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Second Season Premieres July 11th!!

MAY 2011 News


Updated Sasha Q&A tweets


Angie in In Style Magazine Germany, thanks Ausxip for the link - Click here

They filmed in a graveyard last night:
Angie: Wooooooooo.... shooting in a grave yard...... woooooo. But 1st, dusk frisbee game w/ my crew. LOVE THESE GUYS!!

Spooky pics from @haircolordiva:

@nickiraegeous: This sign is up in the cemetery right where we are shooting... I'd like to know why we are here?? http://yfrog.com/gzj9lrbj


Two Season 2 episode caps from the latest promo - in photo gallery

Nanci Cascio (@haircolordiva) has asked for her pics not to be reposted. With respect to her I've taken down any tweet/pics from her and will replace with links. Thanks for tweeting Nanci!!

Nanci tweeted a couple of pics from the set:

New Season 2 Promo #8 - http://bit.ly/m54O9a


Shooting Ep 6 scene 9:
Angie: Man... I LIVE for @Lee_T_Young & @brucemcgill!!! These 2 can act their ASSES off & shoot a scene in minutes!!! LOVE!!

Sasha's Q&Aing as I type this... I'm trying to keep up!! :) - in Sasha Q&A tweets


Ham tweet... must see to understand.
Click for full tweet


Pictures from Angie:

Awesome Angie picture from @AngieHarmonFan http://twitpic.com/51ltcl


Bruce McGill playing guitar on set: Tweeted by @haircolordiva http://twitpic.com/51dumk


Angie in pace car!! Thanks @susanh1! Click for full pic. - also in tweets
Pace Car
Angie's reaction:

Added some season 1 episode 2 screen caps - in photo gallery

Someone wake Angie! ;) Pic tweeted by @JimmieJohnson - pic also in tweets

Posted a simple wallpaper of Angie and Sasha leaving for NY. Can't sleep? Make a wallpaper... what else would you do at 2:55am?? ;) http://twitpic.com/50ghx1

Added a couple of questions in Sasha Q&A tweets


Entertainment Weekly first look at Season 2. Some r&r turns into delivering a baby and the ladies discuss motherhood: Ausxip has the short article with spa pic.

Angie was at a Montgomery Gentry concert last night: MG Underground Tweet/Pic

Oh my! Could this be true? Spoiler for episode 2x3. RizzlesGirls Scoop!
Teaser Pic:

Yawza! Season 2 ad. Looks more like Angie then Jane, though. ;)


Added some caps of the latest promos - in photo gallery

Both ladies are heading back to their families:

Angie: On the plane WITHOUT my #tnt family... :(. Cause I'm goin' HOME!! :)!!!!
Sasha: Bye bye NYC, back to LA...Can't wait to get home and see the lil' ones!

More Sasha Q&A tweets Love the hello to all. I put it under Frequently Asked Questions. :)

I created a new Video Blog. All new videos will be posted there. Check it out!

Pictures from TBS/TNT 2011 Upfronts!
Angie & Sasha on stage
Angie backstage
Sasha & Angie on WireImage

Speed Dating Season 2 Promo! Love it!! - in Video Blog


More Sasha Q&A tweets

Great new tweet/pics of Angie and Sasha heading off to NYC - in tweets

New Season 2 Promo Video - in videos

Happy Birthday to Sasha!!


More Sasha Q&A tweets


More Sasha Q&A tweets


added several on set tweet/pics from @haircolordiva - in tweets

And they're officially on vacation for a week:

From Angie: "AND THAT'S A WRAP!!! 1 week hiatus for the HARD WORKING folks @ #rizzoliandisles!!!! I'm gonna miss y'all!! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!"


Tweet/pic of Angie on set at 12:11am - in tweets


Made another wallpaper. This one is On the Set.

Let's hear it for Iggy!! http://twitpic.com/4wquvc

More Q&A with Sasha

Check out the interview with Sasha on RizzlesGirls

Looks like Angie and Sasha will be in NYC next weekend. Details on Ausxip


added the ladies chairs tweet/pic from @lizbenjamin - in tweets


She IS a tease!
Angie Tweet: Ok, I don't mean to be a tease but our 1st episode is AMAYYYYZING!!!! Holy schneikey!!!!

LOL! Check out what RizzlesGirls discovered about Maura and Jane sharing a shirt!
Click the picture for the full blog with tweets from Sasha.
Comparing Shirts

Sasha answered the question if she knew fans wanted Jane and Maura to be a couple. The answer is not a surprise, I would never expect this show to go even as far as Xena did, but it was nice of her to respond. Thanks @EpicTeenShizzle for asking. Source

Sasha's Response: @EpicTeenShizzle yes I do, we are flattered but it's probably not going to happen, sorry! :)


Wallpaper of Angie from meet & greet at Pandora - in photo gallery

Sasha has been answering lots of tweets lately, so I decided she deserved her own Q&A page. - Sasha's Q&A page


Q&A with Sasha part 2 - in tweets


Guest star Richard Thomas and cast in costumes tweet/pic from @janettamaro - in tweets

Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly is planning to guest star as himself — playing a "potential murder suspect" — on an episode of Rizzoli & Isles this coming season. Full Story

Sasha tweet/pic with Lorraine cooking on set - in tweets

I put the Q&A tweets with Sasha all together - in tweets

Having worked on film sets myself, I found this @nickiraegeous tweet very funny.


added 2 tweet/pics from Sasha to tweets

Jacqueline Bisset cast as Maura's mom! See tweets from Angie & Sasha.

Missed a tweet! April 29th: Rizzoli & Isles question on Jeapardy!


added tweet of Angie's shoe to tweets

On Ausxip: Lee Thompson Young Interview

Q. What do you think it is about the show that has drawn in so many viewers?
A. I think it must be because they enjoy watching all of the characters, I mean definitely Angie and Sasha are extremely talented, and I mean for me as an actor watching those two play off of each other is always a delight.

5/3/11 added 4 tweet/pics to tweets

5/2/11 added tweet/pic from the new Tommy Rizzoli to tweets

4/30/11 added Tweeted video from @haircolordiva to videos

4/29/11 added 2 wallpapers to the photo gallery


Thanks Ausxip for the following:

From Ask Ausiello:

Question: Give me a scoop on Rizzoli & Isles, which, if I may say so, is the best show ever. —Gabby
Ausiello: You may say so. And you may continue to say so when I tell you that soon the show may as well be called All in the Family. Not only are we about to meet Rizzoli and Frankie’s kid brother, a 30ish screwup who’s fresh out of prison (and looking likely to make a return visit), but we’re about to be paid a visit by Isles’ mother, an art historian who’s so well put together she could make Helen Mirren seem inelegant by comparison.

From TV Guide Mega Buzz:

Anything cool coming up with Rizzoli's family on Rizzoli & Isles? — Sam
NATALIE: You bet. Colin Egglesfield (Melrose Place) has booked a recurring role as Jane's youngest brother, Tommy, a lovable screw-up whose back home after a stint in prison. Sasha Alexander's Maura offers Tommy her couch while he sorts his life out. But that kindness quickly comes into question when her apartment is found ransacked and burglarized, leaving Jane to find her brother before the cops do.


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