Gabrielle's New Weapon


These are called sai (pronounced sigh).
They are very deadly but are mainly used for defense,
the objective being to disarm your enemy using
those hooks. The handle may be used to strike your enemy.

Note: It is just fan conjecture that these are what Gabrielle is holding.

Here is excerpts from an interview with
Renee O'Connor about Gabrielle's new weapon:

The Chakram No. 8
(The newsletter of the official Xena fan club)

Sharon Delaney's (SD) interview with Renee O'Connor (ROC)

(SD) - "The inside of the newsletter will have a photo of Gabrielle's new weapon,"

(ROC) - "I love it! And it's not nearly as vicious as it appears to be. I don't stab people with it...Gabrielle uses it mainly as a defensive weapon."

(SD) - "Was this a weapon Rob wanted to use?"

(ROC) - "Actually, Rob wanted to go back with the staff. But I said to him I'd love for the character to move forward. Next thing I knew, Rob came up to me and said, 'I've got just the weapon for Gabrielle.'..."

(SD)- "And who...taught Gabrielle to use these tools..?"

(ROC) - "Actually, Gabrielle bought them for Xena and then decided to keep them for herself. She started playing with them until she acquired the skill rather quickly by using them against warlords."

Thanks to MaryD for posting this to her site. I haven't received Chakram 8 yet. :(

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