This page is dedicated to Renee O'Connor's directorial debut.

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Renee's first directing job was the Xena episode Deja Vu All Over Again.

Renee on directing
Excerpts from the ROC Newsletter, 3/99
"I've always wanted to be the creative mind behind developing a story and telling it to an audience."
" that I'm having a chance to direct: I'm just so inspired and proud to have this opportunity."
"I haven't felt this excited in a LONG time."
"But as I think about it...I've always wanted a career like Penny Marshall's. She's been in television for a long time, yet she's also done some major films. Like the movie "Big". I love that film. I think that's an ideal career. I can see myself moving in that direction."
"The director can completely change a scene depending on the angle of the camera, the lens he chooses, or the way the camera moves in a scene. It can change an entire performance, and that astounded me!"

Great Episode! And great directing job!! :)

I made a small montage based on the theme of the episode.

On The Set!



"There's a joke that is played on first-time directors here. At lunch on the first day, the producers bring them an airline ticket back to the U.S. and say, 'First day you get behind schedule, you're outta here.' I kept waiting to get my ticket."
"During filming, I learned how to compromise with what you have in your mind compared to what's actually possible to manifest"
"Lucy was wonderful. The first day, she and Ted teased me a bit, saying 'Oh, I don't think I would play it like that.' Just completely setting me up as an ego-centric, precious actor might do. They joked around saying, 'We'll dub my lines later. I'll just stand off camera for this.' They were such a tease, but very supportive. Especially Lucy. She tried to help me get everything I could to succeed."

*Pictures and excerpts above, from Chakram Newsletter # 7*

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