Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor

Excerpt from Sharon Delaney at Creation
Photos: Wendy Sparks Creation Entertainment

In Fan Club Kit #6

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"What we did in Coffee Talk 2 is to put the portions of the video that Lucy and Renee are looking at in a small box on the screen. So you'll be seeing what they're seeing at exactly the same time. When they giggle or poke each other, you'll know why <G> When they sit mesmerized by the campfire scene in "Callisto," you'll be sitting right there with them. And when Xena gives a small laugh during that scene, you get to see Lucy's and Renee's reactions and hear them discuss it. I think folks are going to feel this was the best idea ever." ~ Sharon

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"We've got to tell people what we're sitting on," Lucy said to Renee, "or they're going to think we're very rude."  Renee laughed just as the hot tub we had covered with a flat board, quilts and pillows let loose with this incredible gurgling noise.  They both giggled.

It was a walk down memory lane starting with the first time Xena and Gabrielle appeared on screen together in "Sins Of The Past."  Gabrielle is trying to convince Xena to take her away from her boring village life and dull fiance into a world of adventure.  As the images came up on the TV, Renee looked over at Lucy, "Do you remember filming this?"  "I do actually," Lucy said.  "I remember meeting you that first week and you would look at me like . . ."  "You're a goddess!" Renee finished Lucy's sentence and they both laughed.  "Well, that's over," Lucy remarked wryly.  "By the fifth season you were punching me in the stomach."  And that set the tone for the afternoon.

Lucy thought Gabrielle came from Acidophilus and they marveled over Renee's "motivations" in "Dreamworker."  There were 38 different clips of comic moments (from the list ya'll so fabulously provided <G>), fights and sensitive chats.

I remember two in particular that Lucy and Renee responded to.  The first was Xena hitting Gabrielle in "The Reckoning."  Lucy's hand flew to her mouth in shock when Xena hit Gabrielle.  She didn't remember that happening.  Renee then remembered something she had asked Lucy to do to get Gabrielle's reaction to the hit.

The second was the campfire scene from "Callisto."  So many memories came back with that one including the smile in the middle of the scene.  The most revealing discovery for me in the whole afternoon was when Renee asked Lucy what she was thinking during that scene.  I was stunned by Lucy's response and so was Renee.

And then there was the bug that landed on Lucy's nose.  Renee's solution to the "gnat on the nose" problem startled Lucy and had the crew rocking with silent laughter.

When the allotted time was up, I told them what clips still remained and they wanted to just keep going.  It was a beautiful summer day, they were visiting good times and they were with each other.  A perfect way to spend the afternoon.

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