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More Q&A w/Sasha

SCREEN CAPS of Sasha in The Last Lullaby


New Photo Shoot pictures of Sasha!


Tweet/pic from Angie - Glamour of Showbiz

Great interview with Sasha from theforensicteacher.com

of Sasha on Jimmy Kimmel

Added a few QUOTES to "Sailor Man"

for 203 "Sailor Man"

The rest of the SCREEN CAPS from episode 203 "Sailor Man"

More Q&A w/Sasha

Fantastic article on AfterEllen. Excerpts below:

“I think that a lot of people are going to project on it what they want but I’m not saying we didn’t help,” said Harmon, “We knew it was there in the first [episode] and it was absolutely no surprise to me. I think it’s fantastic and fun and awesome as long as everyone is good-natured about it.

“I said to Angie today, even when you go on Twitter and people tweet about the subtext like last night — they find this subtext and I think the great thing about any great show is that people find subtext in so many things."

"I may have read it completely different and maybe Angie and I never intended to play it a certain way and yet it’s a testament to the chemistry we have..."


Don't forget Sasha on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!

A few SCREEN CAPS from episode 203 to start - more later!! :)

Sasha and Lorraine talking to critics on set this morning.
Tweeted by Sasha

Tweeted by Momo71

This season is getting better and better! Here's what Angie said about #205 "Don't Hate the Player":

Angie: I just watched ep 6 & am a MESS! It's hardcore & ur gonna LOVE it!!
Janet: That one airs in 2 weeks. It's 5.


And more Q&A w/Sasha from the west coast time-zone! There's a lot! She even tweeted me three times, and I wasn't the only one.

Q&A w/Sasha She tweeted live during the East Coast episode tonight!

NEW QUOTES Blog! Add your favorite quote from any episode!!


Sasha Wallpaper by n8eesma


More Q&A w/Sasha


More Q&A w/Sasha

17 more SCREEN CAPS from episode 202


Tweets from Sasha & Nicki

Excellent interview with Janet Tamaro on AfterEllen - Excerpts below:

"AE: Do Angie and Sasha feel the same way about the attention?
Absolutely. The three of us feel the same way. You know, it’s funny, I wondered about Angie when I was constructing “I Kissed a Girl,” because she is very conservative. We know this about her. But, in terms of social stuff, she is not the least bit conservative."

"It sounds ridiculous, it’s one of those things straight people say, but she has a lot of gay friends. But she does, she has a lot of gay friends. And she was totally cool with that. And she is totally beautiful. She has a massive female fanbase and I would guess a large percentage are gay or bisexual. So it’s not like that’s a surprise. It’s like, how cool is that?"

"You know what’s funny about the two actresses is they have their hands all over each other all the time. That is not for show. They genuinely like each other and they are very touchy, really. So, when Angie is holding Sasha in the TV Guide, they do that...”

"I’ve been a fan of certain television shows and wanted certain characters to get together and if that’s part of the appeal, part of why people watch, then God love them for coming and shoving their families out of the way and putting my show on."

"Thank you. Thank you for watching. Keep loving these characters, they’re worth loving. "

Tweet/pic from Angie:


More Q&A w/Sasha

Tweet from Nicki

10 SCREEN CAPS to start with, from episode 202

New MUSIC VIDEO - featuring Sasha's Dance from Coming & Going


Tweet from Nicki

Tweet from Sasha!

New Wallpaper - You Are My Business

Parts 4 and 5 of Episode 201 SCREEN CAPS


I made a wallpaper of Sasha from Coming & Going!


Sasha in Coming & Going - 17 Screen Caps!!


Added 4 screen caps to Coming & Going page.

More Q&A w/Sasha Live tweets during Coming & Going!

Nicki and Sasha tweeted a couple of pics
Click for larger


Nicki tweeted a pic:
Click for larger

I have official started my episode reviews! These are just some of my thoughts and opinions on the episodes. Check out my review of Episode 201

More tweets from Angie


26 more Screen Caps from episode 201.

Tweet from Angie - Janie's got an owie


SCREEN CAPS of last nights episode! I'm going as fast as I can! Work keeps getting in the way... grrr...

TNT Pictures for episode 201


Sasha's LIVE tweet session during the premiere is now up! Q&A w/Sasha

More Q&A w/Sasha - Sasha is going to try and tweet LIVE during the premiere!

Couple of tweets from Angie early this morning on her way to The View!

Article about Sasha in Lansing State Journal.


Sasha Tweeting Live during season premiere:

I am going to try my hardest to live tweet during the #rizzoliandisles Premiere tomorrow, during the east coast feed...So stop and say HI!

Sasha article and video - USA Today

Sasha screen caps from the USA Today video

Nice article - Quick Look: So are ‘Rizzoli & Isles’ gay or what?

"...I’ve got to say, if the second season is any indication, maybe everyone's just stating the obvious. Rizzoli doesn’t seem all that interested in guys. She keeps asking Isles if they’re really best friends in a kind of desperate, slightly annoying way that suggests she’s looking for more of a connection than she’s admitting. She is completely put out when Isles decides she wants to get frisky with a guy Rizzoli deems a poor choice. If I were playing the drinking game created by the CherryGrrl website mentioned in the Los Angeles Times, I’d probably be blotto before the second commercial break."

More Q&A w/Sasha

Thank you, Sasha for supporting the LGBT community! At 12:16am Sasha Tweeted:
Celebrating 10 years of All Over the Guy at Outfest!
having a grilled cheese with lily tomlin! What is sweeter?


Added a few more screen caps and the trailer for Sasha's movie Coming & Going.


Bruce McGill on Ausxip

Angie and Sasha on Star-Telegram:

How much of an 'odd couple' are you off camera?

Alexander: "Angie's a Leo, I'm a Taurus. We have different energies, but we share the same sense of humor and we like to have fun while we're working. But sometimes I have to say, 'Shhh! I need to get these words out right. So can you stop dancing for a moment?'"

Harmon: "Our differences are what make us enjoy each other. I mean, all of my girlfriends are not the spitting image of me. If my friends were all exactly like me, I think it would get pretty boring."

The New York Post - Chemisty Class



Tweet/pics from Sasha and Angie in tweets

Video: Lorraine Bracco talks about the characters - http://youtu.be/KXLn5_BjZZQ


Tweet/pic from Angie - in tweets

More Q&A w/Sasha

Sasha's CONTEST:

CONTEST: In search of a new background for my Twitter page. Be creative! I will personally select the winner. The file should be JPEG format and please keep it tasteful. The winner will be announced before the R&I premiere on July 11th. ONE SUBMISSION PER PERSON must be sent to SashaRandIcontest@gmail.com before Sunday, July 10th at 12pm PST. Any questions, please ask them here on FB ONLY. Good luck Everyone! :)

My question about the contest: Are there any specific parameters? Other then tasteful, of course. :)

Sasha's answer: Kelly, not really. I'm going to let you guys use your imagination... I will say that I won't chose anything that has photos of my family or my kids in it. I'm very private when it comes to that stuff. :)

Good luck everyone!!!


Angie's "Hot" tweet/pic of the day.


25 New screen caps from TV Guide shoot
tv guide

New Music Video - Criminal Mind - Check it out and let me know what you think.

New TV Guide article - and cute pic! Thanks RizzlesGirls for the heads up!
Click picture for article

Sasha's new movie Coming & Going to air on TNT July 15th.

Angie and Sasha intervews at lenalamoray.com
Sasha's Interview
Angie's Interview


Sasha comments on the L.A. Times article in Q&A w/Sasha


More Q&A w/Sasha


Tweet/pics from Janet and Angie!

Added the rest of the Gag Reel Screen Caps!



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