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Genesis Code Video4

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Another videoclip of Renee filming The Genesis Code

Week 3 Video

Screencaps by Taiko



New video from Renee

Week 2 Video

Screencaps by Taiko


From the Official Xena Fan Club:


Renee called from Bulgaria a couple days ago and, aside from the heat, she's doing great. Iris is also well. Renee said that most of the cast was from the U.S. this time as opposed to the last time she worked in Bulgaria on Alien Apocalypse when they used more local actors. She also found herself working in the same quarry location that Alien A was filmed.

Note From Renee: 
Hello from Bulgaria.  Yes, I am still here.  I have some great footage from my second week and just as I was about to spend the time to edit it together, my little Iris went into the hospital with an illness.  She is out and everyone is well!  This videoclip is just a little something for now.

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From Renee's site:

Week 1 Video (8/1/07)

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From the Official Xena Fan Club

GOT A CALL FROM RENEE about her new movie for the SciFi Channel, The Genesis Code. First off, here's a link to afterellen.com with a summary of the plot. Renee has been talking with the SciFi Channel about projects they might work on together. She'd been submitting ideas and they came up with this movie. Eva is spiritual and intellectual, but not emotional. She has love and hope for the world. Gabrielle was spiritual and emotional. Renee wanted to explore adding heart to intellect. She leaves Friday and will be filming for a month. FYI, she wanted to let everyone know the character of her ex-husband has undergone a name change to Nicholas Solomon. She made a point of saying she wanted everyone to know that as she didn't think "Nicholas" would appreciate being called "David." I think Renee's already knee-deep into her character. <G>

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