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Q&A with Sasha

Sasha has been answering lots of tweets lately, so I decided she deserved her own Q&A page. :)

(posted with permission from Sasha. Click here)

Non-Twitter users: RT means Re-Tweeted, what follows RT is the original tweet Sasha is answering.

I don't have a set way of posting these, it all depends how Sasha answers. If she simply @ThePerson and doesn't RT then I put the question first. If she RT's I post as-is.

Q & A with Sasha



Who makes that white, wrap sweater you wore in the last scene of the last episode(208)? @jessdenoncourt according to wardrobe, that sweater was made by theory.

how does your hair designer do Maura's hair? @isles_rizzoli_ just blows it out and uses a curling iron! :)


Live Tweeting for episode 208 East Coast!

How many times does @SashaAlexander1 have to be taken hostage in her acting career @LASB12 an endless number!

The dress your wearing looks amazing. Is it designer or the fab wardrobe dept? @TrekOnLTS the blue with white stitching was Tory Burch.

what was ur favorite part to shoot in this eppisode? @Sugarlandfan10 the scenes where I am being secretive from Jane.

"Have you been investigating me?" Maura's mad!!!

OMG!!!! You are a brave woman. Real rats, oh hell no. Girl... How did you do that? @talltvw I whined the whole time! :)

Guy playing Ian is awfully adorable. Must've been a tough shoot! @21TVcast I used to be on Presidio Med with his wife, a wonderful actress named Jullianne Nicholson.

I don't like the emotional distance between Jane and Maura in this episode. :( @angel3609 but that's human nature, that's a real relationship.

any other talents you want to share? Heard you're a figure skater? @Ayid08 yes, I was a competitive skater.

will u miss all the amazing people that work with u after u done shooting? @Random_Gal1 of course!

ewwww are those real rats? @daniellacalzona I was really grossed out shooting that scene but after awhile, they became kind of cute.

When you have an emotional scene what do you think about or where do you go subconsciously? @BrandiMortati it depends on the scene and how it makes me feel.

Do u like watching yourself? Or, do you always think you could have done better? @KatFalcone I like watching the result of our work, and the whole story.

How long have Jane and Maura been friends at this point in the show? @JLBMOctober 3-4 years.

how do you tweet so fast while the show is on? I'm amazed! lol. @The_Girl123 an iPad!

I know they're very different but do you have a preference - the comedy scenes or more dramatic scenes? @kellyeneal both.

any vices? @SheetalArmy if I don't get frequent manicures, I bite my nails.

are you really a sketch artist or can you draw at all like Kate? :) @BrandiMortati I draw well, but not that well.

do you like filming scenes with Bass the tortoise? @allisonnadams yes, but he talks a lot!

are you good at math!? @xokrisxo33 no, sorry.

Are all of your heels organized like Mauras? @BrandiMortati yes. :)

Jealous Jane is so funny! @annabirna I know, @Angie_Harmon and I had a good time shooting these scenes!

My dear friend Brian Hallisay is playing Chris Dunbar in tonight's episode!

@SashaAlexander1 I'm getting a lot of flack for walking in on you! Help!
you were hilarious in that scene. I couldn't keep a straight face while shooting!

your make-up looks amazing in these scenes! You are gorgeous! @BonesTvFanatic thank you, my makeup artist Ela will be so happy to hear that!

do u let your hubby know that you have intimate scenes prior to filming or does he care? @Ayid08 he's a director, he understands.

.@Lorraine_Bracco is glowing tonight! Did she get a sexy visitor as well??
@SashaAlexander1 I didn't get that script!

ok I have to ask, did u guys get that 'how come u never tell me when you're coming' line in 1 take w/o losing it? @3doorsfan now you're being naughty!

Who is the actor that plays Ian?? @BethM2S Jonathon Cake, fantastic actor!

Maura's beau is Hot :-) @suevic26 he is very nice on the eyes!

how was it like filming these kissing scenes? @BonesTvFanatic it can be uncomfortable because you have to do it with a hundred people watching!


Below is from earlier in the day.

what is the best memory of your childhood? @celyla so many. But summers with my grandma on Adriatic coast top the list.

As of right now, Sasha tweeted for an hour and a half. If she comes back I'll keep adding them above. :)

Bummed that so many people are out of power and can't watch the show tonight! I hope you get your power back soon!

would you ever wanna see Maura with one of the Rizzoli boys? ;) @MelissaParkerx hmmm....

what do you have in common with maura?@LinaLeona shopping? ;)

Follow up to Sasha's answer that Chocolate was her guilty pleasure:
Some comfort food coming your way. Hope you like it :) ...http://yfrog.com/kkd0sgsj @reenaCK don't just tease me with the photo!

do you find it funny that people want Rizzoli and Isles to be a couple? @i_is_tlee kind of but mostly flattered by it.

maura's dating a bit this season and that's cool:) but if she crushes on bill o'reilly my life as i know it will be over. @littlevoice4 wouldn't be too worried about that one.

what would you say has been an ongoing theme for Maura this season? @nittwit277 men, ha ha! :)

I saw videos of you guys dancing on set & stuff. Do you all normally do that?@HeyItsMeggan yep, dancing is very common on our set!


I know Emily Foxler was only a minor character in the last episode but how was it like working with her? @cytay she was great!

any advice for an aspiring actor? @jonathansahoo never give up If it's what you truly want!

are u excited about filming the season finale? @sicilja yes, very much so!

Are you a wine drinker like Maura? @KendallAlix yes, I like wine.

were u pregnant while u filmed any of this season's episodes? @elinanny no but I was during most of the first season's eps.

Do you have any guilty pleasure Sasha? @JuliaBerndt chocolate!

do you keep the script hardcopies or after each ep do you give them back? @TtownAmstaff keep or recycle.

How much longer are you shooting this season of Rizzoli and Isles!? @Sasha_A_Fan only a little over 2 more weeks.

Favourite thing about Rizzoli And Isles ? @Drumchik84 the best cast and crew ever!!


On the last scene of the night, the fantastic Bruce McGill and I in the crime lab!


Sasha spent from 12:01pm - 3:40pm PST tweeting! How amazing is this woman?!

Okay, time for work, gotta go! Have a great one everybody!

Hi Sasha, how are you handling your 7 scene day? Are you in all 7? @kellyeneal I'm not there yet, only in the last two. :)

Only 2 episodes left to shoot! Are you ready to chill out and relax after? @sneakymxr yes!!

what is your favorite city/region to visit in France. I'm partial to Beaune and the Bourgogne region. Great wine & cheese @katharinetucker I agree, love it there and I also love Paris!

LOVE and adore him! RT @NCISZiverCote: Wht was it like working with Michael Weatherly???????”

How long does it typically take to receive an autograph request from you? @mlspikie right now I'm about 6 months behind but will be catching up once we finish this season. :)

you're quite adept at handling "sensitive" tweets, when I'm sure most celebs would ignore them. Mad props. @KAMFitness thank you! ;)

who would YOU tweet? that you're a big fan of? @26Trumpets @nickiraegeous, ha ha! :)

I have AB, but I usually use it for emails, photos & the web. RT @shy_cube: what apps do you have on your iPad? do you have angry birds?


do you read your fan mail? @nettie_b Yes I do, way behind right now though. All of you that are waiting, I probably won't get to it until we finish shooting.

You are a car enthusiast? @RizzIslesQuoter LOVE cars!

this past episode of R&I was it creepy to film with all the witch stuff? @xokrisxo33 Kind of spooky yes, we shot in a real cemetery at night.

Sasha you are a magnificent actress, do you have any tips on how to be as successful as you are? @SonjaFernandez thank you, and just sticking with what you believe, never giving up!

We are already shooting it, it is ep 11-15. RT @RileySpencer: when do u start filming the fall/winter season?

Please, please, please stick with Rizzoli and Isles till the end. Couldn't stand to see Maura killed or leave. @LauraJDaniels of course don't give it another thought!!!


Sasha!! U dont answer me anymore. :'( @XxDamagedSoulxX I try to pick and choose, nothing personal... sorry.

do you have any tattoos? @i_is_tlee nope.

Would you wanna be on broadway? If yes, a musical? @MaraIsles i'd LOVE to be on broadway! I'd have to dance more than sing though, I'm not much of a singer.

What is your favorite song of the 80 & 90??? @Sasha_Forever way too many songs to choose from in that time period that were amazing, can't just chose one!

do you shop online while at work, like Maura do? @AngiesLLBFF Yes, way more than I should! :)

Ive decided to name my new car Maura :D @keeva99 I approve... well wait, is it a car that Maura would approve of??

Do you like any sport?? Like tennis?!? @jessila13 I just had to play tennis for a scene on friday! My favorites are basketball and soccer.

I was watching Rizzoli & Isles and wondering: how Sasha can memorize your lines? @isadorabenigno I wonder the same thing with every script that is delivered! ;)

I'm not much of a gamer on the ipad. I use it more for emailing and shopping! :)

The Last Lullaby available via Netflix 9/13. @KAMFitness yay!


Her 7000th tweet. Very sweet of her to think of us.
Sorry I've been kind of quiet this week, very busy at work!!

You speak French? @a5620 not as much as I'd like to but I can get by, yes.


would u ever consider hosting SNL, there is a group on facebook that wants u 2. We all do @Tate1995 OMG!! Yes! I would love to!

how was working with richard thomas? @lottaluv27 great guy and so funny.

Mac!! RT @LiFEwithIvA: Are you more of a Mac or PC person?

am I the only person who thinks @JessicaCapshaw & @SashaAlexander1 doesn't look alike? @OhKayKatOh I don't! :)

You should have totallymade @nickiraegeous look like a hooker for calling you so-so! @wickedcat68 she's lucky I didn't! Doesn't she always look like one anyway though? ;)


Thanks for all the anniversary tweets, you guys are the sweetest!


I'm very behind on my mail right now, but working on it. Been so busy lately! Sorry!


Today for Angie's Bday we had a conga line from hair/makeup, through the lot, into the set for rehearsal! Great... http://fb.me/xqWD6tWT Oh and by the way, that video was taken and uploaded by our very own @haircolordiva!

(Episode 205) how come you can't use real MLB team names? @an_dre_a12 it's a legal thing, we need permission and you have to pay LOTS of money to use them.

Nope, Los Angeles. RT @cathr13: Do you film in Boston?

Do you still get starstruck when meeting fellow actors or legends? @DreamWriterDKS of course I do!

What was it like working with Michael Weatherly on NCIS, and James Van Der Beek on Dawson's Creek? @teamcullen4 LOVE and adore them both!

@SashaAlexander1 and @nickiraegeous should have their own reality show. I can totally see high ratings! @Crazyshushu that's actually not a bad idea!


Live tweeting during episode 205

Thank you all for watching tonight! Always fun to hang with you! Xxx

How was working with Jaqueline Bissett? @HannahSky she's lovely and smart and stunning.

This is not CSI: Boston @CourtneyCawston @Angie_Harmon I loved angies face in that scene. Made me laugh..

Are there any similarities between you & Maura? @FringePhalanges love of clothes, people, curiosity on life.

I love teasing nic, one of the best parts of my day.

(the cloths swap) This is my favorite scene. You will love. like true LLBFFs we share clothes!!

do you get to see the edited episodes prior to them airing? @nittwit277 not always.

what's your fave 'watching #rizzoliandisles' snack? @emilyxoxo96 right now, Mac n cheese.

the clothes swap was hilarious. @SarcasticDreamr right? We had fun doing it.

What's your favourite singer/band? @_Estheer_ cold pay, u2, oasis

Did Jane just slap Maura's ass? @MOOSHitsElisey no butt slapping !

Confirmation says that Jane did, in fact, slap Maura on the ass. @RizzlesGirls Hmm, gotta rewatch and check again.

So, Tommy and Maura are already live together? Fast :) @Aliasanna no! He's staying with his mom, who happens to be staying at mauras

Who is one actor/actress that you would love to work with? @Katie0093 Kate winslet

19 min away til R+I starts! Getting my boy ready for bed then I'm ready to tweet live with you!

Is maura ever going to get married and have kids @mrothanb in season 35 :)

any "you look hot" 's in this episode? lmao that episode literally made me fall over laughing @CatTrent well, there are some super cuties in this ep..Maura and Jane might be saying it to them! Ha

Yay you are so awesome. Thank you for joining us! Should be a blast! Rizzoli & Isles @nittwit277 Only because you are alll AWESOME!

Yes, you will soon meet my mother! RT @kaitgolightly: Do we get to meet more of Isles' family this season? :)

Someone dies... Oh and we try to solve it! RT @JuttadeJong: could you give a hint about the epi of tonight, please :)

do u know if/when we can get Rizzoli & Isles in the UK?? @vickycarr8 I heard this fall.

Sasha: Celebrating another season!
Nicki: @SashaAlexander1 have fun hooker! ;)

@nickiraegeous You have no fear, do you? lol @n8eesma no, she really doesn't... ;)

hooker?? What could be going on in the episode being filmed to warrant a nickname such as that?! ;) @triciarichards just a little nickname we have for each other. ;)

@nickiraegeous @SashaAlexander1 some of these tweets make u guys sound like HS girls.... @Crazyshushu you should see us in person then, ha ha!


do not pull a kate todd on us and die in the season finale, ok? ;) @Siobhannxo never


I just want to say thank you to all of you guys for watching because we were just told Rizzoli and Isles was picked up for season 3!!!! Yay!!

Celebrating another season! http://yfrog.com/khhujaij

Hey guys! The Coming & Going soundtrack is officially out on iTunes! Go get it, show us some love!

Being called weird is like being called Limited Edition. Meaning you're something people don't see that often. Remember that. @ithinkthatway love this. Thank you.


Starting EP 12 today! RT @AngieHarmonFan: What epi are you shooting this week?

Yes they are!!! I highly recommend! RT @iAshleyJill: Are the Rizzoli & Isles books worth reading? I'm looking for a new book series!

When acting are actors fully aware of what they are doing 100% or is there things which happened without meaning to? :) @RentheadGleek depends, sometimes...


(About episode 204) Of course, it's a tough thing to think of for any mother. RT @sho2416: Was it a hard episode to shoot since you have kids?


During Episode 204

So happy you all responded to tonights episode. It was intense for all of us to shoot due to the subject matter. But I'm proud of it.

Was it really hard to shoot ep. 4? @BrandiMortati it's painful to think about when you have kids. I just pray for anyone that has to go through this.

I agree!! RT @Angie_Harmon: The episode of #rizzoliandisles tonight is AWESOME!!!!


Sasha tweeted for over an hour today - a Sunday! Very sweet of her.

Just popping in to say "Hi!" to you all...I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Well let's do it then! RT @itsxdiva we need to get you to 40,00 new #sashanistas before the end of this week. ;)

If they invite us, I would love to go! RT @FindinEmo85 Hey do you think you guys will be at the next comic Con?

Not that I'm aware of... RT @toriciro43 is there an upcoming episode of rizzoli and isles that involves a roller coaster?

Will you live tweet tomorrow? @Aliasanna Not sure yet...

It would be fun, but as of now, no. RT @BENDOESBOSTON will you guys ever go on location in boston? :) you should!

Do you reply to letters as well as autograph what we send to you? @BrandiMortati If i can yes, I am really behind right now though on all my mail! The show has kept me so busy lately.

It's an AMAZING episode! Very intense! RT @maurathebore_a So excited for #RizzoliandIsles-day tomorrow!!!! any comments about the 4th ep?

Now they're having regular viewing parties back home in Geneva. SwissTV needs2buy rizzoli&isles @viktoriabk That's awesome! Thank you! Yes they do, considering that's my second home! :)

Do you understand italian? :) Capisci l'italiano? @eli_duki Yes, most of it. ciao bella!

I'm French & I would like to know if you are already come in France ? @JCapshawFans I have been many times, I LOVE it there!


An amendment to last night:

Last night: do you think you could do a "shoe of the day" like Angie? @MandhaNard if I tweeted my Birkenstocks, Angie would never speak to me again!

Tonight to Angie:Hey, @SashaAlexander1 said you had to okay her tweeting a pic of the Birkenstocks. So, can she?

Angie's response: @Goose197 @SashaAlexander1 absolutely not!! ;)

(On Jimmy Kimmel) do you know what you are gonna talk about? are you gonna wear something sweet or hot? lol @sicilja I do know yes and the dress is hot! :)

Obviously, @SashaAlexander1 can DANCE! Any chance we'll c Maura dancing in S2? @cacooly @janettamaro I'd love that!

Aw, all these responses are for the ladies. No love for your male viewers lol ? @Jetticus_Rex of course I have love for my male viewers!!! ;)

I'd love to see @SashaAlexander1 and @Angie_Harmon share their pretty with the @NOH8Campaign... @bow_and_arrow I'd love to do it!


I don't know if she'll ever see this, but I'd like to thank Sasha for tweeting with us tonight. We all had a blast and it seemed like she was having fun as well. She's always been so generous with her time, and with her schedule free time is rare. Although she couldn't possibly answer every tweet (I mean come on she has over 30,000 followers) she tries to answer as many as time allows. I don't know if she realizes what that means to her fans.

So, thank you Sasha for being the wonderful person you are and for sharing yourself with us. It means more then you will ever know.



LIVE tweeting during Pacific time R&I Episode 203

Last tweet of the night. I'm headed to bed. My favorite line of tonight's episode was "I Don't Like Baby Tomatoes."

Thank you guys so much for tweeting with us tonight! This was so much fun. We'll have to do it again sometime.

oh and I'll be wearing a special dress just for you guys!!! (on Jimmy Kimmel)

That's amazing! Thanks everyone! RT @TrendsBoston Sasha Alexander, @sashaalexander1 is now trending in #Boston

She was trending in Colorado too!!

am I crazy or does Maura entertain the idea of a threesome? @TtownAmstaff she's very in touch with her sexuality.. Hahaha...

What do you think about the fourth episode of the season? @SmartiiesRIOT very intense and great!

where did they get the giant Italian horn. Props to your props people! @nittwit277 @n8eesma They are amazing!!!

(Jane & Maura need a song) maybe "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry? Based from the little llbff thing... @Sunshine6366 yes! That's a great one!

a song and a BFF DANCE! @cynthiahasbani we do need a BFF dance...

Was that teddy bear kiss in the script or did u guy just did? @Crazyshushu just did it...and Angie got smooched every time..

How much fun did you two have doing the end scene of the fleet week episode? @Rose_Fudge it was the best scene we've done together so far!!!

"You're Hot!" Did you enjoy hearing that every other scene? @JBBridges I laughed every time.

I'd love to shake the hand of whoever picked the dress and coat that @SashaAlexander1 was wearing at the beginning of the epi. Was stunning! @n8eesma the amazing bob Blackman!!!

Is there a reason for the different colored scrubs - black vs. blue? @kellyeneal black is only Maura because she is a a fashionita..j/k they are actually just a preference.

Are you more a beer or wine girl? @NormaMaravilla Beer on a Sunday afternoon and wine during dinner.

Is there a storyline that you'd like to explore for Maura? @viktoriabk I love Tess' book The sinner and would love to see Maura have a relationship with the priest. Now that's edgy.

What's the most random trivia fact you still remember that Maura has spouted? @fangirliesquee From the pilot. Something to do with Wichita Native Americans. Obviously I don't remember that much...

Do you really know all that much about cars? @Cellobean Yeah. I know a lot because my dad was a big car fan.

What do you think about @JessicaCapshaw? Are you fan of Grey's Anatomy? @medicka01 Jessica is my real life BFF... And she's amazing on that show...

What's the biggest challenge to playing Dr. Maura Isles besides the lingo? :) @BrandiMortati Balancing the light and the dark.

Favorite Italian food beside egplant parm? @BrandiMortati gnooci al pesto

Sleep? Who needs sleep when you're on Jimmy Kimmel? Not me! I'll be watching. :) @kellyeneal you better!!

Was that an actual Alfa or a kit car to look like one? @DJPheonyx IT was an actual alfa... sooo great!

What is your favorite part of this episode? @BonesTvFanatic the funny stuff with giovanni is pretty classic and the last scene with Jane...

@ the theater watching captain America and still tweeting @SashaAlexander1 u think I have a problem ?!! Lol ,p @Ayid08 no just think you have good taste.

What shows do you enjoy when you have time? @jamielynn0381 Curb Your Enthusiasm and Real TIme with Bill Maher.

How many takes does it take when its a comedic scene @dggrfan oh! sometimes a lot.. when we get the giggles!

Have a a good "fleet week" story from your past??? @CristaMorrow never been with a man in uniform.

is maura going to have a love interest this season, besides the doctor? @mrothanb she'll have a few interesting ones!

The swaying was a nice touch. @shon_lj We thought it was pretty funny when we were doing it

Yes it's me, and not a question but hey, she tweeted me!! ;)
Have I told you how awesome you and this episode are? :) @kellyeneal thank you!


LIVE tweeting during Eastern time R&I Episode 203

About the BFF scene:
I know you're all loving this scene right now! @Angie_Harmon & I had so much fun doing this. We laughed the whole time.

Sometimes Maura reminds me of Rain Man. Instead of Sasha pretend it's Dustin Hoffman.

She's good at a lot of things but choosing men isn't one of them. You'll have to watch and see...

Loved the dress in the beginning of the episode! @saraaaroseeex3 Oscar de la Renta... Love it!

How hard was it to get through the teddy bear scene? @TheSaxyOne I liked kissing Jane with the bear!

How was having Ernie Hudson on the set? @gabisassioto I'm a huge fan!!! Amazing!

What are your hair tips? @DallasAlbury09 little product and a curling iron.

Which of the books is your favorite? @Charmedgirl4 I like them all...but the sinner really got me.

She's a brilliant goofball, can you relate to that? @357MonsterBlue in some ways, yes. I like being an outsider.

Have you learned a lot of facts since taking on the role of Maura or do you tend to forget most of it once you film it? @Katix_Song I tend to forget a lot.

Do you like to do comedic scenes or serious scenes more? @NancyDrewGal Love both but comedy is so much more fun!

are there days that no matter what you can not get a serious take? @sandygordley yes, like Friday.. Angie and I were roaring and we couldn't get the take..

How much research do u have to do for ur role? @mddeese lots of googling and working with out homocide tech advisor.

So how hard is it to deliver the one line zingers you're getting without busting into laughter every time? @n8eesma Very! I try to keep a straight face but then @Angie_Harmon laughs at me.

do you think you could do a "shoe of the day" like Angie? @MandhaNard if I tweeted my Birkenstocks, Angie would never speak to me again!

Is your hair originally that color or do you dye it? @MaraIsles dyed, but close to that color without the highlights.

Strut across the crime scene, Maura. I could never walk in those heals. @yotobari288 it's the toughest part of job..

Do you enjoy playing Maura more or did you enjoy playing Kate more on NCIS? @MOOSHitsElisey I love both characters but Maura is more challenging.


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