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Painting - Too Much Information - on eBay

Hi gang. This is the oil painting I just finished, which I have loving called, "Too Much Information". I started it while I was recently pregnant, and finished it just after the Israeli/ Lebanese Conflict. It includes, bits of myself (little wink), and the gracefulness of the world I wished we always lived in. The dimensions are 14 inches X 18 inches for the oil painting itself. I am currently framing it with a pecan border and a red mahogany border around the pecan. All proceeds from this painting will go towards the post production for my film. ROC Productions will retain a copyright for printing photographic copies. Thanks heaps!!! best, renee
ROCProductions on eBay


2006 Burn Relay Video Captures and Links


Meet Iris Sura O'Connor!

Click picture for more on Renee's website


From Renee on her website:

"I had a baby girl yesterday, March 19. 
Iris Sura O'Connor -- 7 lbs. 15 oz. and very mellow."

According to Katherine Fugate, Sura is the father's surname.

Congratulations Renee and baby Iris!

Send your blessings for Renee & Iris here:



ROC Painting on Ebay!

Opening bid $1500.00

From Renee:
This is the painting I started over a year ago of Xena, from Friend In Need, my favorite episode. I chose this moment becaused of the striking pose, ready for battle. Of course, it is a moment of particular importance for me, because it is really one of the last times we get to see her as the hero before her fall. I chose the red tones because they remind me of the bloody battle to come... Read the rest here

New Wallpaper - Junkyard Beauty

A simple wallpaper using some of the pictures from Renee's ebay sales.
They were taken over the summer of 2005 in a junkyard.

Note: I realized after making this that SherrieB has a Junkyard pics wallpaper with the same title. I didn't intentionally steal her title. I guess it is simply the perfect title for Renee in a junkyard. :)

Go to Renee's Scrapbook page and view the full size

Starting Bid $40          Starting Bid $40

More ROC Productions Photos

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Starting bid (4 available) $40

ROC Productions Photos


Raising money to finish Renee's independent film




Starting bid (4 available) $40

Sold for $1,125.00

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Click here for a list of all ROC Productions sales

Sold for $1,176.00


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