Cherry Hill, NJ - Saturday - August 10, 2002

Renee O'Connor in Love Letters

I don't know if Creation took any pictures. There were no cameras allowed for the performance
and since Renee wasn't speaking at the convention there were no photo opportunities.

Taiko's brief report:

What a performance! Renee was brilliant. Both her and Tim did a wonderful job. They had me laughing and crying.

Renee was gorgeous. I have to say that I love the red hair. She was too cute in the beginning... They introduced Tim and he came out then started introducing Renee... a red head popped out from the curtains before he could finish (Renee's head <g>) and everyone started cheering and applauding. She came out and the first thing she did was to thank everyone for raising so much money for the Kevin Smith Trust.

She was very generous. She said a few words after the play and then they left the stage, the Creation guy said the goodnights and people started filing out. Luckily, I didn't. :-) Renee and Tim came back out. Renee thanked everyone for all our support and commented on Macbeth. Someone asked if she would do a play like that on the East coast. She said she didn't know and that this was her first step back into acting since Xena. Tim had seen her in Macbeth the night before and said that she was brilliant. Then he joked about being "so proud of my little Gabrielle." It was cute. Her husband was there and brought her flowers on stage after the performance. Then he gave her a kiss and Tim acted like he wanted one, so Steve kissed him on the cheek. It was funny.

Afterwards I went out in front of the hotel. There were some people standing around but not too many and a car was parked at the curb. The driver was sitting inside and I had a feeling it was for Renee. Sure enough, Renee and Steve came out with a couple of Creation people. Renee got in the back-seat on the curb side. I was standing on the curb at the hood of the car. Renee turned and looked right at me and smiled. I was actually able to say "Thank you, Renee" and she smiled and said thank you and waved. Someone else yelled "we love you, Renee" and everyone started applauding as the car pulled away and Renee kept waving and saying thank you. It was very cool.

I'm still on cloud 9. She is everything you've heard. Very sweet, generous, beautiful and of course a fabulous actress.


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