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when i see Maura doing her job on #RizzoliAndIsles im always wondering why she isn't wearing more protection. just gloves?
@tootsiepop6 What other kind of protection? She wears gloves, a smock, and glasses.

The fancy equipment in Maura's laboratory... Are they real machines or just props? :)
@Sashanista both!

when do you start filming season 4 of Rizzoli and Isles?
@xiomi_katyperry end of january.

what movie would you like to see next?
@rushj44 So many right now, but Les Miserable, Lincoln or This is 40.

I would like to know what is your favorite book of shakespeare?
@RakelyRibeiro twelfth night.

Goodnight all, busy week...lot's to get done for the holidays!


Goodnight everyone, thanks for the chat! xo

Hey @lenadunham...look what I got!

do you meditate in 'real life'?
@Nelli91 I wish. :)

The one thing you can't live without... ?
@FallenTwAngel my family.


We really miss your tweets! @nickiraegeous can't monopolize all of your time, please..(no offense intended Nick)
@RackOfGod @nickiraegeous Ha, I think it's the opposite. :)

I'm watching the new episode now and I loved Maura's clothes! Who chooses it?
@AngieHarmonBR Our wardrobe department shops for it then we have fittings and see what we like.

You seem to be a very busy lady with all of your events you've been going to. You get any time to just chill during hiatus?
@MollyVegas Ha, not a lot, but I'm trying! Soon enough...


This is worth watching. Sasha is really funny on CONAN.
@JanetTamaro You just liked the fan art didn't you!??


New Episode of #RizzoliandIsles is on tonight on TNT! Watch it!!! I hope you like it!

no, i'm not preggers but @malinakerman is! Have an amazing shoot this week you beautiful lady!!! xxx


Congrats to @EdoardoPonti!!! #oscars2013

At @ConanOBrien, getting ready for tonight! Everyone be sure to watch at 11pm on TBS!!

It's almost show time on #conan, so excited!!!

You're just as handsome in person as you are on TV @ConanOBrien, what a dream come true!!!

Backstage at #conan today, woohoo!


Took the kids to #santasworkshop this morning hosted by my friends@ScoutMasterson and@TheBillHorn to benefit …


Hey everyone! Wanted to let you know that I'm going to be on @ConanOBrien on Monday, so be sure to check it out! I LOVE him!


Congrats to @EdoardoPonti on 'Il turno di notte lo fanno le stelle' making the shortlist for live-action short film for #oscars2013! :)

Please read this about my stunning mamma-in-law... LOVE this!!!

Hey Everyone! Be sure to check out my friend Nick Osborne's book he wrote, I've attached the link! It's a sweeping...


Please check out this article because it reveals some personal stories that I've never had the opportunity to share. crime-fighting-in-real-life

Also, check out this week's @PeopleMag as well, there is feature in it with me and my kids!

Does Maura secretly long for Tommy would you like to see her pursue him?
@CastleBonesRand maybe once he gets a job! :)

You look so pretty without make up! Not too many people can pull that off :)
@PotentInsanity thank you, I prefer the natural look as well.

How did you feel about filming the stripping scene?
@AnnisAnatomy fine... I was in a trash bag!

do you prefere cats or dogs?
@catmetria dogs


Janet Tamaro is having a contest for all of the fans of R&I for the premiere on Tuesday. Be sure to go to this...


Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm so thankful for my family, friends and all of you! I hope you all stuff your stomach's with lots of yummy food! xo


The house smells AMAZING! Baking all day for tomorrow, yum!!!


Come out Nov 28 in NYC and celebrate 3 amazing Moms @ 4th Annual Mom on a Mission Awards & Fundraiser. Support...


You should have seen @nickiraegeous when i dropped her hard work on the ground. :(. #turkeycupcakefail

if you have ever think about a #Castle #Rizzoli&Isles crossover
@JustFansHP @stana_katic AWesome.. I would to see Rizzoli and Castle try to agree on something! #GIRLSNIGHTIN

Sidebar: @Stana_Katic and @1capplegate are lovely and beautiful souls in real life... So happy to share this with you both. #girlsnightin

I know you said you like #Homeland would you ever guest star if the right part came about? I think you are a genius actress
@MollyVegas Thank you!! Yes, would love that...#Homeland


Look, I'm a video game!

the video game totally looks like you. It's great
@anapavlo my bad ass face.


#GIRLSNIGHTIN w/ @Stana_Katic @SashaAlexander1 @1capplegate! We are watching #CASTLE live Mon 10PST, so join us while we tweet 2gether-live!

Do you like my rainy day flower project?


Support Healthy Child Healthy World and attend the 2012 Mom on a Mission Awards in NYC on Nov 28! Hosted by...

The first #GIRLSNIGHTIN w/me, @Stana_Katic @1capplegate is Tonight! We are watching #UpAllNight live! Join us while we tweet together PST!

Sorry ladies, was putting kids to bed, I'm here!!!! @Stana_Katic @1capplegate #girlsnightin

Can we first talk about how beautiful @1capplegate is!? @Stana_Katic #GIRLSNIGHTIN

.@1capplegate Is one of the most dedicated actors that I know, and her comedic timing is insane! @Stana_Katic #GIRLSNIGHTIN

Looks like a really athletic group of people playing football! ;) @1capplegate @Stana_Katic #GIRLSNIGHTIN

5 second rule, ha! @1capplegate @Stana_Katic #GIRLSNIGHTIN

.@1capplegate @stana_katic yeah it does, also the look of it too kind of made me want to vomit! #GIRLSNIGHTIN [Response to @1capplegate: The sound of run over turkey sounds kinda gross]

Loved spending time with the beautiful @1capplegate @Stana_Katic and all of you! Isn't @1capplegate fantastic in #UpAllNight! #GIRLSNIGHTIN


#GIRLSNIGHTIN w @Stana_Katic @SashaAlexander1 @1capplegate We r watching UpAllNight live Thurs 8:30PST. Join us while we tweet 2gether-live!

Great class @soulcycle brentwood. Michael was killing the beats!

Look, I'm a video game!


Had a lovely time in Roma, but it is time to get back home. Ready for my long nap on the plane! See you in the US!


[Photos here]

Really @kathyrose #roseark, these are stunning! Off to rome premiere!

At Cinema Film Festival in Roma!!!

e stato un grande piacere invontrarvi tutte!


when you attend awards shows what's your favorite part? Mine would have to be dressing up!
@MollyVegas it's actually more work than anything else to be honest...Sometimes the dressing up can be fun though! :)

I hope you're having fun in Rome
@wowjessicar so far so good!

Do you call Leonardo 'Leo' for short sometimes?
@Sashanista yes.

I love tweeting @SashaAlexander1 even tho she's doesn't reply. It still puts smile on my face
@TheySayImCrazyy I reply sometimes. :)

Ciao everyone! I am off to a concert for the evening, I'll try post a picture later if I can...Be well! xo

Thats @edoardoponti on the right. He performed amazing tonight with his brother #carlopontijr.


At #juliusbaer concert tribute to #carloponti in geneva. With my lovelies Guy and Veronique.
[Photos here]


I'm off to Europe! Looking forward to a long nap on the plane... I'll try to check in when I can and maybe share some photos! xo

Leonardo had tears of joy! #YesWeCan


I am so sad the #sarahwaynecallies is no longer on #thewalkingdead. Love her and cried at that dramatic last scene.

I hope everyone got out there and made their #vote count!!! Watching the election coverage close!

GO #Obama!! Get fired up for another 4 years!!


I'm headed to Rome this week to support my hubby @EdoardoPonti at the #RomeFilmFestival. So proud of him!!!


Is everyone getting ready to vote? So important ladies to have our voices heard! Make sure to vote please!


My husband introduced me to best cookies in world. Have to taste to believe.


Be sure to go to this link & vote for #RizzoliandIsles for a People's Choice Award! Lets get the show nominated!!! …

Are you more of a last minute birthday/Christmas shopper, or do you generally plan ahead?
@MollyVegas both, ha!


Happy Halloween from the mustache girls!!!


So... I am close to 100,000 followers... any requests of what I might do for you when I get there? :)


Just bought the BEST halloween costume, can't wait to share it with you all!


To all those on the east coast, stay safe! Thinking of you all! #hurricanesandy


So saddened to hear about the children in NYC that were killed by their nanny...My sincere condolences to the family, it breaks my heart.


Today was my official last day of Season 3 for #rizzoliandisles. I went in and did ADR on episode more until Season 4!

For those of you who asked what ADR is, here is a decent explanation: …

Have a great night everyone! Time for me to go watch some #GameofThrones!

@edoardoponti just said they have great taste in tits on #gameofthrones

What is your favorite aspect of Maura to play?
@tati0977 I love playing everything about her, but her quirkiness is always fun.

which characteristic/strength of yours do you most hope Lucia learns from you?
@JaMauraRizzles kindness and compassion.

when was the last time you were in complete awe of one of your little loves?
@JaMauraRizzles every minute of every day. :)

I want to send you a letter. Should I use the Rizzoli & Isles one or the one for when you're on Hiatus?
@lenaann1 either one should be fine.

is it like a spin class @soulcycle ??
@MollyVegas yes.

What's your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
@Dilynn_Geiger1 what spare time? I have kids!


Discover the very best media for your own kids – personalized! - in one click. New app from @CommonSenseNews

Help @shotatlife reach their goal to vaccinate 40k children against polio by Halloween! #endpolio

If you have one in your area, you should definitely check out @soulcycle! It kicked my butt today...such a great workout!


how do you feel about having such a dedicated and supportive fanbase?
@MollyVegas flattered, humbled and honored!

Did everyone watch the #debate last night? What did you all think? It's almost time to #vote, I hope you are all registered and ready!!!


On our way to the #carouselofhope ball! [Pictures from the event]


After a long day at legoland with the kids, I'm saying goodnight! Xx


Everyone be sure to watch the Presidential #debate on TV tonight, it's important stuff! #vote


And #Argo tonight. Congrats @benaffleck for a fantastic film!

Who ate the other macaron?


[Pictures from the bottom 3 tweets plus other photos from the event are here.]

With @aRossGirl on broadway braving the cold

Caught in nyc...

At @EdoardoPonti and #dolcegabbana premiere of Fellini's #Satyricon at lincoln center. Congrats love!


Go see my friends @OmariHardwick and @sharonlawrence in the film #middleofnowhere. Rave reviews. Beautiful!!


It’s not just a day, it’s a movement. Join @GirlUp and celebrate girls around the world today #dayofthegirl

do you ever wear any of your own clothes or accessories when playing Maura?
@MollyVegas Not really.

do you take aerobic/exercise classes?
@JaMauraRizzles Yep, sometimes. Went to a yoga class yesterday!

do you speak Serbian with your mom & kids?
@MollyVegas with my mom and my family, my kids only know a few words.

What do u love the MOST about Halloween?
@New_Jersey87 costumes.


Who made this shoe your wearing? [picture]
@LoveMySash jimmy choo


8:57pm - 9:29pm

Inspiration of the Day: @dennisogbe and his life story at the #shotatlife talk. May we all have such strength and courage!

Please donate just $20 to   to vaccinate a child for their life. Be a global thinker. I am!

You rock @JessicaCapshaw! So happy you are alive! Xxxx

Have you thought about what you are going to be for halloween yet? Dressing up this year?
@MollyVegas Yes, but I can't say yet!

how many languages do your children speak?
@MollyVegas three

Are you caught up with fan mail that you got before you stopped filming?
@tati0977 almost, yes.

When do you start filming for season 4?
@Krista_A_Hogan next year, not sure when yet!


Is everyone watching the presidential #Debate? You should be...Everyone needs to get out there and vote!! :)


On our way to #GameOn!! Yay!

[See all the photos from Game On here]

Lucia loves the michael jackson game at #gameon

In the #imax theatre watching "Into the Wild" at #gameon!

With Leo at the #gameon bouncer! He's having so much fun!

How did you come up with the names Lucia and Leo?
@allaboutlexi lucia is to bring light, always loved lucy. And leonardo seemed the most fitting of the italian names we chose from.


Excited to attend the #GameON event tomorrow! I love what @CommonSenseNews is doing to promote great media for kids and families.


10:08am - 10:38am

Parents, check out @CommonSenseNews to find great movies, apps, games and more for your family! #GameOn

I'm part of @UNFoundation’s #GlobalGood Challenge! Check out @UNFGGC & get involved at  !

would you say you're a pretty organized person?
@MollyVegas yes, for the most part.

Serious question for you...if you had to give up one what would it be chocolate or cheese?
@tati0977 that's tough... maybe cheese.


What are your kids favorite apps and games? Check out   to find great media choices for your fam. Great cause! #GameON


I'm honored to support Common Sense Media Sunday at the #GameON event. Looking forward to family time, game trucks, food trucks & more!

So excited to announce the #GlobalGood Challenge with our partners at UN Foundation! Check out...


I want to ask you the same thing someone asked Angie. How does it feel to be a gay icon?
@50ShadesofSasha I'm honored and flattered.


Fantastically fun evening at #nightbeforetheemmysparty!

Love you @Lorraine_Bracco! You looked hot tonight!

Yay @itsJulieBowen! Congrats on your win! You look gorg!! #EmmyCongrats

Congrats to @OfficialJLD You are an inspiration!! #EmmyCongrats


Omg @JessicaCapshaw and I just major fan girled out on @lenadunham !! Sorry i grabbed your boob!! #utaemmyparty
[Reply from @lenadunham] You grabbed my boob? Where was I!? I miss everything good.
[Reply from Sasha] It was subtle...but meaningful for me.


A beautiful day of birthday love with #sophialoren and our family. Yay

I love the shoes you wore on EXTRA TV. What's the designer?
@HannahSky tabitha simmons!

do you sometimes just dance it out after a long day?
@MollyVegas sometimes, who doesn't really?

Do you plane to come on Europe while the hiatus?
@audrey10011980 hopefully at some point, yes.

does Edoardo speak Serbian with you?
@MollyVegas Not really, he only knows a few words.

did you know how to speak Italian before you met Edoardo?
@MollyVegas Some, yes.


Saw #TheMaster, i am still recovering. Anyone see it? Thoughts?


It's so hot today in LA, spending it by the pool!


And thats a wrap on #rizzoliandislesseason3!!


To a day of memory and loss, may it be peaceful for everyone.

Unfortunately I can't attend this year but please buy tickets for #HCHWDateNight & support @Healthy_Child!


Whats wrong with this picture??? @nickiraegeous

Nicki's response: I see nothing wrong, I'm awesome! :)


[Sasha spent a few minutes replying to tweets. No q&a just "thank you" "hi" Happy birthday" and so on. :)]


So moved by this speech... Everyone should watch it! …

Thank you to @Michelleobama and @Billclinton for inspiring me again..


Have a great Labor day everyone! Enjoy your day off, I know I am!!!

Would u like to direct an episode of R & I next season?
@ItsMeMarrid I would love to one day, it would be fun!

Curiosity...what is more difficult? Using medical jargon on R&I or capturing Maura's arcane knowledge of almost everything?
@EarlBurton75 Ha, probably the medical jargon, but both are difficult!

who has more shoes you or Angie Harmon?
@MollyVegas definitely Angie! :)

do you have any pets?
@beccasuxx 3 goldfish.

You should get a cat
@beccasuxx Can't, I'm allergic.

Have you ever watched Castle?
@Elena94_ Yes but only a little.

how many hours do you guys film on average a day?
@MollyVegas 12-15 or so.


@MaryPoppins What a fantastic performance!! We loved it! Congrats to you all!!

What was Leo's and Lucia's first word?
@SandrahunX mama, of course!


Sasha Alexander

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I follow this page? Updates are on Twitter @kellyeneal


Where can I write you and/or get an autograph?
Send an 8x10 SASE for an autograph picture to:
Sasha Alexander
c/o Rizzoli & Isles
5555 Melrose Ave.
Martin Bldg.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

During hiatus:
Sasha Alexander c/o D/F Management
315 S. Beverly Dr., Ste 201, Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Does Sasha read all her tweets? yes, try to. Hard to keep up sometimes though.

How many episodes in season 3? 15

Will Sasha leave Rizzoli & Isles? (answer as of 1/15/12) no plans to leave, I love my job!

How long does it take to film an episode? 7-8 days

Have you read all the Rizzoli & Isles books? Most of them

Do you miss NCIS? Sometimes, I miss the people.

How many kids do you have? 2, one of each. Lucia and Leonardo.

Where do you film Rizzoli & Isles? Paramount studios in Hollywood!

What do you think about Jane and Maura being a couple?
I find it flattering, but prob not going to happen, sorry.

Do you ever watch the episodes? Yes

How do you pick who you answer? I pick random people to respond to. I try to pick and choose. Sorry, so many more than there used to be! :)

Angie has the Twangles. What are your fans called? I believe they are the Sashanista's.

Does it ever bother you if fans come up to u on the streets? no, not at all!

What is your favorite part about playing Maura Isles? I love every part about playing her, not sure I could choose a favorite! Wardrobe, intelligence, sense of humor, quirky!

What made you choose to support The organization that is supporting it is one very close to me. That is how I learned about it.

Do you have any tips for young aspiring actors?
If it's what you want, never give up. Always work on improving your craft and use your instincts.

How does it feel to be a gay icon?
I'm honored and flattered.

How far in advance do you receive scripts before you film the episode? a couple days.

Sasha is not a vegetarian.

She used to be a professional dancer.

Sasha's WhoSay page:



Fan: WISH SHE WOULD FOLLOW ME! WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME? I don't like it at all. Boo! Sasha needs to reply back to me.

Sasha's response as of 9/29/11: I can't always reply to everyone, there isn't enough time in the day. I try to pick and choose to make it fair...

Sasha has over 46,000 followers - guys lets give her a break. She really tries! And she's already said she's not following anymore fans. She gets daily requests. It's just too many. She does so much for her fans - more than most celebs. She deserves our understanding and appreciation.


For any of you getting bullied, I wanted to put Sasha's response to a fan up here:
Sasha: awe sweetie, don't listen to those people, they don't know what their talking about! :)


The #ThankYouSasha Campaign:



Thank you all so much for the #thankyousasha campaign yesterday. I read your messages. You are all so sweet, and it means a lot to me! xo



Sasha, you are so generous to give up your free time and spend it on Twitter answering our many questions, sending birthday wishes and simple hellos to those who ask. Showing us your sense of humor, kindness and love for your fans. With over 56,000 followers you have not let up in trying to reach as many as humanly possible. We love you for it, and want you to know how much we appreciate you.

We've started the #ThankYouSasha hashtag campaign as our thank you to you. So, go ahead, search the hashtag... we'll all be there with our love and graditude. :)

Thanks for being you,


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