss and said, “That’s better.  Sitting back down in her chair, she asked nonchalantly, “While I was gone did you play with yourself?”


Gabrielle’s face turned red but she answered honestly. “Yes”. 


Xena made a tisk-tisk sound.  “How often?” 


This line of questioning was exciting the little queen, and she inserted two fingers into her slippery hole.  As she moved her fingers in and out, she answered between clinched teeth, “Every night.” 


Xena chuckled,  “Hmm, let me do the math.  I was gone twenty-one days that means you used you body, without my permission twenty-one times.  Is that right?”


The bard’s legs began to tremble as she worked her fingers faster. “No, more like two or three… times a night.” 


Xena moved her hand between her own legs.  “My, my, you have been busy, haven’t you?”  Gabrielle tried to answer but all that came out was a husky moan.  Xena was flowing now.  “Well… ah … as long as we are being honest…”


“You Bitch! You fucked Hercules.”  Gabrielle accused.


“No, of course not.  But you know my saddle, right?” 


The bard has stopped her fingers when she thought for a second that her wife had been untrue.  Now, she began to move them again.  “Your saddle?  What about it?” she asked.


Xena had never told Gabrielle about the saddle before and found that she was actually a little embarrassed.   “Well the saddle horn looks like a big penis… and ah… well, it gets lonely out in the woods …”


The thought of Xena mounting the saddle horn was so erotic to Gabrielle that she had to slow down her movements so that she wouldn’t climax.  “Tell me about it.”


Xena was moving her fingers faster now.  Telling her lover about her own self-pleasuring method was exciting.  “Well, the saddle has to be on Argo, it’s doesn’t work if you put it on the ground. 


“Go on.” Gabrielle demanded. 


“Okay, I take off my cloths and have my puss… myself up against the side of the horn.  I then begin… mmm, I’m getting so wet…”


“Tell me and tell me quick.  I can’t hold out much longer.”  Gabrielle shouted. 


“As Argo begins to trot, the saddle horn is rubbing against me and I start to get wet…”


 "Go on.” Gabrielle said as she pleasured herself. 


“Oh, gods, I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”  Xena said as her nimble fingers worked.  “I have this little jar of cooking grease and I smear it all over the saddle horn…  “


Hurry, Xena!”  Gabrielle cried. 


“I ah… have Argo pick up the pace… and then I mount the saddle horn.”  Xena spoke through clenched teeth as she neared her orgasm.  “Uhooo, It feels so good to have that big cock-like thing in me…  As Argo moves, I bounce up and down with that big thing inside me.  And then I cum over and over…  Xena never finished because she was shouting out in pleasure.  No one heard her because the Queens cries were much louder as she climaxed at the same time.


A long time passed before Xena was able to get out of her chair.  When she could move, it took all her strength to stand up and walk over to the table that held her spent lover.   The warrior gently scooped up the woman she loved and carried her to their bed.  Placing her treasure on the bed, she bent down and shared a deep kiss with her.  After crawling into bed beside Gabrielle, Xena pulled the fur sins over them both and held her wife.  Hypnotic green eyes looked into loving blue eyes.  “I love you Xena.” The bard purred.

“And I love you with all my heart and soul, my love.  Xena replied.


“Then I can ask for one more thing?”


 Xena laughed and held her arms around the bard tightly.  “Your something else Gabrielle.  As much as I love you, I’m spent; I have nothing left to give tonight.  You have drained me completely.” 


Gabrielle snuggled closer and put her knee in a place that weakened any resolve the warrior might have had.  “Not to night, tomorrow night.  Promise me.” 


Xena sighed, “Alright, stop that wicket knee, and I'll agree to anything.” 


Gabrielle gave her a sinister grin.  “Good, tomorrow night I want a lesson in nude horseback riding.  And make sure you bring that saddle.”


THE END (Or is it?)


Thanks for reading my little story.  This was my first attempt at alternative fan fiction.  I pretty much write general fan fiction, that as far as I know, nobody reads.  Please send feedback so I’ll know if I should keep this story line going.




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