Taiko's 5th Season Reviews
of Xena: Warrior Princess

Photos courtesy of Sharon Delaney

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Warrior Gabrielle and pregnant Xena!! :)
Click here to see a picture of Gabrielle's new weapon -
Plus NEW interview with Renee about the weapon.

FA review includes screen captures!
Fallen Angel

Animal Attraction

Them Bones, Them Bones


The Rumors about the pregnancy:
The child will be the "essence" of both Xena and Gabrielle.
It will have all the good qualities of both women combined.
Steve Sears stated that it was hard to write, trying to keep
the subtext from becoming maintext.
Xena & Gabrielle will not keep the child.
The child has an agenda and is born for a reason.
Xena knows this and agrees to carry the child and
it will not be like she is losing a second child.

A very pregnant Lucy in New Idea - behind the scenes photos

ROC on E! With more of her new weapon!!

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