~An Affair to Remember~


By: Ambrosia


Disclaimers: The characters in this story are figments of my imagination. They are solely the property of me, myself, and I J


Sexual Content: There are intimate/sexual/loving relationships between women occurring in this tale.


Violence: None. Nada. Zip. Just peace, love, and harmony. (Chuckle)


Language: Nothing that can’t be aired on a network station.


Special Thanks: Thank you Hawke and Antigone for helping me by giving the names for the establishments mentioned in this story. I had no idea what to call them until you both offered your assistance. So thank you very much. I really appreciate it J


Inspiration: I would like to thank the creators of the movie “You’ve Got Mail” for inspiring me to write this piece. I’ve watched that movie so many times I just had to write a story loosely based on it. J


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Part 3


Sitting in the waiting room, Sonny watched as Jack paced back and forth in front of her. It was like watching a professional tennis match and Jack was that fuzzy little green ball. Calling out to her, Sonny waited until the woman looked her way before she recommended that she take a seat. Announcing that she would in just a few minutes (which was the same answer she gave the last three times Sonny informed her to sit) Jack returned to her pacing as she quickly ran a hand through her already disheveled hair.


Softly sighing, the blonde noticed a stack of magazines on the small round glass table located next to her chair. Leafing through them, she picked up a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and began to search through it for something to read. Finding it rather difficult to concentrate, Sonny tossed the magazine back on the table before turning her attention back to the pacing tennis—Jack.


“Jack…honey come here,” Sonny said, unaware of the endearment she had just used. Outstretching a hand to the other woman, she watched as Jack slowly took it and allowed herself to be pulled over. When Sonny indicated for her to sit, she did so without comment and began to drum the fingertips of her empty hand on the arm of the chair. Still holding her left hand, Sonny reached over with her left and briefly placed it over Jack’s right, stopping the tapping. Lifting her hand, Sonny was pleased to notice that it stayed still.


Glancing at her watch, Jack let out a loud breath as she started to tap her feet on the floor. She missed Sonny shaking her head. “When are they going to give us some information?” Jack nearly shouted as she looked at Sonny, as though the younger woman could give her the answers she so desperately sought. “I’m going crazy here.”


Yes, I know you are Sonny thought as she gave Jack’s hand a light squeeze. “They’re still working on her Jack, but I’m sure we’ll learn something soon. I know it’s hard to do because it’s your little sister in there, but please try to remain as calm as you possibly can.”


Jack let out a long sigh as she leaned her head against the wall directly behind them. “Sonny that is easier said than done,” she replied quietly.


She squeezed the woman’s hand again, smiling slightly as Jack returned it. “I know. She’ll be all right,” Sonny remarked as she looked into Jack’s eyes, trying to reassure her. “I have faith that she will be.”


Leaning towards her, Jack kissed the other woman’s cheek. “Thanks for those words Sonny. And thank you for being here. I might be acting totally out of control if it wasn’t for your presence.”


“Whew! Glad I came to keep you in line then.” Sonny winked at her, earning a genuine smile.


Both women fell silent as they anxiously waited for any update on Chloe’s condition. Glancing at a clock on the wall, Sonny noted that they had been waiting for nearly thirty minutes. Unconsciously stroking the back of Jack’s hand with her thumb, Sonny looked at the woman when she heard her sigh loudly. Asking if she could get her anything, Jack replied with a shake of her head.


“I just want my sister to be okay,” Jack said in a soft voice. As she looked at Sonny, fresh tears sprang to her eyes. “She’s the only family I have left and I don’t know what I’d do if I were to lose her. I can’t,” she finished in a whisper.


Letting go of Jack’s hand, the blonde wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her as close as she could manage with the arm of their chairs being between them. “You won’t have to worry about what you’ll do, because you’re not going to lose her. If she’s anything like her sister, I know that she’ll make it through this with flying colors.” Sonny pressed a kiss to the top of Jack’s head as she felt the woman’s shoulders shake, instantly knowing that she was crying again. As she leaned her head against Sonny’s shoulder, the blonde offered her comfort as they continued to wait.



Briskly walking towards the waiting room with a clipboard in hand, Dr. Keller removed his surgical mask, tucking it in a pocket of his pants. On arriving at the waiting room, he looked at two women sitting together, one with her arm around the other. Noting that one of the women was Jack Foster, he greeted them both, exclaiming that Chloe was now out of surgery and had been moved to a private room in the Intensive Care Unit.


Watching as the doctor pulled a chair over and sat in front of them, Jack asked, “How did the surgery go? Is she going to be all right?”


“There were a couple of minor complications, but overall it went well,” Dr. Keller replied as he gave the worried woman a reassuring smile. “It’s going to take a while before she heals, and your sister will need extensive therapy, but I believe that she’ll be just fine. I will tell you that she is in a coma, but that is not surprising with the injuries that she sustained.”


Jack nodded as she swallowed hard, trying to digest that bit of information. “When do you expect her to wake up?”


“I honestly cannot say,” the doctor replied. “Depending on how severe a head trauma is, the longer a coma might last, which could be anywhere from a few hours to days. Based on Chloe’s head injuries, my best guess would be for her to awaken within the next twenty-four hours or so.”


Nodding again, Jack asked, “What is the extent of her injuries? I was told that she might have been drinking. Is that true?”


Dr. Keller nodded as he glanced at the clipboard in his hand. “Yes, your sister had been drinking. She had a blood alcohol level of .22, which is extremely high. With her small stature and age, I’m surprised that she was even capable of driving at all, let alone making it onto the freeway.”


Running a hand through her hair, Jack shook her head as she wondered where and how Chloe managed to obtain that much alcohol, considering she was underage. The one thing she was grateful for was that no one else was involved or hurt in the accident. “Besides being in a coma, what else happened to her?”


Looking at his clipboard again, the doctor replied, “Well, she had some internal bleeding but we were able to stop it. She has a concussion, which most likely resulted from her skull fracture,” Dr. Keller paused as the look of worry deepened on Jack’s face. With her arm still around the woman, Sonny gave Jack a light squeeze. “I know that it sounds quite horrible Ms. Foster, but Chloe only has a simple fracture, which means that there was a break in a bone, yet there wasn’t any damage to her skin. Since the break wasn’t too severe, surgery wasn’t needed because the fracture can and will heal on its own,” he assured her. When Jack nodded, he went on, “Also, two of her ribs were fractured, which resulted in her left lung being punctured. This is fairly common with injuries to the ribs,” Dr. Keller quickly added when Jack looked as though she was about to either cry or scream.


“What does that mean?” she asked as calmly as was possible. The more he spoke, the worse it seemed to get.


“What it means is that her left lung collapsed. The medical term for it is Atelectasis. That’s when an area of the lung collapses, which prevents air from getting to it. It’s difficult to breathe so we have her on oxygen. To repair her lung, we’ll show her some breathing exercises to do and she’ll have respiratory therapy treatment. You understand?” At Jack’s affirmative nod, he went on, “Chloe’s right leg was broken in two places so she now has a cast on it. She’ll be able to use crutches when she gets back on her feet. Besides all of that, she has multiple bruises and scratches, none of which are serious, though her whole body will probably be aching when she awakens. Any questions?”


“When can I see her?”


“You can see her right now,” Dr. Keller said as he stood up and put the chair back where he found it. He then informed Jack of Chloe’s room number, announcing that if other family member’s were to arrive that only two at a time were allowed in the room.


Standing, Jack walked over to the surgeon and shook his hand briefly. “Thank you for saving my sister’s life.”


“You’re welcome.” He smiled at her. “Hey, it’s my job.” Offering a smile to Sonny, who was still sitting down, Dr. Keller took his leave.


Turning around, Jack headed towards Sonny with tears in her eyes, though these were of part joy and part relief. As the dark-haired woman neared, Sonny stood and embraced her, tears in her own eyes. Mutely, they enjoyed a long warm hug before finally breaking away. Placing her hands on Sonny’s cheeks, Jack gave her the most tender of kisses on the forehead before letting go, smiling into the blonde’s bleary green eyes.


“She really is gonna be okay, isn’t she?” Jack stated in a hushed tone.


Sonny nodded while smiling back at her. “She’s going to be great.”



With her hands tucked in the pocket of her jeans, Jack walked into her sister’s hospital room, where Chloe lay in the bed closest to the large window. At seeing the young girl looking so fragile and small in that bed, her heart feeling like it was shattering into a million pieces. Moving closer, Jack pulled one of two chairs located by the window, next to her sister’s bed before having a seat in it. Looking at the unconscious girl, Jack noted the IV needle that ran into the back of her right hand connected to a drip. Inserted in Chloe’s nose were nasal prongs that were attached to a cannula tube giving her oxygen.


Gently taking her sister’s limp hand in her own, Jack gave it a small squeeze as she gazed at Chloe, thinking that she looked so very helpless. Suddenly remember something she heard about those in a coma possibly being able to hear when people spoke to them, Jack scooted closer in her chair as she continued to hold her sister’s hand. Listening to the faint sound of Chloe’s breathing for a few minutes, Jack then began to speak.


“ Hey Kid. I’m not sure if you can hear me or not, but I’m gonna give this a try anyway,” the blue-eyed woman started in a soft tone of voice. “Man, when I got that call today that you had been in a car accident, my stomach nearly jumped into my throat. I kept hoping…praying that it was just a nightmare and that I would soon wake up and you would be just fine. But obviously that’s not the case,” pausing, Jack looked at the wide bandage wrapped around Chloe’s head and the faintly purplish bruise on her right cheek. “Do you know how worried I was about you, Kid?” she asked in a voice close to breaking as tears stung her reddened and puffy eyes. “You scared the you know what out of me. Promise me…please promise me that you’ll never drink and drive again. That was a very thoughtless idea and I swear if you weren’t already in this bed I’d think about putting you in it myself.” Reaching up, Jack wiped away a tear before continuing, “If you kill yourself that’ll kill me as well. Don’t you know that? I love you,” she managed to get out in a whisper before breaking down into tears. Leaning her head down on the bed, Jack sobbed as hot tears coursed down her cheeks. Minutes later, she felt a slight pressure on her hand as though it had been squeezed. Quickly raising her head, Jack closely looked at her sister who still appeared unconscious. Glancing down at their joined hands, she softly smiled through the tears. “Thank you.”



Around seven o’clock that evening, walking down the corridor of the hospital, Leslie made her way to the waiting room where she found Jack and Sonny along with three other people. Sonny was sitting upright on a couch with Jack stretched out on it (well as much as she could being that she was longer than the piece of furniture), her head lying in the other woman’s lap. Since her eyes were closed, it appeared that Jack was asleep, but Sonny was obviously awake, due to the fact that she was reading a magazine she held in one hand, while rubbing Jack’s head with the other.


As Leslie walked into the living room, Sonny glanced her way over the top of the magazine. Seeing her coming towards them, Sonny closed the magazine, placing it on the arm of the chair as she smiled in greeting. Almost tip toeing so as not to disturb Jack, Leslie arrived at the couch, kneeling on the floor in front of Sonny.


“I came as soon as I heard about the accident,” Leslie whispered to the blonde. “How is Chloe doing?”


“She’s in critical yet stable condition,” Jack piped in before Sonny could answer. Opening her eyes, she looked at Leslie whose attention she now had. “Both Sonny and I saw her. In fact, she just practically dragged me out of Chloe’s room about twenty minutes ago so that I could take a nap, but unfortunately, I can’t sleep,” Jack finished, remaining in the smaller woman’s lap, seemingly content to be there. 


“Is she awake?” Leslie inquired.


Jack shook her head. “No, she’s in a coma, but her surgeon doesn’t seem to be too worried about that because the trauma to her head isn’t that great. So the lesser the head trauma, the more likely the coma won’t last long. Dr. Keller, Chloe’s surgeon, thinks that she’ll wake up by tomorrow evening.” She suddenly smiled faintly. “She squeezed my hand. I started thinking that perhaps it was just my imagination, but Sonny convinced me that she really had done it.”


Leslie smiled at them both, the errant thought of how cute a couple they would make popping in her head. “That’s wonderful news, Jack.”


Jack nodded, softly sighing.


A small frown appearing on her face, Leslie said, “I’m so sorry for what happened. I take full responsibility.”


“It’s not your fault Les,” Jack replied, wondering why the woman would blame herself. If this was anyone’s fault, it was Chloe’s and the person who was stupid and careless enough to sell a minor alcohol.


“Yes, it is my fault,” Leslie replied. “You see I have a liquor cabinet, but I never keep it locked, although I have a key. When I went home earlier this evening before finding out about Chloe’s accident, I noticed that the doors to it were wide open and most of the alcohol was missing. She must have drunk it and then left, soon to have that accident.” 


Sitting up, Jack reached for Leslie’s hand and gave it a brief squeeze before letting go. Looking into the woman’s eyes, she said, “Les, what happened is not your fault. You had no way of knowing that Chloe would go near your liquor. She is the one who is responsible for what happened to her, not you. You didn’t put a gun to her head in order to get her to drink and you weren’t the one who put her up to driving afterwards. Please don’t blame yourself.”


“She’s right,” Sonny interjected. “Chloe is responsible for her own actions.”


Leslie smiled at them both gratefully, relieved that they (especially Jack) were not upset with her over what happened. After having discovered her open liquor cabinet, Leslie had felt the knots growing in her stomach. When she found out about the accident, she felt sick to her stomach, instantly blaming herself for what could turned out to be a major tragedy. Though Jack and Sonny did not blame her, Leslie still felt somewhat responsible and wondered if there was a way she could help. Thinking of something, she voiced a question to the two women.


“I have an idea,” Leslie started. “You two look tired. Why don’t you go home and get some rest for a few hours and I’ll stay here with Chloe. If anything changes, I’ll call you right away. I promise.”


Jack shook her head. “No, I’m not leaving until she wakes up.” Thinking her reply sounded harsh, Jack added in a softer tone, “But thank you for offering it Les.” She smiled at the woman. “I can’t leave until I’m sure she’s going to be all right.”


Leslie smiled in return while wearing a look of understand. “If it were my sister I wouldn’t leave either. I should have known better. Can I at least get you guys something to eat? Maybe some coffee?”


“Coffee sounds good,” Jack said, turning to Sonny who agreed.


Standing, Leslie smiled at them, informing the two that she would be right back before she turned around to leave. Glancing back at them, Leslie nodded to herself, thinking that yes indeed Jack and Sonny would make a wonderful couple. She watched for a moment as Jack leaned her head on the other woman’s shoulder and Sonny wrapped an arm around her waist as though this were their usual routine, before she left in search of the cafeteria.



After finishing her fourth cup of coffee that evening, Jack tossed the paper cup in the trash can before glancing at her watch, noting that it was nearly ten o’clock. Thinking that Leslie should have been home by now, since she had left the hospital about an hour ago, Jack looked across to Sonny, who was sitting on the opposite side of Chloe’s bed. Studying the younger woman while she read her magazine, a small smile appeared on Jack’s lips. She was very thankful that Sonny had decided to come to the hospital and offer her the comfort that she so desperately needed. Giving thought to it now, Jack didn’t know what she would have done without Sonny being here for her.


The smile on Jack’s face grew slightly. Just one more reason why I love you, she thought as she openly gazed at the other woman. Feeling eyes upon her, Sonny looked up from the article she was reading to notice those eyes belonged to Jack. Smiling at the woman, she closed the magazine and leaned over to put it on the floor before settling back in her chair, crossing one leg over the other.


“I didn’t mean to disturb you,” Jack said in an apologetic tone. “I was just looking at you and wondering where you stashed your wings.”


Sonny’s brow crinkled in confusion. “Hmm?”


Slightly grinning, Jack replied, “Well you’ve simply got to be an angel.” The grin she was wearing widened as she noticed the shade of crimson, which instantly arose on the blonde’s cheeks. “Am I wrong?”


Sonny bit down on her lower lip…hard. In fact, she did it so hard, that she swore she tasted blood as heat stung her cheeks. “I...err…umm.” The blonde scowled, embarrassed that she had seemingly lost her ability to speak coherently.


Jack’s eyebrow arched as she grinned so broadly that Sonny waited for her face to shatter. “I’m sorry. The only languages I understand fluently are English and Spanish. Unfortunately, I’m not at all familiar with that one.”


The blonde smirked as she mouthed, “Bite me.”


Swiftly, Jack replied, “It would be my pleasure. Just stand up, turn around and toot over so I may sink my choppers into that firm luscious little a—“


Pale brows rose high, as Sonny’s cheeks became so hot that she wished she had a bucket of ice. “Jack!” she shouted in astonishment. Swallowing with some difficulty, she glanced at Chloe before whispering, “We’re in a hospital and your little sister is between us.”


Scooting her chair forward, Jack placed her hands on Chloe’s bed before lacing her fingers together. Looking at the furiously blushing Sonny, she whispered, “That’s right. We are in a hospital…not a church. And even in a church, it's okay to say ass as long as you use it in the correct context. Therefore, it’s okay to say ass. Ass is fine.” She winked as the other woman rolled her eyes. “And though I wish she were awake, I doubt that Chloe is listening to my gentle ribbing.”


“Gentle ribbing?” Sonny cocked her head to the side. “That’s what you call it?”


Jack nodded. “You know I’m only kidding with ya Sonny girl.” She winked again, grinning as Sonny unexpectedly blushed. Suddenly becoming serious, the brunette outstretched a hand to Sonny. When the blonde placed her hand against Jack’s warm palm, she fought another blush that threatened to arise as a delightful little surge went through her. Sonny didn’t want to end the contact, but let go after a reasonable length of time while she wondered why they were shaking hands in the first place. “I apologize if I went too far,” Jack said, taking a deep breath as she fought the urge to recapture Sonny’s hand in order to press her lips to the softness of the smaller woman’s palm. “I just like teasing you, I guess.” Jack faintly smiled. “You’re cute when you’re all ruffled.”


The blonde grinned. “As opposed to being “un-cute” the rest of the time?”


Laughing, Jack shook her head. “No, cute doesn’t even began to do you justice.” She fell silent as she stared into bright green eyes. “You’re beautiful,” she softly admitted. “On the outside and within, I believe that you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen.”


Noting the earnest expression on Jack’s face caused Sonny to blush even more as she cast her eyes to her lap, not knowing what to say in response. I’m having a hard time figuring you out Jack Foster. If you’re not trying to press my buttons to the point where I get an itching to slap you silly, then you’re either teasing me or being sweet as molasses. Glancing up, she noticed blue eyes staring at her inquisitively, which caused more blushing. What is the matter with me? I never blush this much!


“Cat got your tongue?” Jack asked with a hint of playfulness in her voice.


Remaining silent, Sonny shook her head in a negative fashion while feeling the need to get some fresh air. It might have just been her imagination, but it seemed as though it was starting to become unbearably hot in here. She’s some type of sorceress. Sonny faintly nodded. That must be it. And she’s worked her spell on me and that’s exactly why I’m having all of these feelings and thoughts. If she kept telling herself that, she might actually come to believe it.


Cocking her head to the side, Jack studied the other woman carefully, wondering what she was thinking. Opening her mouth, Jack voiced her question.


“Oh, nothing,” Sonny replied much too quickly. She watched as Jack arched an eyebrow and fought to keep a look of irritation off of her face. If she keeps doing that, I’m gonna be forced to shave both of those brows off! They’re a nice pair, but she moves them far too much!


“So your mind is a complete blank?”


“Yep.” Standing up, Sonny moved over towards the window as she heard Jack richly laugh. After a couple of moments, she managed to get the window open before perching on the sill. Carefully leaning out, Sonny took deep gulps of air as she gazed up at the clear night sky, noting the twinkling stars. She briefly wondered if Blue was looking at these very stars right now.


“Hey be careful there Sonny girl,” Jack warned as she turned her chair around to observe the blonde. “If you fall this time, I’m not sure I’m gonna jump outta that window after ya. I ain’t Superwoman.”


Laughing, Sonny decided to move away from the window as she experienced a flashback to the riverboat. Heading back towards her chair, Sonny didn’t get very far because arms were suddenly wrapped around her waist and she was pulled onto Jack’s lap. When she attempted to get up, the arms around her waist became a little tighter, though not uncomfortably tighter. If she weren’t so stubborn, Sonny would have admitted to at least herself that she really didn’t mind being in this position. “Giving in” she turned around a little so that she could easily see Jack’s face. Noting the pleased look that she found there, Sonny smirked.




Sonny shook her head. “Nothing. Nothing at all.”


Starting to trail her fingers up and down the blonde’s side, Jack playfully inquired, “So what do you want for Christmas Sonny girl? Well first I suppose I should ask if you’ve been a good little girl this year.”


As fingertips moved up and down her side, Sonny found that she had a rather difficult time concentrating. “Um…well that depends on what you define as good,” she finally said, sounding flirtatious to her own ears.


A slow grin made its way to Jack’s face. “Here is my theory,” she said in a low voice that Sonny could only categorize as being extremely sexy. “Good is good. But bad is so much better.” Moving her eyes to Sonny’s lips, Jack slowly leaned in not fully thinking about what she was about to do. Currently not using her brain either, Sonny began to do the same thing, but stopped when there was a sudden knock on the door. Leaping off of Jack’s lap like it was suddenly on fire, the young woman noticed the nurse walking in and blushed furiously.


With an apologetic look, the nurse informed the two women that she had come to check Chloe’s vitals and that it would only take a few minutes. Watching intently as the nurse did her job, Jack attempted to hide her frown as she tried to be reasonable. After all, the nurse didn’t know that she was interrupting anything. She was only doing what she was supposed to do, and Jack was pleased to see that she was being so gentle with her sister.


A few minutes later, the nurse was done and wrote something down on a chart located at the end of Chloe’s bed. Smiling at them both apologetically, the nurse turned around and quickly left the room, deciding that next time she came to this particular room, she would peek through the window before knocking.


Pulling her chair closer to Chloe’s bed, Jack started to caress her sister’s cheek with the back of her hand as she gazed at her, willing the young woman to wake up. She would give anything to just see those blue eyes that matched her own, looking back at her. Moving down Chloe’s body, Jack watched as her chest rhythmically rose and fell. Seconds later, she glanced up as hands touched her shoulders, beginning a light massage. Smiling gratefully, Jack patted one of Sonny’s hands before continuing to caress her sister’s cheek while she felt the tight muscles in her shoulders starting to loosen up.


“Sonny, I appreciate your being here but you should go home. I know you must be tired,” Jack stated after a short silence fell between them.


The blonde continued her massaging, moving her hands up and down the other woman’s shoulders, feeling the tension. “You trying to get rid of me?” she asked, a smile evident in her voice.


Jack lightly chuckled as she shook her head. “Nah, I’d keep you forever if it were possible.”


Glad that Jack could not see the blush that appeared on her face, Sonny quietly replied, “I want to be here with you…for you,” she quickly amended. “I’m not leaving until you get to introduce me to your sister.”


Jack smiled at that. “I think you and Chloe will get along perfectly. You’re the sweetest, kindest women that I’m lucky to know.”


Giving in to the impulse to do so, Sonny leaned down intending to kiss the other woman’s cheek, when Jack abruptly turned her head causing their lips to come into contact. The kiss was brief yet had both women’s hearts fluttering. Noticing that she had her eyes closed, Sonny opened them and smirked at Jack knowingly as she asked if that was planned.


Grinning much like the cat that ate the canary, the blue-eyed woman replied, “I’ll never tell.”


Chuckling, Sonny shook her head as she moved back over to her chair and took a seat, crossing one leg over the other in the process. Discreetly she ran her tongue along her lips while remembering the brief yet tender kiss she and Jack had just shared. What exactly was her problem lately, Sonny wondered. She had the most incredible wonderful girlfriend and had subconsciously pined for Blue, a woman that she had never met. Then Jack stepped into the picture and at first Sonny could not stand the sight of her, but it wasn’t long before her business rival won her over and now Sonny found herself thinking of the woman in a more than platonic way.


This has got to stop! Laura was right when she said that Blue was the one for me. It cannot be Jack. This is just some attraction built solely on lust. At least that’s what Sonny tried to convince herself.


“Hey, are you still with me?” Jack asked as she observed the other woman.


Blinking rapidly, Sonny looked over at Jack and nodded. “Yes, sorry. I got lost in my thoughts,” she finished quietly.


Jack nodded. “I see,” pausing, she glanced at her watch before returning her attention to Sonny. “You don’t think you should call Laura?”


“Why would I do that?”


Jack arched an eyebrow. “Because she’s your girlfriend and she might be wondering where you are at this time of night,” she slowly replied.


“Laura dropped me off here so she knows where I am,” Sonny paused in thought. “But I don’t owe her any explanation as to my whereabouts because she’s not my girlfriend anymore.”


A myriad of expressions passed across Jack’s face at the admission. Some of them were astonishment, confusion, sympathy, and though Jack felt guilty confessing it, glee. Though she had nothing against Laura (even if she did slug her), Jack felt like running to the roof of the hospital and jumping up and down in joy as she yelled that Sonny was a free agent. When did this happen? Better yet, why?


“You’re kidding,” Jack started, looking surprised. “What happened? I thought you two were all right.”


Nodding, Sonny replied, “We were up until a few weeks ago. We went on a romantic getaway to this beach resort in Panama City for the weekend and she broke up with me last night.”


A look of disbelief appeared on Jack’s face. “Laura dumped you? What is she? Stupid?” Mentally chastising herself for the outburst, she apologized.


Sonny waved a hand in the air. “It’s okay. And no, Laura is far from stupid. She’s…good-hearted and understanding,” she softly admitted. “The main reason she broke up with me is because she wanted me to be happy and she felt that someone else could make it happen better than she could.”




“You remember the online friend that I was supposed to meet at Disney?” Jack nodded silently. “Well, Laura thought that she and I were…more than just friends so at first she figured that my online friend was the one for me but after I explained that we really were just friends she decided that someone else was my soul mate if you will.”


And just who might that be? “Who?” Man, I sound like an owl.


For a moment, Sonny simply looked at Jack before she faintly whispered, “You.”



As they walked back to Chloe’s room with fresh cups of coffee in hand, Jack glanced towards Sonny saying, “So let me get this straight. Just because we shared a little kiss and a few looks passed between us at my coffeehouse during karaoke night when I was singing, your girl— your ex-girlfriend thinks that you and I are soul mates?” That sounds good to me! Jack was smiling like an idiot on the inside. She had a feeling that if Laura would have been there right now, that she might have kissed the woman. This was like opening a Christmas present that you didn’t really think Santa would deliver.


Sonny nodded as she brought her cup to her lips, taking a small sip. “That’s the gist of it. I tried to tell her that it wasn’t true, but she just refused to listen to me,” she paused thoughtfully as she took another sip of coffee. “You know, I’ve been thinking about it and maybe it was a good idea that Laura ended our relationship anyway. I mean, I loved her…I do love her, but I can’t honestly say that I’m in love with her anymore. So that’s not fair to her to be in a relationship with someone that cannot completely love her the way she deserves to be loved. I’m sure that in no time she’ll find someone that can do just that.”


Smiling to herself, Jack suddenly thought of Leslie who was Laura’s biggest fan and most likely had a major crush on her as well. Oh, yes I’m sure she will. “I agree,” Jack started as they walked into Chloe’s room. “And so will you Sonny. You’ll find someone that will love you like Laura did, if not more and you’ll love them just as much as they love you.” She hoped that someday that lucky person would be her.


Softly smiling at her, Sonny put her cup down on the floor before she turned and wrapped her arms around Jack, squeezing her tight as she quietly thanked her for the positive words. Careful not to spill her coffee on the smaller woman, Jack hugged her back, luxuriating in the feel of Sonny’s body pressed against hers. At that moment, she wished that she had the power to stop time just so that she could hold Sonny for a little while longer. Glancing at the vacant bed, an idea developed in Jack’s mind as Sonny ended their hug and reached down to pick up her coffee.


“Hey, you look tired Sonny girl,” Jack remarked as she indicated the empty hospital bed with a nod of her head. “Why don’t you try to get some sleep? I’ll wake you up if anything happens. Promise.”


Green eyes moved between the bed and Jack as Sonny chose her words carefully. “Only if you agree to join me,” she said, immediately thinking that her reply sounded too much like a proposition. Quickly she added, “You need sleep as well and I’m willing to wager that that bed is large enough to accommodate us both.” There. That is much much better.


Grinning Jack inquired, “You trust me now?”


“What do you mean?”


“Considering what happened at Disney. You know…when I was kinda touching and kissing you while you slept.”


A blush appeared on Sonny’s cheeks as she thought back to that morning. She remembered it like it had happened just yesterday. Looking up at Jack, she nodded. “Yes, I trust you. I trust you completely actually,” Sonny said earnestly.


Being touched by the words, Jack was almost rendered speechless. “Really?” she asked in a faint voice. What a concept this was. Sonny trusted her completely.


Smiling at her, Sonny replied, “Really. I really do Jack. I can hardly believe that we’ve gotten to this point, but I’m so glad we did and that we’re becoming friends.”


They were becoming friends? Well Jack could be content with that. At least for the time being. “I remember the last time we were in a hospital room and you attempted to be my friend but I screwed it up before it could truly happen.” Jack looked down at the floor, suddenly feeling sheepish.


Placing two fingertips under her chin, Sonny gently pushed up until she could see Jack’s baby blues. “Let’s give it another try, shall we?” she softly inquired.


Her lips breaking into a smile, Jack nodded as she reached up and took Sonny’s hand in her own, kissing the palm of it. She watched as Sonny began to blush and her smile widened. “Yes, let’s…friend.”



Being awakened by Sonny’s stirring, Jack opened her eyes and glanced at her watch. Since it was dark in the room, it was difficult to see what time it was, but Jack finally concluded that it was five something in the morning. Looking down at Sonny who was turned away from but nestled against her, Jack felt the younger woman squirm again. Wanting to see Sonny more clearly, Jack reached above them and pulled on a string connected to a small light, which illuminated their bed. Glancing back towards her sister, Jack then returned her attention to the woman she was sharing this bed with. Noticing that Sonny’s eyelids were lightly fluttering, Jack wondered what she was dreaming about. Could this be another one about Blue? She grinned mischievously. Meaning, me.


Hearing a faint moan, Jack looked at Sonny curiously as the grin on her face broadened. Well, well, well. Was I right? Jack motionlessly watched as the smaller woman began to squirm around in the bed and moan more. Since they were lying on top of the sheets, Jack had a good view as Sonny slowly slid a hand over her breasts, down her taut stomach and between her thighs. Letting out a frustrated sigh, Jack shook her head. Nope, I’m not gonna do that. I refuse to touch her no matter how much she arouses the hell out of me. One, her sister was laying in a coma in the next bed and two Jack had learned her lesson the last time when she got a good swift knee in her crotch.


Still asleep, Sonny moved onto her back as she managed to snake a hand underneath the waistband of her shorts. She moaned again as her petite body writhed on the bed. Meanwhile, Jack groaned, now in desperate need of a shower. A very cold shower at that. She shook her head, thinking that this was just pure torture. Reaching out towards Sonny, Jack started to wake the woman up when she suddenly opened her mouth and spoke.


Mmm, Jack I need you to take me,” Sonny throatily said. “Make me yours.” Her hand moved up and down within the crotch area of her shorts.


Jack’s mouth became dry as she heard the words that she wished Sonny would utter when she was fully conscious. Moving onto her stomach, the blue-eyed woman pushed her face into the pillow muffling another groan. If this was some sort of cosmic test, she was dangerously close to failing. Thou shalt not touch thy neighbor, when thy neighbor is sleeping, Jack mentally repeated to herself again and again. Raising her head, Jack glanced at Sonny as she came to a decision. She had to get out of here and get some fresh air. Nodding, the tall woman turned around and sat up in the bed, thinking that she could use a walk around the block. In fact, maybe she would even do a little jogging.


Putting her long legs over the side of the bed, Jack started to get up when a hand clamped down on her shoulder. “Where are you going?”


Blue eyes widened in shock as Jack looked over her shoulder to see bright green eyes staring at her curiously. Quickly licking her lips, Jack replied, “Out for a run around the block. I’m in need of some fresh air.”


“Well guess what?” Sitting up, Sonny scooted closer to Jack before hotly whispering in her ear, “I’m in need of you.”


Looking surprised, Jack propped her legs back up on the bed before turning to regard Sonny more closely. “What did you just say?” Her ears must have been playing tricks on her because she couldn’t have heard that correctly.


Grinning, Sonny repeated, “I said that I’m in need of you.” Raising her hand to Jack’s face, the blonde lightly caressed her cheek. “Do you need me too Jack?”


Pushing all suspicions aside, Jack nodded as she leaned into the hand on her cheek. “You know I do. I think I’ve always needed you.”


“Show me,” Sonny whispered just as she leaned in and pressed her lips to Jack’s. The kiss quickly deepened as Jack wrapped her arms around the smaller woman’s waist, pushing her back onto the bed until she was laying half on top of her. Hearing Sonny moan only proved to turn Jack on more as she darted her tongue in and out of the woman’s mouth, eliciting her own moan when Sonny began to rub a thigh between the apex of Jack’s thighs.


Breaking the kiss and proceeding to place butterfly kisses along Sonny’s jaw, Jack whispered, “Oh, Sonny I love you so much.” As her lips landed on the blonde’s neck, Jack started to lightly suck there as she felt small hands stroking up and down her back in encouragement.


Sonny loudly moaned in pleasure. “Oh, Jack…yes, Jack.”


Mmm, Sonny,” the brunette said, her voice muffled in the crook of Sonny’s neck. She swirled her tongue around the smaller woman’s racing pulse point as she rocked her hips against Sonny’s thigh.




Her head snapping up, Jack blinked her eyes rapidly before trying to focus on the person who had shouted her name. Wearing a confused expression, she looked at the blonde standing next to the bed with a small bag in her hand that smelled of breakfast food. Sonny? How could she be there when


Glancing back to the bed, Jack noticed that she was the only one laying in it. Her arms were wrapped around a pillow that had a suspicious wet spot on it where her mouth had been. Oh…my…God. Jack wanted to pick up the pillow and smother herself as she felt her cheeks stinging due to an impending blush. It had only been a dream. Well she should have known that Sonny was not the type to try to seduce someone in a hospital room, with a patient in a coma in the next bed. Feeling quite dirty and ashamed of herself despite the fact that it had been a dream she could not control, Jack sat up in the bed with her legs dangling over the edge. Looking at Sonny, she noted the blank expression on her face. What exactly are you thinking? She sincerely hoped that Sonny did not think she was some sort of pervert.


“I brought you some breakfast,” Sonny stated as she handed the bag to Jack, nodding as the woman thanked her. “I didn’t want to wake you, but thought you needed to eat something.” What were you just doing? When Sonny walked into the room not two minutes ago, she found a sleeping Jack slowly moving her body up and down on the bed as she kissed a pillow. Evidently, she must have been enduring some type of erotic dream.


“Thank you for thinking of me,” Jack replied, wishing that this awkwardness would disappear. She glanced at her watch, noting that it was almost eight o’clock. A thought suddenly occurred to Jack. Had she been talking in her sleep? Did Sonny overhear her declaring her love? Wetting dry lips, Jack opened her mouth to speak when the blonde interrupted her.


“The nurse checked Chloe’s vitals not too long ago and reported that they were pretty good. So we’re just waiting for her to wake up now. I’m sure she will be soon.”


Jack smiled as she glanced back at her sister. “Thank you for the update Sonny.”


“You’re welcome.”


“Sonny…did you hear me?”




Jack’s face became flushed again. “I mean was I just talking in my sleep?” she asked in a quiet tone of voice.


“Oh.” Sonny shook her head. “No, I didn’t hear you say a thing.” You were just moaning, which sort of excited me, but I’ll never admit that. “You better eat your breakfast before it gets cold,” the blonde added in order to change the subject, noticing Jack’s strained behavior. Highly curious, it was on the tip of her tongue to ask what the woman had said, but Sonny decided against it. Whatever it had been, it wasn’t meant for her ears.


Glancing at the bag in her hands as though she had forgotten it, Jack gave Sonny a slight smile of appreciation. “You’re right.” When she opened the bag, the delicious smells that quickly assaulted her nose caused her stomach to growl. Hearing the tale tell sign of hunger, Sonny chuckled as she took a seat on the bed next to Jack. The other woman looked at her sheepishly as she said, “Hey, I haven’t eaten in hours!” Relieved that the awkwardness between them had vanished, Jack joined in on the chuckling. Opening the bag, she pulled out a small bottle of orange juice and two egg and sausage muffins wrapped in paper napkins. Jack tried to give one of the sandwiches to Sonny, but she shook her head negatively.


“No, I brought those just for you,” the blonde stated as she happily watched Jack take a big bite out of one of them. “I ate in the cafeteria and then put those together for you.”


Swallowing, Jack twisted off the cap from the bottle of juice and took a long swig before replying, “It’s delicious. Better than McDonald’s.” Winking at Sonny, she took another bite, half the sandwich nearly gone now.


The blonde chuckled. “Maybe I should open a fast food restaurant after Bean There, Done That closes its doors.”


An unreadable look appeared on Jack’s face as she placed her sandwich on a napkin before seriously looking at Sonny. “I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and I wanted to talk to you about that. I’ve decided—“ Jack stopped speaking as she heard something that sounded much like a moan. Sonny must have heard it too since she quickly looked over towards Chloe, Jack doing the same. Rising, both women hurried to Chloe’s bed, each coming to stand on opposite sides. They noticed Chloe’s eyelids fluttering as she moaned again.


“Chloe…honey?” Jack softly said as she took her sister’s hand in her own. “Can you hear me? My friend Sonny is here and we’d like you to wake up. Will you do that for us?”


A moment later, Chloe began to slowly open her eyes, glancing between Jack and Sonny before focusing on her sister. A small smile tugged at her lips as she lightly squeezed the hand joined with her own. Wearing a smile of her own, Jack quickly returned the squeeze before bringing Chloe’s hand to her lips and kissing the back of it. Joyous tears springing to her eyes, Sonny silently watched the exchange between the two sisters for a minute before quietly telling Jack that she would be in the waiting room.


“No stay,” Jack replied while looking at the blonde. The tears she saw in Sonny’s eyes pulled at her heartstrings and Jack desperately wanted to hug her close. “I want you to.”


Walking around the bed to stand next to Jack, Sonny stood on her tiptoes to kiss the woman’s cheek briefly before whispering close to her ear, “I’m gonna retire to the waiting room for a bit because I think that you and Chloe should have some private time to talk.” Pulling over a chair for Jack to sit in, she then added, “I won’t be far away if you should need me for whatever reason.”


Giving her a grateful smile, Jack released Chloe’s hand so that she could embrace Sonny. It was on the tip of her tongue to say that she needed the blonde every moment of every day, but she was unsure of how Sonny would take that. Pressing a kiss to the smaller woman’s cheek, Jack let go and took a step back as she looked into Sonny’s eyes. “Thank you for being here. You couldn’t begin to know how much I appreciate it.”


Sonny smiled again. “There’s no place else I rather be.”


Rendered speechless, Jack watched as the younger woman turned around and headed out of the hospital room, quietly closing the door behind her.


“Who’s the pretty blonde?” Chloe softly asked in a teasing voice.


Chuckling, Jack turned towards her sister and took a seat in the chair next to her bed. Slipping her hand into her sister’s, Jack looked at the younger woman with affection and love. She couldn’t put into words just how much she had missed that voice.


“That’s my new friend Sonny Campbell,” Jack replied as she brushed her thumb back and forth across Chloe’s hand.


Chloe’s face became thoughtful and then she quickly winced finding that it hurt to think. Hearing Jack inquire if she needed a doctor, Chloe shook her head. “No, I’m just a little sore,” she gave a slight pause, “Sonny Campbell…isn’t she your competition?”




“And now she’s your friend?”


Jack nodded, with a small smile on her lips. It was funny how things worked out sometimes. “Yup.”


“That’s…interesting,” Chloe slowly replied as she allowed her heavy eyelids to shut. The little bit of talking she had just done, was beginning to wear her out already and all the young woman wanted to do was sleep. However, she soon realized that her big sister had other plans. Chloe inwardly sighed as Jack suddenly started in on a lecture about the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol.


“I know what I did was stupid,” Chloe said, interrupting. Opening one blue eye with some effort, she looked at the other woman. “I promise to never do it again.” Closing her eye, Chloe took a deep breath, wincing because of the pain that shot through her chest. She made a mental note not to do that again anytime soon.


“Chloe…” Jack started in a soft voice, “I can’t lose you too.” Her voice breaking, Jack lowered her head as hot tears of both relief and fear rolled down her cheeks.


Hearing the sobbing, Chloe’s heart broke in two as she opened her eyes to watch her sister. She hadn’t seen Jack cry in such a long time, that she failed to remember when the last time was. “Jack…” At a loss as to how to console her sister, the younger woman merely reached out a hand and placed it on Jack’s shoulder, squeezing slightly. “Please look at me,” she went on to say moments later. Slowly raising her head, Jack looked at Chloe as she attempted to stop crying. “I’m not going anywhere.” A teasing smile made its way to Chloe’s lips as she asked, “You didn’t think you’d be able to get rid of me that easily did you? I’m gonna be a thorn in your backside for many many years to come. After all, it’s my job as a little sister.”


Breaking out in laughter, Jack patted the hand still resting on her shoulder. “You promise?”


Chloe’s smile broadened. “I do.”


Arising from her chair, Jack gently gave her sister a hug, feeling as Chloe slowly but surely returned it. The loving embrace seemed to last forever before Jack sat back down in her seat. Slipping her hand into Chloe’s she looked at her sister as she gathered her thoughts. “So does this mean that you forgive me? Jack finally asked in a quiet voice.


Silent for a few moments, Chloe then replied, “No, because there isn’t anything to forgive. I’m the one who was irrational and stubborn and I should be apologizing to you. Jack, I treated you wrong and I said some horrible hurtful things that I wish I could take back. You have shown me more love than anyone on this earth and look how I’ve repaid you. I’m so sorry,” she finished in a whisper, as she became teary-eyed.


Using her free hand, Jack reached over and pulled a tissue out of a box before she gently dabbed at her sister’s eyes. She softly smiled as the younger woman thanked her for the gesture. “Tell you what?” Jack started as silence fell between them. “Why don’t we leave all of that in past and vow to make the future brighter?”


Chloe nodded, as she gave the hand she was holding a small squeeze. “That sounds like a plan to me.” Feeling her eyelids growing heavy again, the young woman fought to keep them open just a few moments longer. Looking into her sister’s eyes she said, “No matter how much I might behave like a jerk…or you for that matter,” Chloe grinned slightly, “I’ve always loved you and I always will.”


Lightly chuckling, Jack leaned forward and kissed her sister’s forehead. “I love you too, kid,” she whispered, watching as Chloe closed her eyes. Disengaging her hand from Chloe’s, Jack started to caress the younger woman’s cheek as she gazed at her, thankful that she would be all right. She didn’t have the slightest idea what she would have done had she lost Chloe, who she considered a precious gift. Jack shook her head. That was the last thing she wanted to think about.


“Chloe,” Jack softly started, though she knew that the other woman was asleep by now, “you may not think that there is anything for you to forgive me for, but there is. Some of the things…a lot of them actually, you said the day you moved out of the house were correct.” Jack took a deep breath as she collected her thoughts. “When I first started out in these business adventures my main goal was to make enough so that I could take good care of you. I also wanted to make you proud to have me as your big sister. Over the years, I think I lost myself if that makes any sense. You were right when you said I enjoyed being known as the Conqueror. As cruel as it may sound, it gave me a thrill to cause other businesses to collapse.” Jack slowly shook her head. “I became something…someone that I’m so ashamed of now and I’m so sorry that you ultimately had to see that side of me. When I became your guardian, I wanted to be a role model for you, but I’ve failed. I’ve succeeded professionally, but I’m a moron when it comes to what really is important, and that’s you.


I’ve given it a lot of thought and things are going to start changing. I’m going to change kid. I just hope it isn’t too late for you to be proud to call me your sister. I’ve always been proud to call you mine, because you are the most beautiful young woman, inside and out. In fact, I feel like I should be the youngest of us, because Chloe you’re my role model. I look up to you…figuratively speaking of course.” A smile appeared on Jack’s lips. “You’re smart, funny, warm, thoughtful…I wanna be just like you when I grow up.” Blinking away a few tears, Jack kissed Chloe’s cheek. “Sleep well sweetie. We’ll talk more later.”


Standing, Jack stretched before turning and heading towards the door. Looking back at her sister, she then quietly left, heading in the direction of the waiting room. Stopping just before she reached the room, Jack leaned against a wall as she took a few moments to compose herself. Mentally telling herself to be strong, Jack walked into the waiting room, seeing a few people there, amongst them Sonny. She smiled broadly as she watched the blonde sleeping, the back of her head touching the wall behind her. She looked so sweet and innocent.


Strolling over to where Sonny was, Jack sat in the chair next to hers before she leaned towards the blonde whispering close to her ear, “Wake up sleeping beauty.”


“I’m not asleep,” Sonny swiftly replied, her eyes still closed. She ignored the tingling sensation that started just after she felt Jack’s warm breath caressing the ridge of her ear. “I was merely resting my eyes is all.


“Oh, I see,” Jack said as the smile on her lips grew. “Guess that means I don’t have to kiss you in order to wake you.”


Opening her eyes, Sonny looked at Jack, with a hint of a smile on her face. “I can tell that you’re in a good mood. That’s wonderful.”


Leaning back in her chair, Jack wrapped an arm around Sonny’s shoulders. “Well I’ve got every reason in the world to be in a good mood. My sister is going to pull through this just fine and she and I have made up. Plus, I’ve got you as a friend now and for that, I’m truly thankful. Everything seems to be looking up and I have a feeling that things are just going to keep getting better and better.” Jack smiled again as she gently squeezed Sonny. “I’m a lucky woman.”




Settling back in the bathtub, Jack let out a sigh of pleasure, feeling the tense muscles in her body start to loosen as she relaxed. Sonny’s suggestion that she soak in the tub was a good idea, because this was exactly what Jack needed. Looking around the small yet cozy bathroom, the brunette smiled, thinking that Sonny had went to great lengths to make this an enjoyable experience for her.


Soft relaxing music played from a small stereo sitting on top of the sink. And having left the light off, Sonny had placed aromatheraphy candles all around the bathroom. Watching the shadows on the walls created by the flickering of the candles, Jack picked a mug up from a tray and took a short sip of the delicious chamomile tea Sonny had made for her. After taking a few more swallows, Jack placed the cup back on the tray before lying back in the tub, the nape of her neck relaxing against a rolled up towel.


Jack closed her eyes as she took in the fragrant scents flowing throughout the small room. Just moments after she entered Sonny’s bathroom, Jack felt the tension in her body begin to loosen up with each breath she took. The ambiance, candles, tea, music, and bath were definitely having an effect on her. Not to mention the fact that she was alone with Sonny in her apartment. A grin made its way to Jack’s lips as her mind began to wander with the possibilities. Namely, Sonny joining her in this bathtub that was just large enough to accommodate them both. No, no, no. I shouldn’t think such things, Jack mentally chastised herself, though the mischievous grin remained.


Picking up her cup, Jack sipped some more of the tea as she let out a soft purr of complete contentment. Dang, this stuff was great! Jack made a mental note to ask Sonny where she bought her chamomile. She wanted to stock up on it! Hearing a light knock on the door, Jack put the cup back on the tray before looking over her left shoulder towards the closed door. “Who goes there?” the brunette asked in a singsong voice. She heard chuckling emanating from the other side of the door and smiled. Sonny’s laughter was one of the most pleasant sounds on this earth.


“It is I, Sonny Campbell Ma’am,” the blonde replied in a booming voice.


“And what pray-tell may I do for you Sonny Campbell Ma’am?”


Laughing, the other woman replied, “That’s what I called on you for Ma’am. To see if there was anything that I could do for you. Your wish is my command.” Sonny bit her lower lip hard at her poor choice of words. Knowing Jack, she would have a field day with them.


Jack grinned, liking the sound of that. “Do come in Sonny girl.”


“I can’t.”


“Why not?” Jack inquired. “Is the door locked?”


“Umm…no,” Sonny replied in a slightly strained voice. “I can’t come in the bathroom because you’re in there completely naked and I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to see you in that…condition.”


“But you already saw me naked,” the brunette quickly retorted. “Remember the sauna?”


Her cheeks beginning to redden, Sonny thought back to that day at the gym. She most definitely remembered what Jack did in the sauna. That situation was forever branded on her brain. “Yeah, I remember but still…I shouldn’t…”


“C’mon Sonny,” Jack said in a coaxing voice. “I may be naked but I’m surrounded by big fluffy bubbles, so you can’t see anything that isn’t allowed to be shown in public.” Jack glanced towards the door as she heard a small click. Seconds later, Sonny walked inside, closing the door behind her before she leaned her back against it while looking towards Jack, albeit a little uncomfortably.


“How umm…how’s the bath coming along?” the blonde asked as she wrung her hands together nervously. Jack Foster was in her bathtub. Nearly six feet of gorgeous sopping wet nakedness was relaxing just a few feet away from her and that fact did things to Sonny’s body that she wouldn’t dare even admit to herself.


A knowing grin appeared on Jack’s lips as she watched the other woman’s expression. She wondered what Sonny would do if she were to stand up right now. I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of her joining me, Jack naughtily thought. “It’s coming just fine,” the brunette replied. Leaning over, she picked up her cup and took another sip. “And this chamomile tea is simply to die for. By far the best tea I’ve ever had! Where did you get? I wanna know, ‘cause I wanna get some as soon as possible. Chloe would probably love it too.”


One blonde eyebrow arched as Sonny carefully examined Jack’s face, paying close attention to her eyes. Now was it just her imagination or were those blue eyes looking glassy and much too bright? Also, wasn’t Jack speaking just a wee bit fast as though she only had a small amount of time to get out what she wanted to say? Surely, the chamomile tea couldn’t be responsible for all of that.


“Jack…are you feeling okay?” Sonny inquired, her voice laced with concern. By the grin that appeared to be stuck on the woman’s lips, Sonny figured that the answer would be yes.


The brunette nodded as she finished the contents of her cup before putting it down. “Yeah, I’m fine! This tea along with the aspirin completely took care of that terrible headache I had. I feel so light and happy now! By the way, that’s a big bottle of aspirin you have darlin’. Should last you for months!”


Sonny’s brow furrowed in thought. What big bottle of aspirin was Jack talking about? The bottle in her medicine cabinet was small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. “Jack, I told you to look for a white bottle. Was it white?”




“But it wasn’t small enough to be concealed in your hand?”


Jack shook her head, wondering where this conversation was headed. “That’s right my little Sonny bunny.” She winked at the blonde, grinning broadly. “Oh, and the pills were kind of big too.”


Uh oh. Sonny had a feeling that her guest had taken the wrong medication. No wonder Jack was feeling so euphoric. The tea was good, but not that good! “Were the pills white and oval-shaped with a fancy “v” on them that sort of resembles a bird flying away?”


“Whoa, you’re a psychic!” Jack laughed heartily. “Ding, ding you’re absolutely correct!”


The blonde slapped a hand over her face as she unsuccessfully attempted to stifle a chuckle. Jack was definitely flying much higher than a kite. Walking over to the medicine cabinet, Sonny opened it and took out a large white bottle. Turning around, she showed the bottle to Jack, saying, “You didn’t take any aspirin Jack. What you took was Vicodin. What I want to know now is how many? It’s recommended to only take one or two.”


Jack held up the first and middle finger of her left hand. “Two. I’ve heard of Vicodin. It’s a powerful and sometimes addictive painkiller. What are you doing with some?”


“A few weeks ago I was hit by a car and my doctor prescribed them for the pain.” Sonny could have given herself a swift kick in the rear when she noticed the look of guilt that appeared on Jack’s face. Quickly putting the bottle of Vicodin back in the medicine cabinet, she moved over to the tub and knelt down, placing a petite hand on top of the other woman’s shoulder. “I’m sorry Jack. I shouldn’t have said that so flippantly. I hadn’t meant it to come out that way. Please forgive me.”


Softly smiling, Jack leaned over and briefly kissed Sonny’s cheek. “Nothing to forgive Sonny. It’s all right,” pausing, Jack gazed into Sonny’s eyes as she gathered her thoughts. “I’ve caused you so much pain both physically and emotionally. Therefore, I should be the one apologizing.” Seeing that the blonde was about to say something, Jack quickly pressed two fingers against her lips, successfully silencing her. “Please allow me to speak.” When Sonny gave a small nod of acquiescence, Jack removed her fingers. “I’ve single-handedly created turmoil in your life ever since the first day we met and now that I look back at all I’ve done, I’m ashamed of myself. I don’t exactly know when it happened, but somewhere along the way, I turned into a…well a cold-hearted bitch and I don’t want people to see me in that light anymore. Frankly, I’m tired of being known as the Conqueror.” Jack sighed as she leaned back in tub, her eyes on Sonny. “I just wanna be Jack.”


When Sonny opened her mouth to speak, Jack held up a silencing hand. “So, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and I’ve come to a decision on how to start making changes to improve myself. I’m going to close down Brew n’ Paradise.”


Green eyes widened in surprise. She most certainly hadn’t seen that one coming. “What? Why would you do that Jack?” Okay former Conqueror, no more Vicodin for you!


“Because my coffeehouse has created much more trouble than it’s worth,” Jack replied gravely.


“What trouble? What are you talking about?”


“If it wasn’t for Brew n’ Paradise I never would have hit you with my car, nearly killing you,” Jack started as she started counting off the facts on her fingers. “Also, you and Laura would never have endured the problems that you did in your relationship, because I wouldn’t be around to complicate things. Because of me, she ultimately dumped you—“


Sonny quickly interrupted by saying, “When you put it that way it sounds so harsh. I’d like it much better if you said she ended our relationship.”


The dark-haired woman rolled her eyes. “Okay, because of me Laura ended your relationship. And if--“




Jack inhaled sharply as she faintly glared at Sonny. “Please shut up or I’ll be forced to put a strip of electrical tape over those pretty soft lips of yours.” Sonny pressed her lips together so tightly that they almost hurt. Pausing for a few seconds, Jack then went on with what she was previously trying to say. “And if that wasn’t bad enough, Chloe and I have an argument because of the coffeehouse and she moves out. Worst of all, not long after she does, she almost gets herself killed as her car tumbles over and over down a hill. Therefore, if I’d never built the coffeehouse, Chloe and I wouldn’t have quarreled over it and she wouldn’t be lying in a hospital bed at this very moment. And if you’d never met me, then I wouldn’t have put your life in jeopardy not once but twice!” Jack looked deeply into Sonny’s eyes as she finished her fast-paced explanation. “You see what repercussions my selfish actions started in motion?”


“Jack, you can’t blame yourself for all of that.”

“Can’t I?” the brunette replied in a soft voice. “If I’d never wanted to destroy yours and Sarah’s business in the first place, then all of those things never would have occurred.”


“You can’t predict the future. First of all, I could have been paying better attention as I rode my bicycle.” Thinking back, Sonny remembered how she had carefully looked both ways before she continued across the street. Well that’s just a little piece of information that I’ll keep to myself. “Secondly, you are not the reason that Laura and I broke up. We did so because she realized before I did that we weren’t meant for each other. You also aren’t the reason that Chloe nearly killed herself. You didn’t put a gun to her head and make her consume an abundant amount of alcohol before getting behind the wheel. I know that she’s your sister Jack and I mean no disrespect when I say that Chloe was behaving like an immature dumbass. She’s an adult, and she’s solely responsible for her actions. And, you cannot blame yourself for what happened at Disneyland. I was the moron who decided to sit on that railing and then fell overboard,” Sonny felt her temper rising as her hands gripped onto the edge of the tub tightly. For some peculiar reason, she almost had this desire to slap Jack into next year. “And Jack, you seemed to have come to some stupid conclusion that my life would have been better had I never met you. Well,” Sonny paused taking a deep breath, “you couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, I don’t like the way we met by your literally running into me, but I’m thankful that you came into my life because I’m happy now that you’re my friend. We started off rocky, but now the path is much smoother.


“I’ve wanted to kill you more times than I’ve wanted to hug you, but Jack for some reason I cannot possibly imagine my life without your presence. You make me laugh and smile and God help me, I even like it sometimes when you tease me. If I had the opportunity to turn back the hands of time, I wouldn’t do it. If I could change anything I wanted to that happened in these past few weeks, I wouldn’t alter a thing.” Releasing her grasp on the tub, Sonny captured one of Jack’s hands in her own as she looked into soft blue eyes. “What I’m trying to say is that I care about you Jack and I hate seeing you be so hard on yourself. You can’t beat yourself up for the events that occurred after your coffeehouse was built. If you want to make a change for the better than that’s terrific, but don’t sink into this “oh, I’m such a horrible person” mode. Calling yourself names won’t change anything. Only your actions will. Like the quote goes, actions speak louder than words.”


Silently regarding Sonny with an expression that was obviously love, Jack felt her heart melt into a puddle. She was so touched by the woman’s words that she felt a lump growing in her throat, which suggested that she was dangerously close to crying. Swallowing with a bit of difficulty, Jack lightly squeezed the hand holding hers. Do those Vicodin give you a rush as well as make you emotional? Jack bit down on her lower lip, afraid that if she spoke she might tell Sonny that she loved her and how she would be content spending the rest of her life gazing into those beautiful green eyes. Oh, Sonny you don’t know how much I love you. I would willingly give up my life if I could spend even one little hour making sweet passionate love to you.


Lips curving into a smile, Sonny reached into the water for Jack’s floating blue pouf. Picking up a bottle of body wash, she flipped the cap open before squirting some of the thick raspberry scented substance onto the pouf and then started the process of lathering it. Instructing Jack to lean forward, Sonny began to lightly run the soapy pouf along her back, using long slow strokes. Closing her eyes, Jack savored the moment while imagining that it was not the pouf but Sonny’s lips placing feather light kisses on her back. As the pouf slowly made its way up her spine and across her shoulder blades, Jack bit down on her lower lip in order to contain a moan of pleasure. She wondered if Sonny was trying to tease her or was she completely clueless as to what she was doing. Jack glanced over her shoulder into innocent green eyes. Just as she had suspected, Sonny had no idea what this was doing to her. This was like sweet torture.


“Something the matter?” Sonny asked as she began to rinse the soap off of Jack’s back. Was it just her imagination, or had those blue eyes become darker? Almost like Jack was… Sonny felt the heat rising in her cheeks. It was time to leave the bathroom and the naked wet gorgeous woman in her tub. Quickly.


The dark-haired woman shook her head as she lightly cleared her throat. “Um…no. Everything is just fine. Thanks for washing my back Sonny. That’s the most difficult place for me to reach.” Glancing over her shoulder again, Jack smiled at the blonde, watching as she stood up.


Returning the smile, Sonny winked at her. “You’re welcome, Jack.” Walking over to the towel rack, the blonde dried her hands before turning back towards her guest. “Why don’t you finish up your bath and by the time you come out, I’ll have lunch ready, ‘kay?”


“I’ll be out in a few minutes,” the brunette replied as she looked back at Sonny. “Anyone ever tell you that you’re the hostess with the mostess?” She grinned slightly. “Welcomed me into your home, offered me a wonderful bath and now you’re gonna feed me. Hell, I might just wanna move in!” Jack’s grin grew larger.


Sonny began to richly laugh. “Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. You and Chloe move out of that palace of yours into my one bedroom apartment!”


“Hey, don’t knock this place,” Jack replied, wearing a tender smile. “It’s full of love and warmth because of you and I think that you and your home are terrific.”


Around two weeks ago, if anyone had told Sonny that she would believe Jack was a sweet woman, she would have said they were insane to think such a thing. Though now she was beginning to realize that it was true. Sure Jack could be cocky, infuriating and excessively flirty, but underneath it all she did have her moments of sweetness. Resisting the urge to walk over and kiss the woman’s cheek, Sonny uttered soft thanks before opening the bathroom door and quietly leaving.


Leaning against the closed bathroom door, Sonny let out a soft sigh as she momentarily closed her eyes. This was supposed to be a mere friendship, but some of the thoughts going through her mind were more than friendly. It had to just be a silly meaningless crush if anything. They had been spending time together and had even slept in the same bed twice. Therefore, this was bound to happen. Successfully convincing herself of this, Sonny smiled a bit in relief. She and Jack were just friends and that was all they would ever be.


Her heart belonged solely to Blue.




After finishing her bath, Jack blow-dried her hair and pulled it all back into a ponytail with a rubberband she found in one of Sonny’s bathroom drawers. Grabbing a pair of loose-fitting blue jeans and a maroon T-shirt, she quickly put them on, glad that along with a spare tire she always kept an extra set of clothing in her trunk. If she hadn’t, she would be forced to wait for her clothes to finish washing and drying because Jack doubted that any of Sonny’s clothes would fit her.


Giving the top half of her body the once over in the medicine chest mirror, Jack headed towards the door. Glancing at her sneakers neatly placed next to the toilet, she decided to remain barefoot until she and Sonny left to return to the hospital later this evening. On exiting the bathroom door, Jack noticed Sonny sitting at her computer desk. She detected the sound of keys being rapidly clicked as the blonde intently stared at her computer screen. Yet to be seen, Jack watched in curiosity as the other woman continued doing whatever it was that she was up to.


Hmm, wonder if what’s she’s writing is for Blue? Um…I mean for me. Jack shook her head. Geez, now I’m referring to myself in the third person. Deciding to find out, the dark-haired woman quietly slipped into the living room unnoticed by the blonde whose full attention was on the computer. Wearing a faint mischievous smile and feeling like a precocious child spying on her older sibling, Jack tiptoed until she was standing about three feet behind Sonny. Thankful for her 20/20 vision, she looked over the other woman’s shoulder towards the screen, instantly noting that Sonny was writing an email. She also noted with a broad smile that the email was for Blueyez.


Unfortunately, Jack wasn’t able to read pass “Dear Blue” because Sonny suddenly clicked the send button before she swiveled around in her chair to face the brunette. Feeling like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, Jack looked back at her sheepishly. Starting to grin, Sonny clucked her tongue as she slowly shook her head. Folding her arms across her chest, she sat back in her chair as she silently regarded Jack.


While trying not to fidget, the brunette wondered what she was thinking. If the grin on her face was any indication, she wasn’t too upset. Finally not being able to stand the silence a moment more, Jack opened her mouth to speak. “Well?”


Cocking her head to the side, Sonny kept the grin in place. “Well what?”


Jack suddenly wished that she had the ability to read minds. “So you caught me snooping. Now what are you gonna do or say about it?”


Sonny shrugged. “Nothing.” She then turned back around so that she was facing the computer. Logging off of the Internet, she stood up stretching languidly before looking over her shoulder towards Jack, who was wearing a suspicious expression. Suppressing a giggle, Sonny walked over to Jack, standing in front of her. “Why are you looking at me like that?”


“I sneak into the living—“


“No, no, no,” Sonny interrupted, grinning faintly. “You didn’t sneak Jack. I saw you the moment you came out of the bathroom.” The grin on her lips broadened. “Guess you’re not as slick as you think you are businesswoman formerly known as the Conqueror.”


Arching an eyebrow, Jack attempted to hide a grin but it was impossible to do. This little woman was just too cute and saucy. “Remember when you were washing my back?” Sonny nodded, trying to figure out why Jack changed the subject. Leaning towards the shorter woman, the brunette hotly whispered in her ear, “I was plenty slick then Sonny. And it had nothing to do with the bath water I was sitting in.” Watching the blush that immediately appeared, Jack grinned to herself. Score one for moi!


Okay, it was time for another subject change before Jack had her glowing like a Christmas tree. Lightly clearing her throat, Sonny took a few steps back to the desk and picked up her keys. “I’m going to Bean There, Done That Jack. I’ll be back in a couple hours.”


Hiding a look of disappointment, the brunette hooked her thumbs into the pockets of her jeans. She had been hoping that she and Sonny could spend a few hours together before leaving for the hospital. “Do you have to go? What about lunch?”


The blonde lightly tapped her keys against her thigh. “No, I don’t have to but Sarah has been in charge all by herself since Friday and I want to relieve her. I’m closing up at five, so I should be back by five-thirty and then we can go see Chloe unless you want to rest a little more.” Pointing towards the kitchen, Sonny added, “I already ate lunch but yours is on the kitchen table. You just need to get something out of the fridge to drink. Please feel free to help yourself to anything. My casa is your casa.”


Jack smiled again. “You really are the hostess with the mostess.”


Smiling back, Sonny walked up to Jack and playfully punched her on the arm. “You be good while I’m gone.”


“I’ll try,” Jack replied while grinning. “But if I’m not will you spank me?” She asked, attempting to look innocent.


The blonde laughed as she shook her head. “You’re too much Jack.”



After enjoying the delicious lunch Sonny had prepared for her, Jack washed the dishes and made sure that the kitchen was spotless before she went back into the living room. Blue eyes instantly landed on the computer as Jack came up with an idea. Slightly smiling, she walked over to the computer desk and took a seat in Sonny’s chair. Placing her hand over the mouse, Jack clicked on the AOL icon and waited for the screen to pop up before she selected the screen name labeled ‘guest’ and then pressed the button to sign on. Lightly tapping her fingertips on the keyboard as she waited for the modem to finish dialing, Jack then typed in her screen name along with her password when asked to do so.


A second later she was greeted by the male voice on AOL and told she had mail. Opening her mailbox, Jack started to smile as she searched through her email for Sonny’s. Out of nearly two hundred new pieces of mail, Sonny’s was the last one on the list. Double clicking on it, Jack started to read, her smile growing broader.


Dear Blue,


Wow, it seems like forever since we’ve last spoken. I’m so sorry that I haven’t written to you in these past few days. Things have been happening in my life and the truth is I’ve just been too busy. But alas, here I am. Better late than never, eh (smile)? I really have missed you Blue. When I’m not in contact with you, it feels as though a piece of me is missing. I can’t really explain it, I just feel a little emptier.


If nothing else, these past few days have taught me that life is so precious. Before I thought it was something to be cherished, but now I realize first hand just how much. We have to seize the day and make the most of every minute we have on this earth because life can be threatened or taken away in an instant.


The reason I say this is not because someone I know lost their life, but they almost did. A friend of mine nearly lost her younger sister yesterday due to a car accident. They had been having trouble communicating with one another and God forbid if she would have died, then my friend…well I don’t know what she would have done because the last time they spoke it ended terribly. That would have been the last memory she had of her sister and I know it would have torn her up inside. Now since she is going to make it through this just fine, they will have a chance to mend and reconcile. Thank goodness, they are receiving this second chance. I have a feeling that they’ll make the most of it.


Blue, I want to tell you something and I hope that it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. I just realized that I have to tell you. Right now, I feel brave so I’m just going to say it before I lose my nerve.


I love you Blue.


During this past year, you have brought me so much joy and happiness and I do love you. How could I not because you are such a special wonderful person and I often ask myself how out of six billion people I was lucky enough to meet you. I feel such a powerful connection with you and there are times when all I want is to be with you. I want to put my arms around you, I want to hold you close enough to feel your heart beat and I want the opportunity to tell you face to face that I love you. Do you believe in soulmates? I believe that you could be mine.


I guess that I’ll end this email and allow you to digest all of this. I sincerely hope that I haven’t freaked you out (smile). If you would like to talk on the phone sometime, I’ll add my phone number to the end of this post. I know I’ve given it to you before, but I’ll tell you again just in case you lost it (wink). Please feel free to call me collect. Hope to talk with you soon, whether it is here, on the phone, or in real time. Until then, take care. I love you.




Madison (Sonny) Campbell

Home phone: 555-4342


Jack sat back in the chair as she reread the email half a dozen times. She was in shock. Pure shock. If she had been asked what she thought Sonny would write in this email, she never would have guessed in a million years that the woman would have declared her love for her. Pinching the back of her hand, Jack concluded that she wasn’t dreaming as she stared at four little words that meant so much.


I love you Blue.


Those had to be the sweetest words that she had ever heard. Sonny loved her. Well technically, she loved Blue, but hey she was Blue. Therefore, she loved her too, she just wasn’t aware of it yet. Beginning to smile again, Jack read through the email once more, as a thought came to mind. She had only one question. What did Sonny mean when she said that she loved her? After all, there were different variations of love. Did she love her like family, as a friend, as a potential lover and life partner? Jack momentarily crossed her fingers while hoping that it was the latter.


As for the issue of being soulmates, Jack definitely believed that Sonny was hers. Like Sonny had mentioned in her email, Jack felt a strong connection between them. A connection that she had never felt with anyone else on this planet. Now all she had to do was convince Sonny to give her a chance in real time as Jack. The brunette shook her head as she exhaled loudly. That was easier said than done. As moronic and crazy as it sounded, Jack had to figure out a way to eliminate herself--meaning Blue. Based on this email her Internet self was winning Sonny’s love.


Jack: 0-- Blueyez: 1





Unlocking the door, Sonny walked into her apartment, smiling fondly as she noticed her guest sprawled out on the couch dead to the world. Heading towards the hall closet, Sonny found a blanket on the top shelf and pulled it down before moving back to the living room and the couch. Unfolding the blanket, she gently laid it over Jack before gazing at her for a few silent moments. The former Conqueror sure did look as innocent as that Snuggle fabric softener bear from the television commercials when she slept. Pressing two fingers to her lips, Sonny then briefly touched Jack’s cheek with them. Hope you’re having sweet dreams.


Walking into the kitchen, the blonde obtained a tall can of iced tea from the refrigerator before heading back to the living room and her computer. She was anxious to see if Blue had received her email and given her reply yet. Seconds later, as she waited to be logged on, Sonny popped the tab on her iced tea and then quickly looked over her shoulder to see if she had disturbed Jack by doing so. Relieved to find that she hadn’t, she turned back to the computer screen and took a long sip from the can before setting it down on a napkin.


After successfully logging on, Sonny was delighted to find that she had new mail. Clicking on her mailbox, she saw two new emails, one of which was from Blue and the other from Laura. Surprised because she hardly ever received email from Laura, she clicked on her email first and started to read the short message inside.


Hey there,


How are you doing? I hope that Jack’s sister is doing all right. My prayers and thoughts are with them. I tried to call you both yesterday and this morning but it just rang until the answering machine came on and then I would hang up. I just wanted to check up on you and see how things were and I also wanted to know when I can come by and pick up the few belongings I have at your place. I’m not in any hurry to come get them, I was only wondering when it would be convenient for you. Just let me know when and I’ll come over. I also have your key for you. Take good care of yourself Sonny. Talk with you later.




Hitting the reply button, Sonny thought about her response to the email as she picked up her can of tea and took a long sip before putting it down again. Positioning her fingers on the home row of her keyboard, she began to type, tapping the keys as softly as she could manage so as not to disturb Jack.


Hey Laura,


It’s good to hear from you. I’m doing well. Jack and I just left the hospital earlier this afternoon after having been there all night. Thank God, Chloe is going to be just fine. She’s going to need some extensive physical therapy and it’ll be a while before she’s truly back on her feet, but she’s going to make it. She woke up this morning and both Jack and I had the opportunity to talk to her. She’s a sweetheart.


As for your coming by to pick up your things, you’re more than welcome to come at anytime. I trust you not to steal anything (wink and a grin). If I’m not here when you come, just be sure to lock up when you leave and put the key underneath my doormat. Hope you keep in touch Laura. I’d hate to lose you all together because you mean too much to me. You take care as well.


Love always,




After reading over the message, Sonny pressed the send button and watched as the email vanished from the screen before clicked on Blue’s email in excitement. She felt like she had just won the lottery for a multi-million dollar jackpot. Glancing over her shoulder towards the couch, she then took a nice long swig from her can before starting to read.


My Dearest PG,


What can I say? You’re email has blown me away. I sat in my chair speechless as I read and reread your message. Your words touched me so deeply…I fail to explain just how much. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s sister but I’m so happy that she’s going to be all right and that they have a second chance to work out whatever issues they may have. You told me something and now I have something to say in return.


I’m in love with you PerkyGrrl.


I’ve wanted to tell you that for months now, but I’ve been too afraid that I might scare you away and the last thing I wanted to do was lose you. I’m sure you know by now how very precious you are and how much a part of my life you are although we have yet to meet in person *smiling at you*  You are the kindest, sweetest, gentlest woman I have ever known and I can’t wait to tell you in person how much I love you. What can I say? You rock my world and you blow my mind ;-)


Do I believe in soulmates? Do cats meow and dogs bark? Absolutely. No doubt it. Hell yeah! ;) And I am in agreement with you. I also believe that you could be mine. In fact, I’m one hundred and ten percent sure that it has to be you. I remember that night we first met in that Orlando Florida chat room, that I felt a strong connection to you before you even had the chance to acknowledge me. I knew then that PerkyGrrl was the one and only one for me. However, if I’d told you that then you probably would have ran as quickly as you could in the opposite direction and I wouldn’t have blamed you one bit ;-)


*laughing* And yes I still have your phone number and a couple of times I’ve even picked up the phone to give you a ring but then I metamorphosed into a chicken!  Tell you what? I’m going to get up the nerve to call you within the next week. How does that sound? Until then please try not to wait anxiously by the phone until the day I call. I know it’ll be hard *grin* I’m just kidding with you Madison. By the way, what a lovely name that is :-)


Well I guess I better get going now. I have some stuff to take care of. I’ll talk with you soon *blowing you a kiss* In case I’ve neglected to mention it, I love you ;-)


Love always and 4ever,




A bright smile was on Sonny’s lips as she closed the email and logged off from the Internet before sitting back in her chair to reflect. Not only had Blue revealed that she loved her, but she also added the word “in”, which often gave a whole new meaning to telling someone that you loved them. It suddenly occurred to Sonny that she didn’t know whether the insertion of the word “in” applied to her. Meaning, was she in love with Blue or did she just love her as…what? A close friend or sister?


Picking up her can of tea and taking a long swig, Sonny should her head negatively. No, she definitely had more than friendly or sisterly love for Blue. She couldn’t honestly say that she was in love with her. Sonny found it difficult to be in love with someone that she had at the very least never spoken with on the phone. Their only way of communicating was via the Internet and that was too impersonal for her.


Her brow knitting, the blonde thought hard as green eyes stared unseeingly at the screensaver that had popped up on the computer due to inactivity. She wanted to hold Blue, wanted to kiss her, and even thought about what it would be like to make love with her. Sonny smiled a little as it came to her. She harbored a romantic love for Blue. She was romantically attracted to the woman and the next step was getting to insert the major “in”. However, the only way she would get to hopefully achieve that was for them to actually meet.


While placing her can back on the desk, Sonny stared longingly at her phone, wanting desperately for it to start ringing. Please pick up your phone and call me Blue, she mentally implored. “I need you to reach out and touch me,” she added aloud, chuckling softly at her own little joke.


Picking up her tea, she quickly finished off the rest before getting up and lightly stretching. Glancing at her sleeping guest, she strolled into the kitchen and tossed the empty aluminum can into a brown paper bag half-filled with others. Looking around the kitchen, a delighted smile appeared on Sonny’s lips as she noticed how spiffy it was. The glare hitting the counter from the overhead lights was so bright that she almost needed a pair of shades. Well…the counter wasn’t actually that bright, but it looked terrific along with the rest of the kitchen.


“I’m quite impressed Jack,” Sonny softly stated before leaving the kitchen. Stopping in the middle of the living room, she glanced at her watch, noting that it was nearly a quarter passed six o’clock. For a split second, she started to wake Jack up so that they could head back to the hospital but changed her mind. Sonny concluded that the woman needed to get sufficient rest after these last couple of hectic days. Walking over to the phone, she picked it up before heading back into the kitchen so she wouldn’t disturb Jack as she talked. Taking a slip of paper out of her pants pocket, she dialed the number written on it. Placing the phone to her ear, Sonny leaned against the kitchen sink as she waited for the other line to be answered.




“Hey Leslie. This is Sonny. How’s everything going there?”


“Hello there Sonny,” Leslie warmly replied. “Everything is just fine. Chloe is awake and eating her dinner while we watch a game show. Would you like to talk with her?”


“No that’s all right. I was just checking in to make sure all was well and to tell you that Jack and I should be back there within the next hour or two. She’s sleeping now and I don’t have the heart to wake her up.”


“That’s a good idea. Just let her sleep. It was obvious that she was tired when you two left this afternoon. And speaking of tired you could use some rest yourself. Have you been to sleep?”


“No, I haven’t but I drank about a gallon of coffee,” Sonny answered while chuckling.


Leslie chuckled a bit herself before replying, “Well coffee or not you need to get some sleep. Just a minute okay?”


“Okay.” Keeping the phone to her ear, Sonny patiently waited as she detected the sound of voices in the background, though she couldn’t make out the words. A moment later, Leslie returned to the phone.


“Sonny, Chloe told me to tell you and I’m in total agreement, you and Jack should just stay at your place for the rest of the night. She said that she will probably go right to sleep after she finishes eating because she’s a bit tired.” Leslie laughed before adding, “In fact, she’s trying to get rid of me too. So, will you stay home?”


Sonny walked to the entrance of the kitchen where she could see Jack laying on the couch. “I don’t know,” she slowly replied. “I don’t think I can keep Jack here all night.” Also, she didn’t think it would be such a wise idea for she and the flirty woman to spend the night alone in her apartment. Sure, they had spent the night at a Disney resort not two weeks ago, but since then, they had been spending more time together. And the more time they were in each other’s presence, the more intimate they seemed to become. If she knew, what would Blue think about that?


“Hide her car keys and refuse to give them to her no matter how ticked off she gets,” Leslie said, her voice slightly playful.


“Ha ha.” Sonny smirked. “That’s easy for you to say. I’m the one who has to put up with the possible attitude.” The blonde glanced at Jack and decided that spending one more night with her wouldn’t hurt. Maybe she would get lucky and Jack would continue to sleep until daybreak. Sonny shook her head. No, that probably wouldn’t happen. “Okay, I won’t guarantee that I can, but I’ll try to make her stay here. That’s the best I can offer.”


“That’ll do,” Leslie answered, sounding pleased. “I’m going to stay here a little while longer and then head home myself. We’ll see you two in the morning. Chloe says to tell you goodnight and sweet dreams.”


Sonny smiled into the phone. “Please tell her sweet dreams and goodnight for me as well, Leslie. And the same goes for you.”


“Thanks Sonny,” Leslie gave a slight pause before adding, “Oh and Sonny?”




“Thank you for taking such good care of Jack,” the woman quietly said. “She has this problem with always wanting to be in control and never allows anyone to take care of her. I’m happy that you were able to break through her tough exterior. God knows I’ve tried, but always failed. Jack would probably never admit it in a million years, but she is about due for some TLC.”


Deeply touched by the words, Sonny smiled into the phone. “Well I’ll give her as much as I can. Goodnight Leslie. See you in the morning.”


“See you then Sonny. Have a good night.”


Ending the call, Sonny turned off the kitchen light before walking into the living room and depositing the phone back in the cradle. Moving over to the couch, she slowly and carefully took a seat on it before stretching her legs out in order to put her feet up on the coffeetable. Looking towards her left, she gazed at Jack for a few silent moments before reaching a hand up and running the back of it across her stinging eyes.


Deciding to take a catnap, Sonny laid her head back on the couch, closing her eyes as a yawn escaped her. With her eyes remaining shut, she thought back to the couple of hours she had spent at Bean There, Done That during the afternoon. To put it bluntly, business had been horrible. Sonny spent most of her time at the coffeehouse reading a magazine because she only had two customers. She was delighted when a third person entered the coffeehouse, but unfortunately, they had only wanted to use the restroom.


Sonny let out a soft sigh. It was time that she faced the music. Her business was practically over…finite…done. What did the Italian mobsters say? Oh, yes. She and Sarah’s coffeehouse was sleeping with the fishes. After several years of flourishing business, Bean There, Done That had been there and done that and now was closing it’s doors forever. Last week, Sonny and Sarah had decided that this coming Friday would be the last day they were in business.


Sonny found that to be a highly depressing thought. After all, running a coffee establishment was all she had wanted to do since she was fourteen years old and truthfully, she couldn’t think of another thing she was good enough at to make a living off of. Coffee was her niche. Her one and only niche. I’m probably going to end up working at someplace such as a burger joint, Sonny sadly thought. She shook her head, trying to get rid of these thoughts. She had to maintain a positive attitude. Somehow, some way everything would work out accordingly and she would find something else that she was good at.


Perhaps the closing of her coffeehouse was a blessing in disguise because she was destined to do something even better. It was fate that Jack built her coffeehouse right across the street and…well steal she and Sarah’s business. As strange as it sounded, if it weren’t for Jack then Sarah, Hawke, and Peter wouldn’t be having such good fortune now. Though she wouldn’t admit that she set up their meeting, if it weren’t for Jack insisting Hawke join in on the karaoke competition then she never would have met Dell Holiday and now signed with Olympus Records.


After much coercing, Hawke had managed to sign on Sarah as her songwriter, since over the time they’d known one another, Sarah had written close to a dozen songs especially for her. Ever since Sonny and Sarah were teenagers, she had been interested in writing songs and was obviously quite talented at it. By the time they entered high school, Sarah had two notebooks filled with different types of lyrics. Though when asked by her friends to sing them, she refused.  Sarah was very talented at writing, but unfortunately, she couldn’t carry a tune to save her own life.


As for Peter, he informed Sonny and Sarah last week that he had decided along with two other friends, one of which was his cousin, to open a coffeehouse that would have nightly entertainment. Both of his bosses had told him that they thought it was a great idea and that they wished him all the luck in the world. Since he was such a wizard when it came to coffee, Peter was sure to succeed with his own business. The coffeehouse was tentatively to be opened towards the end of December and Sonny, Sarah, and Hawke were all invited to the grand opening celebration. Sonny couldn’t wait to see his establishment. It was sure to be a big hit.


Her mouth opening wide, Sonny yawned again before smacking her lips together. Enough thinking, it was time to get some much-needed sleep. With a little bit of effort, Sonny managed to let her mind go blank and before long, she was fast asleep. In fact, she was so deep in sleep, that Sonny never knew when Jack woke up and gently pulled her over until they were lying side by side on the couch. Placing the blanket over them both, Jack quickly fell back to sleep with an arm tightly wrapped around the small warm bundle pressed close to her body.



Opening her eyes, Sonny woke up to quite a surprise. Actually, she woke up to a couple of them. One was that she was now lying right next to Jack, which meant this was the third time they had slept together…literally speaking. Two, her cheek was pressed against Jack’s bosom. She had to admit that it was soft, warm, and very comfortable, yet it was a little dangerous being in this position. Raising her head, Sonny was startled to see two blue eyes filled with amusement staring at her.


“Hello,” Jack said in a husky voice.


Sonny felt the color rising in her cheeks. The way Jack uttered that greeting affected her in a way she couldn’t quite explain. All Sonny knew was that butterflies were a flutter in the pit of her stomach. “Hi,” she shyly replied. “How did I get here?”


“I’m guessing your mama gave birth to you,” Jack retorted, a large grin on her face.


The blonde smirked at her. So it appeared that out of the many alters she possessed, Jack the Teaser had come out to play. Oh, joy. “Very funny Jack. Now how did I get in your…in this position? I was sitting up.”


Removing her arm from around Sonny’s waist, Jack tucked both of her hands behind her head. “I woke up and saw that you were asleep. You looked uncomfortable with your head lolling forward the way it was, so I pulled you under this blanket with me. By the way, thank you for the blanket. I was a little chilly.”


Noticing that her arm was laying across Jack’s stomach, Sonny decided to leave it there as she propped her chin in her hand while looking up at the other woman. “You’re welcome Jack,” she paused. “So did you sleep well?”


The brunette nodded. “As a matter of fact I did. I had a very interesting dream and you were in it,” she said, smiling.


One of Sonny’s golden eyebrows arched up in curiosity though she was almost afraid to ask what had been going on in the dream. She attempted to find out by studying the expression on Jack’s face, but found that it was indecipherable. For all she knew, in this dream, she could have been wearing nothing but a smile as Jack continuously used her as a sex toy. Sonny shook her head. On sleepless nights, she had been watching far too much cable.


“Don’t you want to know what it was about?” Jack asked after Sonny remained silent for a considerable amount of time. She smiled a bit as Sonny nodded. “It’s nothing bad, I promise you. I’d give it a PG-13 rating, so please don’t worry.” She smiled reassuringly.


Returning the smile, Sonny became bold and scooted up until she could lay her head on the woman’s shoulder. She figured that she might as well get comfortable so that she could listen to this PG-13 dream. Plus, she enjoyed the warmth radiating from Jack and the woman didn’t seem to mind their close contact. Though, she shouldn’t since she initiated it in the first place. Sonny had to suppress a moan as a warm hand covered the nape of her neck and began to lightly massage.


“In the dream,” Jack started as she continued her one-handed massaging, “I was at this elegant soiree where all the men were dressed in tuxedos and the woman had on expensive looking dresses. Though in my opinion, some of them looked garish and overdone. From what I could tell, I was the only woman not wearing a dress. Instead, I had on a pair of white slacks and a cornflower blue long-sleeved shirt with a white tuxedo style jacket over it. The wide collar of my shirt was folded over the collar of my jacket, which was by the way totally unbuttoned. I don’t recall what type of shoes I had on.”


“So in other words you looked like John Travolta in ‘Saturday Night Fever’,” Sonny interjected with a grin plastered on her lips.


Jack laughed. “Um, yeah I guess so.”


“Tell me, were there disco balls hanging from the ceiling?” Sonny asked, still grinning.


Jack laughed again as she lightly squeezed and kneaded the back of Sonny’s neck. “Oh, you woke up as a comedian, hmm? No, there weren’t any disco balls. I told you that this was a fancy shindig. Anyway, most of the people in the large ballroom were mingling but I had chosen to be by myself, observing everything and everyone around me as I occasionally took sips from a crystal flute of champagne I held. I don’t know what this party was for, but I didn’t want to be there. I was bored and all I wanted to do was go home. Suddenly, I looked up at the top of a flight of stairs and that was when I laid eyes on an angel. And do you know who that angel was?”


Sonny blushed from head to toe. “Was it me perhaps?”


The brunette grinned, noticing the blush. “Yes, it was you. And you did look beautiful as you stood at the top of those steps. You were wearing a gorgeous ball gown that matched the color of my shirt perfectly. It had a scoop neck and short sleeves. After your waist, the gown flowed outward a bit and I believe that there were tiny white pearls placed in patterns on the dress. You had on a pair of white gloves that stopped about half an inch from your elbow. You looked like a princess as well as an angel. The only thing missing was a crown.”


“This reminds me of Cinderella.” Unconsciously, Sonny started stroking up and down Jack’s stomach with her fingertips as she listened to the dream.


Jack nodded, trying to concentrate with the sensations that Sonny’s active fingers were producing. “Yeah, that’s what I thought when I first woke up and reflected back on it. It was like a modern day Cinderella. So as my eyes made contact with yours, a song by one of my favorite jazz musicians began to play. Do you know the song “At Last” sung by Etta James?”


The title of the song nor the singer sounding familiar, Sonny shook her head. “No, I don’t think I do.”


Feeling in the mood to sing, (she figured that the Vicodin still must have been in her system) Jack lightly cleared her throat before starting to hum the opening music to the song. Soon in a melodic voice, the brunette started to sing.


At last, my love has come along

My lonely days are over

And life is like a song

Ooh yeah yeah

At last, the skies above are blue

My heart was wrapped up in clover

The night I looked at you


Raising her head, green eyes stared deeply into blue, almost being hypnotized by them as well as Jack’s sultry voice. Both were weaving a spell on Sonny and she found it impossible to tear her eyes away from Jack’s. Also, the hand still massaging the back of her neck was proving to relax Sonny as the seconds ticked by.


I found a dream, that I could speak to

A dream that I can call my own

I found a thrill to press my cheek to

A thrill that I have never known

Ooh  yeah yeah


You smile, you smile

Ooh and then the spell was cast

And here we are in heaven

For you are mine at last 


Before she thought about the possible consequences of her actions, Sonny pressed her lips to Jack’s in a tender kiss. Softly moaning, Jack wrapped both of her arms around Sonny as she eagerly returned the kiss. As the blonde’s lips parted, Jack slowly almost hesitantly slipped her tongue inside, seeking out the other woman’s. Like the lyrics to the song she had just sang, this really was heaven. It just had to be.


Score: Jack: 1-- Blueyez: 1


Growing a bit bolder, Jack slipped her hand under the back of Sonny’s shirt, lightly brushing her fingertips across the woman’s skin as their tongues dueled for space in each other’s mouths. If she knew that she would have received this type of reaction, Jack would have privately serenaded Sonny along time ago. Just as her hand reached the middle of the smaller woman’s back, fingertips touching the clasp of her bra, Sonny pulled away from the kissed and leaped off of the couch as though it was on fire. Jack inwardly sighed. So very close yet so very far. Well she was keeping the point regardless. This had to be progress.


A little winded, Jack looked up at Sonny who had by now taken a seat on the coffeetable. Jack attempted to make eye contact but the other woman refused to, as she looked down towards the floor in embarrassment. Sitting up, Jack pushed the blanket aside before reaching over and placing two fingers under Sonny’s chin, gently pushing up until she could see to her amazement, green eyes brimming with tears. As Jack softly inquired what was wrong, Sonny burst into tears, covering her face with her hands.


Although she hadn’t started this, Jack suddenly felt like a scoundrel as she helplessly watched the love of her life sob. Getting to her knees on the floor, the brunette wordlessly wrapped her arms around Sonny, holding the shaking and crying woman to her tightly. As she felt a pair of arms slip around her, Jack started to gently rock Sonny from side to side as she stroked up and down her back hoping to soothe her. Sonny pressed her face into Jack’s neck as she tried to get control of her emotions. Taking a series of deep breaths, she finally calmed down. Wiping at her cheeks, Sonny sat back, placing both of her hands in her lap as she regarded Jack with an apologetic look.


“I’m so sorry about this Jack,” Sonny started. “I don’t know what came over me. I mean when I kissed you.”


The brunette arched an eyebrow. So, she was apologizing for being the best kisser that Jack had ever encountered? An apology definitely was not necessary. Placing a hand on Sonny’s cheek and starting to caress the soft smooth skin, she told her as much. The blonde shook her head as she stood up and moved over to sit on the couch, putting one leg beneath her. Running a hand through her short locks, she took a deep breath, watching as Jack sat on the couch, choosing to leave ample space between them.


“Sonny tell me what’s bothering you, please,” Jack asked in a quiet voice, her blue eyes filled with concern. She craved to reach out and hold the woman, but figured that Sonny didn’t want to be touched right now.


“I never should have kissed you,” Sonny started in a voice that was so soft that Jack had to scoot towards her a bit to hear. “That was so wrong. So very wrong.”


“But sweetheart I didn’t have a problem with it. Did you see me complaining?” It was so right. So very right! She wished that Sonny would just stop fighting her feelings and give them a chance.


Distressed green eyes gazed into affectionate blue ones. “I still shouldn’t have done it. Jack, I don’t want to lead you on. That wouldn’t be at all fair to you.”


“What are you talking about?”


“Blueyez.” Jack stared at her blankly. “You know, the woman from the Internet who I was supposed to meet at Disneyworld,” Sonny went on to say.


“Oh!” Jack nodded as though she hadn’t already known that. Blue was starting to be a real pain in the butt. “Right, her. What does she have to do with you kissing me?” Like I don’t already know the answer.


“Jack I…” Sonny paused while trying to find the right words. She didn’t want to hurt Jack, but there really was no easy way to say something like this. “I told Blue in an email I sent today, that I love her.”


The brunette managed to look just a tad bit hurt by the ‘new’ information. “Define love please. I have a feeling that you love her more than as a friend. Am I correct?”


Sonny nodded, hardly being able to look at the hurt expression on Jack’s face. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt her, but she had to be honest. “Yes, you are. Truthfully, I can’t say that I’m in love with her, but my attraction and feelings are quite strong. And based on the reply she sent me, she feels the same way.”


Jack nodded, appearing solemn. “I see.” So, Sonny wasn’t in love with Blue after all. Well that might turn out to be a good thing.


Reaching over, Sonny covered one of the other woman’s hands with her own as she peered into her face. “Hey, are you okay?” Sonny softly inquired. Jack looked like someone who had just lost their very best friend.


Jack sighed softly as she placed her other hand over Sonny’s, sandwiching it. “I will be,” she silently replied. “Thank you for being honest with me. I appreciate it.” She gave Sonny a slight smile. “That Blueyez is a very lucky woman and I hope she’s aware of that fact. I hope she realizes just what a precious gift you truly are, Sonny.” And this years Academy Award for best actress goes to Jacqueline Foster! She would be lying if she were to say that she didn’t the least bit guilty about doing all of this, but Jack convinced herself that it was for the greater good. Yeah, that was it.


Sonny’s cheeks became a nice shade of red as she smiled warmly at Jack, thanking her for the compliment. For an insane moment, Sonny fantasized how it might be if she had both Jack and Blue. She shook her head. She was going to have to stop watching television all together because it was proving to be a bad influence.


“Did you want to finish your dream?” Sonny asked, trying to change the subject.


“Yes, I’d like to. Where did I leave off?”


“You had umm…just finished singing the song that was playing in your dream,” Sonny replied shyly as she remembered what happened next. “Oh, and your singing has jogged my memory. I remember hearing that song in that movie with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman.” She thought for a moment. “Oh, yeah. It was called ‘Rain Man’.”


“That’s right. It was in the scene where Raymond was trying to teach his brother to dance. I love that movie.” Removing her hands from Sonny’s, the brunette stretched out on the couch until her feet were in Sonny’s lap and the back of her head was touching the arm of the couch. Noticing the eyebrow arched in her direction, Jack winked, the faintest hint of a grin on her lips.


“Who gave you permission to put your big stinky feet in my lap?” Sonny asked, her voice laced with amusement. Actually, Jack had a very nice set of feet, but Sonny just felt like teasing her. They were the kind that would probably be chosen to appear in commercials such as ones for sandals or toenail polish. Wondering if Jack was ticklish, Sonny had the sudden urge to run her fingertips along the bottom of the woman’s feet.


A mock frown appeared on Jack’s face. “Hey my feet may be big but they’re not stinky!” Hearing Sonny chuckle, she joined in before adding, “And don’t even think about it.”


“Don’t think about what?” The look on Sonny’s face was pure innocence. At least she hoped it looked convincing.


Jack smirked, not buying the act. “You know what. I know what’s going through that mind of yours. You wanna tickle me, but I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” A gleam appeared in those blue eyes.


Wearing a challenging look, Sonny raised a hand towards Jack’s feet, her fingers a mere inch, or two from them. She started to wiggle her fingers as though she was threatening to attack.


“Sonny,” Jack said in a warning tone, though she was grinning. “Be a good girl and allow the former Conqueror to finish telling her dream.”


The other woman groaned as she dropped her hand to the couch. She gave Jack a “you’re no fun” look, trying not to smile as the brunette richly laughed. Sonny failed as the corners of her lips lifted. She loved the sound of Jack laughing. Settling back into the couch, Sonny asked Jack to proceed with her dream telling.


“Much better.” Jack stacked her hands behind her head as she looked up at the ceiling and began to speak. “As I said the song “At Last” began to play just as I laid eyes on you. My feet must have been drawn to you, because before I could even think about it, I was headed in your direction, weaving through the large crowd. Finally making it to stand at the bottom of the stairs, I outstretched my hand towards you and watched, as you seemed to glide down the stairs to me, a ghost of a smile playing on your lips. Our eyes kept constant contact as I wordlessly led you by your gloved hand to the dance floor where I pressed my body against yours and we danced to Etta James’ song. Everyone else in the ballroom seemed to melt away as we danced, allowing the music to carry us away.” Jack moved her eyes from the ceiling to Sonny, who was looking at her intently. “In the dream we had just met but it felt like we had known one another for an entire lifetime. And I remember thinking that I never ever wanted that song to end because I wanted to hold you in my arms for the rest of my life. I wanted to hold you in my arms and dance with you for an eternity.” She grinned lopsidedly. “I know it probably sounds corny but it was true…it is true,” Jack finished in a whisper, as her blue eyes remained glued to green ones.


Finally, Sonny broke the stare as she blinked rapidly. How were they going to be just friends if they kept having moments such as this one? Well somehow, Sonny vowed that it would work because she didn’t have any intention of losing Jack. The mere thought of doing so saddened her. “That’s a very sweet dream, Jack.” Sonny stated while smiling at the other woman. “I believe one of the best I’ve ever heard.”


Jack smiled back at her. “And I believe it’s one of the best I’ve ever had.”


Feeling another moment coming on, Sonny asked Jack if she would like something to eat. Nodding, the brunette removed her feet from Sonny’s lap and sat as she asked what time it was. Glancing at her watch, Sonny informed her that it was about a quarter to ten o’clock. Remembering that she hadn’t told her about the phone call to Leslie yet, Sonny filled her in, making sure to tell her what Chloe said.


“I don’t know,” Jack slowly said. “Maybe I should just leave you home and go there.”


Sonny shook her head. “Jack, she gave specific orders that she didn’t want to see you until morning. She, Leslie, and I want you to rest. Now we can head over to the hospital first thing in the morning after I make us breakfast.”


Jack smiled at her tenderly. “Sonny, you don’t have to go with me. Chloe’s out of the woods now so I’ll be fine.”


Reaching over, Sonny took the woman’s hand in her own, giving it a light squeeze as she gazed into Jack’s eyes. “I know I don’t have to go. I want to be there with you.”


Feeling overwhelmed with emotion, Jack swallowed hard before pulling Sonny into a warm embrace while wondering how it was she got so lucky. The more time she spent with Sonny, the greater her love became. It was on the tip of her tongue to tell the woman so, but she kept silent, knowing that it wasn’t time yet. This was much too early. Quietly thanking Sonny for being such a great friend, Jack pulled back so that she could kiss her on the cheek.


“Now I believe you said something about food.” Both women laughed as Jack’s stomach chose that moment to grumble.



After they finished eating, Jack washed the dishes before Sonny dried and put them away. When they were done, Sonny asked Jack if she would like some tea and started to make them both a cup after the woman said that she would. Walking over to the kitchen table, Jack took a seat before beginning to watch Sonny move around the kitchen. Grinning a little, she especially watched the blonde’s rear end while thinking how lucky those pants she was wearing were.


Having the distinct feeling that she was being watched, Sonny started to blush as she poured steaming dark liquid into two mugs. While keeping her eyes on her task, she asked Jack if she would like anything in her tea.


“A little sugar would be nice.” A slow grin curved Jack’s lips. “I like my tea like my women. Sweet,” she added in a low throaty voice.


Glancing over her shoulder, Sonny smirked at Jack though both the comment and the way it was spoken had affected her a great deal. She felt flushed from head to toe and those butterflies were moving around in her stomach again. Thinking it best to keep her mouth shut, the blonde added a couple teaspoons of sugar to both of their mugs before stirring them vigorously. She stirred much longer than was needed because she wanted to give the blushing time to fade away before she allowed Jack to see her face.


Grabbing a mug in each hand, Sonny finally turned around and walked over towards the kitchen table, setting one of the mugs in front of Jack before taking the chair opposite the woman’s. Nodding as the brunette thanked her for the drink, Sonny brought her mug to her lips, blowing softly to help it cool faster. She made the mistake of glancing at Jack, noting that the woman’s eyes were riveted to her puckered lips. Quickly relaxing them, Sonny took a cautious sip before setting her mug down on the table. She was about to say something, when Jack started speaking.


“Is this more chamomile?” she asked.


Sonny shook her head. “No, it’s just plain lemon tea. Do you need more sugar?” The blonde could have smacked herself for the careless choice of words. She would have bet money on it that “Flirty Jack” would have a field day with the innocently asked question.


Jack inwardly grinned as she took her first sip of the tea while watching the expression on Sonny’s face. Nah, I don’t have the heart to say anything. She looks almost terrified. It was difficult…quite difficult but she refrained. It was time to be more nice than naughty. “No, it tastes great already,” Jack said in a pleasant voice. “Thank you though.” She smiled at Sonny, not commenting on the look of surprise that passed across the younger woman’s face.


“You’re welcome.” Sonny shook her head a bit. Good thing I didn’t put money on it. Never know what you’re going to do Jack. “Jack, I’d like to resume our conversation from the bathroom.”


The brunette sat back in the chair, bringing her right leg up until her ankle was resting on her knee. She folded her arms across her chest as she regarded Sonny with a curious look. “What conversation was that?”


“The one about you deciding to close your coffeehouse. Are you still planning on doing that?” When Jack nodded, she went on to say, “Don’t do it, Jack. You’d be making a mistake.”


“I would?”


Sonny nodded. “Yes! First, think of all the people you would be putting out of work if you were to close down Brew n’ Paradise. And think of all the people that live in that general neighborhood you would be disappointing if they couldn’t get their daily coffee in the morning before going to work, school or where ever they’re headed. A lot of people would be affected negatively by this decision. So you see you have to stay in business for the people.”


Jack looked at the blonde curiously while thinking that she sounded like a politician. “You make a lot of sense Sonny, but the workers I intend to layoff are all going to get severance pay. And the customers always have your coffeehouse to go to. I never should have built there and coaxed them over in the first place. It was wrong.”


The blonde shook her head in disagreement. “No, I understand now that it was business and the better business won. They need you Jack because if they don’t have you then they won’t have anyone. You see, Sarah and I have decided to shut down Bean There, Done That this coming Friday.”


“You don’t have to do that now. I’m closing down.” Jack looked at Sonny imploringly. “I want you to stay in business. I know how much that coffeehouse means to you and Sarah. It’s like a child to you both, whereas mine is like…a distant relative. You see what I’m saying? I’m only in it for the money, but you two genuinely love what you do. I never should have jeopardized that in the first place. I’ve done it time and time again and frankly, I’ve had enough of screwing other people over. Like I said before, I don’t want to be the Conqueror anymore.”


“Jack it’s too late for me. Save your business.”


Despite the seriousness of the conversation, Jack had to laugh at Sonny’s statement. Looking surprised at first, the blonde then joined in with a small chuckle of her own. She then told Jack that she and Sarah couldn’t keep their coffeehouse open even if she went out of business because they couldn’t afford to. Saying that she would be right back, Jack stood up from the table and walked out of the kitchen leaving a curious Sonny behind.


Picking up her mug, Sonny took a few short sips as she heard the front door open and close. She wondered where Jack was going and for a moment started to go after her but then changed her mind, thinking that she would probably return soon. Sure enough, Sonny heard the front door open and close again a few minutes later. Entering the kitchen, Jack retook her seat carrying a pen and her checkbook in hand. Clicking the top on the pen, she asked Sonny to give her a number.


“No.” The blonde looked just a tad bit perturbed.


Jack glanced up at Sonny after filling in the date on a check. “Why not? This isn’t like what I tried to pull at the hospital when I injured you.”


“What is it then?”


“It’s business.”


Sonny arched a golden eyebrow. “Business. Really? How is you giving me money considered business? Is it a loan?”


Jack shook her head. “No, it’s an investment. You and Sarah can make me a silent partner. I’ll take let’s say five percent.”


“That’s not very much.”


The brunette shrugged. “It’s enough for me. So what do you say?” Come on Sonny. Don’t let pride get in the way here. Help me to help you.


Shaking her head, Sonny replied, “I say no.”


Jack frowned slightly. “Why?”


“Well for one thing Sarah probably won’t even be involved in the coffeehouse because she’s going to be Hawke’s songwriter.”


“Oh really? That’s great!” Jack paused thoughtfully. “In that case I’ll still be a silent partner and I’ll take thirty percent which leaves you with seventy. How about it?” When Sonny shook her head, Jack gave her an irritated look. “Why must you be so difficult?”


“Why must you always try to pay me off?” Sonny countered, matching the woman’s tone of voice.


“I’m not trying to pay you off. I’m trying to help!”


“Well I don’t recall asking for your help and I sure don’t need it!” Sonny shouted while starting to become quite irate. Right now, she felt like throttling Jack. Sometimes the woman just didn’t know when to quit.


Blue eyes glaring at Sonny, Jack slowly shook her head from side to side. “Fine,” she said between clenched teeth. “I don’t even know why I bother with you. I’m just wasting my time.” Snatching up her checkbook and pen, Jack pushed the chair back so that she could get up, almost knocking it over in the process. Without another word, she stormed out of the kitchen leaving a stunned Sonny behind.


Getting up, the blonde hurriedly left the kitchen and scanned around the living room not spotting Jack anywhere. A few seconds later, she heard the bathroom door slam and looked over noticing that Jack had her shoes and socks in hand. Asking the woman where she was going, Sonny waited for a reply but didn’t receive one as she watched Jack quickly put on her socks and stick her feet into her shoes not bothering to unlace them first. Sonny repeated the question but didn’t get so much as a glance in her direction. She jumped a little as Jack left her apartment, slamming the front door in the process.


To be continued… Part 4


“At Last” performed by Etta James



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