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ROC Pictures site is up!

Art for sale on Cafe Press - ROC Productions

Ark-the series
check out the website here:
Video uploaded to YouTube by tarebear23


Click the banner for pictures of ROC at the Roxy and the convention



Watch the blooper from Shadow Box, with Renee's Diamonds & Guns poster!
(as mentioned in her interview on Filmnut)

  Shadow Box Gag-Reel #2



Renee's Filmnut Interview!

Check out when Renee talks about the company who wrote her about using her D&G poster. It's at 14.40 - That was me! My company just finished a short film, Shadow Box, and we found so many Renee fans in the cast and crew that we wanted to give a special nod to her.
Thanks, Renee!

Click here for Screencaps by Taiko


Filmnut - Renee O'Connor

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 Filmnut - O'Connor Outtakes

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From Renee:

Here is a chance to participate in an interview with me, about Diamonds & Guns, among other things! It will be a live Q&A this week!

Live internet show FILMNUT

Date:  Wednesday December 12th

Time: 8pm pacific time, 11 pm eastern

Interactive: Viewers can instant message in questions live during the show.

Webchannel to watch it on is:

We will open the official message board thread on our site for the show over the weekend.
For those who miss the show live... it will be available the next day on the Filmnut homepage, (

Video 4

The Genesis Code
(added Oct. 29)

Genesis Code Video4

(click image for QT)(wmv version)

Lucy & Renee

Singing in Chicago

We Can Work It Out

with Joe LoDuca on Guitar
and back-up vocals

Video by WarriorBabe


New pictures from Renee

See the full size at

More screen caps added to Diamonds and Guns


New Diamonds and Guns page

with Screencaps!

click logo on left



Diamonds and Guns Raffle!

Videoclip of Renee talking about the raffle and showing September's prize!
(click image for QT) (wmv version)

Screencaps by Taiko:

Message from Renee:
WOW!  After feeling a strange mix of emotions, from a sense of loss of putting the little film out on its own, to wondering just who will show up to buy it . . . I feel a great sense of relief!  You ARE all so amazing, and generous.  I never thought anyone would want more than two copies tops, and a couple of you greatly surprised me.  You know who you are!  And you inspired me to start a raffle.  After each month, I will put the names of those who bought a copy into a hat, then draw a name to offer up a prize.  It will probably be a form of my artwork!  I have until December to sell all of the "Limited Edition,” which is going straight to the Talent, meaning everyone from the Writer to the Composer.  Starting this month, in September, I will hold the drawing at the end of the month, up until December.  If you have bought more than one, your name goes in for as many DVDs as you bought.  I hope this sounds like fun!  I was inspired!
Thanks again.

Diamonds & Guns FOR SALE at

Message from Renee:

Can you believe it?  Diamonds & Guns is here at last!  I am so thrilled to get it out to you all.  It has been such a long road.  I appreciate all of you standing by and waiting for it. I think the term “grass roots” has a whole new meaning for me now!

This is just the first version, and the company taking it out
nationally will be putting more artwork and more bonus features in the next one.  It will not be going out until January of 2008.  I will be helping them to put together the interviews and anything else I can find in my cupboards from this movie for their bonus features.

Also, there will be a place on the site, where you can share your thoughts on the film, the good, and the not so good, if it applies!  So, again, thanks for coming along for the ride.  I have learned more on this project than I EVER imagined I could.  We shall see what happens next!!!
My best,




Shake That Thing - Renee at the Canal Room

Click picture for full size wallpaper

Genesis Code - On Location
(More updated info and pics on the new Genesis Code page)

From Renee's site:

Click picture for video

Diamonds & Guns
- Info From Renee's Site:

Click picture for video

Word from Renee with some updated information on the release of Diamonds and Guns.  She'd been considering having a website where it could be downloaded, but decided to go with an actual dvd at this time.  There will be two versions.

One will be a limited release sold by Renee on her website and each will have an autographed cover under the shrinkwrapping  This dvd will be released after Renee finishes filming the SciFi Channel movie, The Genesis Code.

Later on, the dvd will be handled by a major distributor in stores and that version will contain bonus material.

The Genesis Code

From the Official Xena Fan Club

GOT A CALL FROM RENEE about her new movie for the SciFi Channel, The Genesis Code. First off, here's a link to with a summary of the plot. Renee has been talking with the SciFi Channel about projects they might work on together. She'd been submitting ideas and they came up with this movie. Eva is spiritual and intellectual, but not emotional. She has love and hope for the world. Gabrielle was spiritual and emotional. Renee wanted to explore adding heart to intellect. She leaves Friday and will be filming for a month. FYI, she wanted to let everyone know the character of her ex-husband has undergone a name change to Nicholas Solomon. She made a point of saying she wanted everyone to know that as she didn't think "Nicholas" would appreciate being called "David." I think Renee's already knee-deep into her character. <G>


Renee O'Connor cast as lead in new Sci Fi channel movie "The Genesis Code"

Renee O'Connor has been cast as the female lead in the new Sci Fi channel movie The Genesis Code, which starts filming next month. Here's how the movie's plot is described:

    Buried under the sands of Iraq world famous archaeologist David Solomon has found a clue to the one of the ancient mysteries of the Old Testament. Solomon’s discovery leads to a remote desert which contains the remnants of an ark. The team must fight off insurgents as they uncover the mystery. Things turn deadly as they discover this ark didn’t carry animals, it carried something evil.

She plays an accomplished scientist — who also happens to be David's ex-wife:

    Eva is stunning and sophisticated. She's an accomplished scientist that specializes in carbon dating and translating ancient documents. She's confident, cocky and at the top of her game. She also can't stand David Solomon, even though they were married for five years. Now that they're divorced she likes him even less.


Ghost Town Trailer

Behind the Scenes (Edited by MaryD)

Pictures from NYC
Convention & Concerts!

On AusXip!

Video by WarriorBabe


Renee at Burn Relay VIDEO & Screengrabs
on Ausxip



Renee's Dinah Shore White Diamonds Picture Gallery
- Pictures (c) Mystic Images Photography

Click HERE for ALL the pictures

Check out the NEW ROC Wallpaper Gallery

Screen captures


From Fan Club Kit 12

Renée takes up her role as Dr. Jessica Ryan in BOOGEYMAN 2.


Plus The ROXY
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 The following slideshow Roxy photos are (c) 2007 Gregg DeGuire /



New video from Renee
(with a cameo from Iris *g*) on
her official site.

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