For Love Of A Queen, Part 5


The Romans had come, and darkness covered my soul.......

I was in a state of shock I guess.  I went through the motions of life, but I know that who I was went with Ephiny.  I was a lost soul, reaching for something that would never be again.

Amarice had found Xena and Gabrielle and brought them back.  I didn't want to talk to them.  I didn't care any more.  My love, my world had come to it's end, and all I wanted was to end with it.  They could be so blasted persistent, though.  They wanted to give me comfort and support, but how could they when my comfort and support was taken from me.  How could they understand that life ceased for me the moment she was taken from me?  I never knew love before Ephiny, and I knew now I would never know it again.  All I could think about was vengeance.  Once that was achieved, then I could follow her.  Then perhaps I would again know peace.

My rage was evident to everyone.  I fought like a madwoman, glorying in the deaths that fell before me.  Battles raged, Pompeii was killed by Xena, Brutus captured.  The moment I saw him being lead into the village, something broke within me.  I ran, screaming in rage and pain, my sword raised high, longing only to snuff out the life of the one who took my love's life.  As I neared him, I felt a blow to my head and all was blackness.  Later when I awakened, I found myself shackled within our jail.   I found out it was Xena who had put a stop to my rage.  And now it burned in my soul for her also.  How could she deny me this???

Gabrielle came to tell me that she was pardoning Brutus and sending him back to Rome with a peace treaty.  And now my rage burned towards another friend.

"How can you do this?  He took Eph away from me!"  I said, pain flowing through me at this betrayal.

She looked at me sadly.  "Poni, do you realize what will happen if you kill Brutus?  Every Amazon will be hunted by the Romans.  It would be the end of us all.  I must try to end this."

Pulling angrily at my chains, I looked in her eyes with a snarl on my face.  "If you do this, you better keep me here.  Because I will not stop until he is dead.  And I will never forget this betrayal of Ephiny and me."

Sighing she said, "Poni, I am doing this for you, for Ephiny, for the tribe.  I am not betraying you.  I only want to help you.  I am trying to save you.  Think about this.  Ephiny would do the same thing."

Looking at her pleadingly as tears fell down this supposed mighty Weapons Master's face, "Yes, she would, Gabrielle.  But I cannot let this go.  Can't you see that?"

"Yes, I understand, Poni.  I know the pain and loss I feel can be nothing compared to the torment you are feeling.  Oh Poni, how I wish I could change this.  If only we had been here......."

"What's done is done, Gabrielle.  There is no going back, nor is there any going back for me.  I know what I must do."

"Poni, please don't speak like that.  We all need you.  Marga needs you.  Think about her, about the commitment you and Eph made to caring for her.  She needs her Boo."

At the mention of our little one, the dam finally broke within me.  I fell to my knees and wept bitterly for what I had been willing to do, for the loss of my soul, and the failure to think of my little girl.  Gabrielle took me in her arms, keeping me safe, and just allowing me to cry like a little child.  The hurt, the rage, the sorrow slowly flowed from me.

"Oh Ephiny, I am so sorry.  So sorry I wasn't here.  So sorry I wasn't there with you at the last.  I never expected it to be this way.  I'm so sorry, Eph, I've been so lost.  I forgot who we are together, even despite this.  And worst of all, I forgot our little Marga."

And with that, the healing began........

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