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Second Season Premieres July 11th!!

Sasha's new movie Coming & Going to air on TNT July 15th.

June 2011 News



Tweet/pics from Janet and Angie!

Added the rest of the Gag Reel Screen Caps!


Remote location for cast & crew. Twitpic by Nanci.

Angie broke her toe!


Season 1 deleted scene in Video Blog

Check out Creator's Corner with Janet Tamaro!

More Q&A w/Sasha

Go check out the gag reel from Season 1 DVD's!!


Sasha answers more questions! Including one from me!! :) Q&A w/Sasha


Rizzoli & Isles advertising in NY! From Momo71
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NEW Promo video being shown in movie theaters: http://youtu.be/lNfU0wez4mY

Screen caps from theater promo in Picture Blog.

Sasha showed her lite reading material she had today. ;)
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Rizzoli & Isles premiere party tonight for the cast and crew!!

Janet Tamaro is answering questions on Twitter:

(added @ 7pm MST) Freelance "?": all shows have writing staffs--seasoned pros. Rare to hire a freelancer. Always someone just off a show.

Me, at the Gracie's, thanking two gorgeous actors who made it POP: Angie Harmon & Sasha Alexander. http://yfrog.com/kkiatlj
Thanks on the dress "props." My "stylist" -- my 13-year-old daughter - picked it out. :-)

Aspiring writer "?": Read OUTLIERS. WAR OF ART. Any and all good fiction & non-fiction. LIVE an interesting life.

City of Boston "?": I grew up outside of Boston in Hingham. Research trips with Det.Russ.Experts on call.

Det. Russ Grant helped me Season 2 + 4 writers : 2 returns: Joel Fields & David Gould. 2 new: Dee Johnson & Liz Benjamin

Bass is expensive. I'd have him in every episode if his quote wasn't so high...Jo Friday is even more. :-(

More Q&A w/Sasha (updated again @ 3:16pm MST)

SCOOP From shaneSsaunders.com:

‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Exclusive: Who’s Back To Haunt Jane?

Sources exclusively confirm to me that season one baddie Charles Hoyt (played by Michael Massee) will be back towards the end-stretch of the upcoming second season, which premieres July 11th.

Massee resurfaces in the tenth episode of the season titled “Remember Me.” When an investigation takes an unexpected turn, Hoyt turns up as a suspect, once again forcing Rizzoli to confront the crazy killer. However, things have changed since Jane last saw her nemesis: Hoyt now has cancer.


A couple of Tweet/pics from Sasha.
Sasha Sasha


More Q&A w/Sasha


More Q&A w/Sasha

Sasha and Nicki T-shirt of the day:
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Will we see Hoyt again on Rizzoli & Isles? — Michael
NATALIE: Jane will come face-to-face with serial killer Charles Hoyt (Michael Massee) again this season, but first she'll have to deal with the physical and emotional scars of the hostage situation we saw in the Season 1 finale. Complicating her convalescence will be a bomb that detonates at a ceremony being held in her honor.

Tweet/pic from Angie:
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More Q&A w/Sasha

Tweet/pic of Jane getting her nails done. ;) Sent by Angie:
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Another Behind The Scenes video from TNT - Mud Bath

Check out this 1996 interview with Angie on the set of Baywatch Nights!


A TON of Q&A w/Sasha tonight. Seriously, there are a lot!! :)


Check out RizzlesGirls major scoop on the 1st episode of season 2!!

Awesome screen cap of Maura in Picture Blog

Several Tweet/pics from Angie in Tweets and
Angie gets Jane ;) Click for details.


Videos: The casts favorite scenes & Promo 20

Nicki tweeted some pics:
Click for larger and all the set pics.

Cute tweet/pic of Angie being a hairstylist tweeted by Nanci - here


Lots More Sasha Q&A tweets

I put some screen caps in the picture blog of the Opposites Attract Promo Video featuring Sasha.

Angie, Nick and Nani tweet/pics! Fighting over Iggy!! ;)
Click to see larger and all three

Angie Tweet:Click for larger


More Sasha Q&A tweets

Angie funny tweet/pic: Click for larger

Added 11 screen caps from episode 9 in photo gallery.

Sasha article - Rise of the Geeky Girls. Excerpt:

Sasha Alexander had suspicions about her character from the start. But it wasn't until Maura Isles obsessed over a date's skin condition that Alexander got it: She was playing a geek.

"She held his hand and said, 'You have very dry hands.' And she couldn't get it out of her head," recalls Alexander, whose Isles character is a medical examiner on TNT's "Rizzoli & Isles." "He was so weirded out, he left dinner. That moment solidified it for me. That's when I realized she was a geek — she can't control herself around the things she knows so much about."

Angie talks about her 10th Anniversary with Zapit. Excerpt:

"This is awesome, and this is how much I love the people I work with," Harmon tells Zap2it. "There was such a plan for our 10th anniversary, since you're going to remember it for the rest of your lives ... and I ended up shooting the show. I was in every single scene, so we started to realize, 'Hmm. We're not really going to be able to go anywhere.'
 "Well, my producers set up this whole romantic dinner in a room with one little table for two, and our director of photography went in and lit it. And there were trees with those little twinkly lights. It just made me feel so appreciated and cared for and loved, and I was like, 'Wow. Thank you so, so much.'
 "Now we have that story for the rest of our lives," Harmon adds. "Jason and I will look back on our 10th anniversary with big smiles on our faces and go, 'Remember what they did?' It was adorable."


Emmy Consideration for Rizzoli & Isles!

More Sasha Q&A tweets


Check out Angie's awesome article in Good Housekeeping!!

New wallpaper in honor of the fact that it's one month till season 2!!


Angie and Lee are too funny! check out the tweets - On the Job, Black/Red Phone, Ninjas
On Job

@haircolordiva tweeted a picture of cast & crew in front of Boston PD exterior - http://yfrog.com/gy1wtx8j


Angie's anniversary tweets/pics - Picture Blog and tweets

More Sasha Q&A tweets


Check out InStyle - Thanks toRizzlesGirls - Picture Blog

Nice little article in Variety today.

More tweet/pics - both Sasha and Angie! - in tweets and larger pics in Picture Blog


Short video - interview with Angie about Jane.

Check out the new Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot!! :) Video Blog

Then check out the pictures from it! Picture Blog
photo shoot


Screen caps - season 2 promo #10 - lots of glimpses into the new season.
season 2

More Sasha Q&A tweets

Sasha tweeted a stunning picture of her and Garnett - in picture blog and tweets

Added some pictures to the picture blog Some fun Shoe Shopping w/ Angie and Sasha, a TNT event, and some WOW pics of Angie. :)


More Sasha Q&A tweets

Started a picture blog for all non-caps or wallpapers.


Angie shouts out to her Twangels! Thanks RizzlesGirls for the heads up! Uploaded by "Angie Harmon loves all you Twangels and she wanted to let you know."
Click picture for video


Scoop from shaneSsaunders.com:

Medical problems, ahoy! Rizzoli & Isles‘ Jane Rizzoli will be requiring medical surgery in the eighth episode of season two (titled “My Own Worst Enemy”), and who does she ask to do the surgery? Her partner-in-crime Maura Isles, of course! Case-related, Boston P.D. investigates the attacking of a son, whose father has been shot to death. Relationship-related? Well, expect to meet Ian, a potential romantic partner for Isles, whom we meet when Jane’s mother walks in on them. Uh-oh!

My appologies to Angie, but I found this too funny not to post. If she yells at me, it's coming down!
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Screen caps are up from the Behind the Scenes video w/ Angie - in Photo Gallery

New Wallpaper - "Relationship" - based on the Behind the Scenes video w/ Angie - in Photo Gallery


Check out the new Behind the Scenes video w/ Angie from TNT!

New game on TNT! "The Masterpiece Murders" - Thanks Ausxip.

From Sasha: Indoor BBQ at work today... :)http://yfrog.com/h8qrwuquj

Updated Sasha Q&A tweets


Trying to keep up with Sasha again! ;) Updated Sasha Q&A tweets

Angie is #8 on Buddy TV’s Hottest Homicide Detectives and #16 for sexiest star!! Jordan is #8 for male sexiest star! Thanks Ausxip for the info!

Check out rizzoli-isles.livejournal.com and see 4 pages of the script for "Heros" - the first ep of the second season.

Tvguide.com has a short interview with Janet Tamaro. Thanks RizzlesGirls for the heads up!
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